Jim Mandich Honored at High School Alma Mater

Jim Mandich Honored at High School Alma Mater

Submitted by Wave83 on October 7th, 2011 at 9:34 AM

I attended the Solon (Ohio) high school football game last night against rival Mentor.  It was a big game against two very good Northeast Ohio teams -- big enough to be televised.  So, there are TV timeouts in high school as well, apparently.

At the end of the first quarter, and during an extended TV timeout, the PA announcer made a presentation honoring one of Solon's favorite sons, the great and unfortunately late Jim Mandich.  He apparently was involved in the planning for this event many months ago, but as most of you know, he died of cancer before he could attend. 

It was a very nice honor.  As a Michigan guy living in Ohio, I listened carefully to how they addressed Mandich's role as a player at Michigan and in winning the 1969 game against Ohio State (okay, "Ohio").  They discussed his high school career first, then sort of skipped to his years with the Dolphins, but finally circled back to his decision to play in Ann Arbor and being part of the team that beat the Ohio team that everyone thought was unbeatable.  "Michigan" and "Ann Arbor" got some grumbling in the stands, but I applauded.  Mandich was a great man and I am sure he would have been pleased if he could have attended.  Members of his family were on hand for the honor.

Meanwhile, Mentor is an incredibly good team full of huge guys.  Michigan commit Tom Stroebel was in on a ton of plays and his name was announced frequently as the tackler.  (I'm not a scout, so others will have to comment on the merits of his performance.)  Solon has a great team, but can't hang on against teams like Mentor with Stroebel and (last year) St. Eds and Kyle Kalis. 

It was great watching a future Michigan star (hopefully) while honoring a past great.

Who would be in a Michigan Football Ring of Honor?

Who would be in a Michigan Football Ring of Honor?

Submitted by m1jjb00 on July 17th, 2011 at 8:49 PM

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Brian got me thinking about who deserves to be in a Michigan ring of honor, so I did the only thing I know:  Dump a bunch of data into a spreadsheet and rank them arbitrarily. I gave a point for being the College Hall of Fame, Michigan's Hall of Honor, Michigan retiring their number, points equal to the number of years being an All American, being in the top four in the Heisman (another 2 for winning it), and up to a point for winning other post-season awards.  One could include other considerations, such as championships, captaincy, or being President of the United States.

The table below presents the data, sorted first by points and then year.

Some comments:

I would think anyone Chappuis and above deserves to be in.

I included only some 2-point guys of interest in the table below, most of whom aren't in Michigan's Hall of Honor or the Hall of Fame.

Coaches aren't included, except Kipke who is there because of his playing, though I don't know how much of his playing versus coaching got him in the Hall of Fame.

Why is Benbrook not in Michigan's Hall of Honor?

Obviously newer guys benefit from the various awards now available. The Heisman was first awarded in 1935. I would think Heston could have won it.

In 1939 Harmon finished 2nd in the Heisman voting to Nile Kinnick before winning it in 1940.

The All of American data are a bit surprising.  Gerald Ford isn't listed.  I had thought Carter was a three-year All American.  There may be other surprises.  I used a list from the NCAA (data source below), which made it easy, but the list may be flawed.

Player Yrs HoF MHoH # All Am Heisman Awards
Tom Harmon 37-40 y y y 2 2nd, 1st Maxwell
Desmond Howard 89-92 y y   1 1st Maxwell, Camp, Nagurski, Bednarik
Bennie Oosterbaan 24-27 y y y 3    
Alvin Wistert 47-49 y y y 2    
Ron Kramer 53-56 y y y 2    
Anthony Carter 79-82 y y   2 4th  
Charles Woodson 95-97       1 1st Camp, Thorpe
Willie Heston 01-04 y y   2    
Benny Friedman 23-26 y y   2    
Francis Wistert 30-33 y y y 1    
Albert Wistert 38-42 y y y 1    
Bob Chappuis 42, 46-47 y y   1 2nd  
Neil Snow 1898-02 y y   1    
Adolph Schulz 04-05, 07-08 y y   1    
Albert Benbrook 08-10 y     2    
Harry Kipke 20-23 y y   1    
Harry Newman 29-32 y y   1    
Robert Westfall 38-41 y y   1    
Jim Mandich 66-69 y y   1    
Tom Curtis 67-69 y y   1    
Dan Dierdorf 67-70 y y   1    
Reggie McKenzie 68-71 y y   1    
Dave Brown 72-74 y     2    
Chris Perry 00-03       1 4th Walker
Rob Lytle 73-76       1 3rd  
Mark Donahue 74-77       2    
Rick Leach 75-78   y     3rd  
Tripp Welbourne 87-90       2    
Braylon Edwards 01-04       1   Biletnikoff
David Baas 01-04       1   Rimington
LaMarr Woodley 03-06       1   Lombardi, Hendricks
Jake Long 04-07       2    

Data Sources: All-American, Heisman and other award data, Michigan Hall of Honor, and College Football Hall of Fame