OT - Clausen Haircut Spat, marginally involves UM

OT - Clausen Haircut Spat, marginally involves UM

Submitted by TrppWlbrnID on May 9th, 2012 at 1:24 PM


so this is pretty strange, but apparently former ND QB Jimmy Clausen has had a bit of an issue with Supercuts.

he suggests that he will let his hair grow out and provides this picture as evidence of how awesome it was:


its hard to tell, but this pic is from the 2008 Michigan game at ND, during this play best i can tell, he hurls a 50 yard bomb to Golden Tate, which he further discusses in his twitter rant. this was RR's first year, if you have wiped it from your memory and ND ends up winning 35-17. is this what the kids call "trolling?"

i don't use the twitter and this is really minor, but i thought jimmy might appreciate some reminders of his previous haircuts vs michigan, like this:


OT: Clausen Pro Day

OT: Clausen Pro Day

Submitted by Jedelman11 on April 9th, 2010 at 2:40 PM


While I despise Clasuen about as much as the next guy, I have to admit that his performance at his pro day caught me off guard. Somewhat hampered by his turf toe, he still managed to complete 57/59 passes.

Like many of you, I attributed his recent success to the "If Michigan had Golden Tate and Michael Floyd our QBs would look better" rule, but, there is no doubting his game has improved.

So ... do we think he can make it in the NFL or is he the next Brady Quinn. Allegiances aside (if you can) what do you all think, and why?

Edit: I'm already on the record as saying "NO".

OT: Jimmy hats covering the Domers

OT: Jimmy hats covering the Domers

Submitted by Njia on October 17th, 2009 at 6:32 PM

It is now nearly the 4th qtr, and the Domers look like they're about to get pants'd by the USC Prophylactics. I had actually hoped that ND would win this game, (I know - its not over, but right now, their D looks BAD). It would have validated the UM win in a big way. Instead, the Irish are merely living up to the chant, "OVER-RATED!" as they have under Weis.

So, two questions:

1. Even if ND wins out this season, do they get to a BCS bowl at 10-2? Or will pollsters be loathe to rank them high enough to qualify?

2. Is ND Nation going to be trying to find a way to add more BTUs to that fire under Weis?

Jimmah injured

Jimmah injured

Submitted by Topher on September 19th, 2009 at 4:39 PM

On second down in ND's previous series, Jimmah faced a heavy rush, appeared to "turtle" (crouch down and tuck) and was down after the play. On replay, it looked like he turned his ankle which caused him to crouch instead of trying to evade the rush.

He was taken off, Dave Chryst (sp?) threw a screen pass and the offense punted. ND also just got back to back 15-yard penalties on defense.

I have been amazed at his ability to stay in the game after the poundings he's taken the past two years, but he is still being looked at for this one.

Topic: can an emu turtle? Talk amongst yourselves.