1972 Rose Bowl Player Intros

1972 Rose Bowl Player Intros

Submitted by Dr. Sap on July 23rd, 2016 at 7:27 AM
Back in the day, when you got to the Rose Bowl, the player introductions were pre-recorded segments instead of the live, on-the-field intros that were part of the broadcast back then. This one was filmed on campus. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=utt1rhA0o7o For more Player Intros, check out this Playlist I have created: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpyL5qz2h8xJ8lDWjozLpLClgDf50HLZj Enjoy & GO BLUE!

Jane Coaston crushes it (EDSBS)

Jane Coaston crushes it (EDSBS)

Submitted by dnak438 on October 15th, 2015 at 3:17 PM

It's here on the EDSBS page. Some selections:

Jim, I need you to beat Michigan State. I need you to beat Michigan State in a manner that would imply that Michigan State said something untoward to your wife. I need you to beat Michigan State by numbers our numerical system has no concept of. I need you to beat Michigan State.

And I need you to tattoo the face of Michigan radio announcer Jim Brandstatter onto your own face.


Now, hear me out, Jim Harbaugh.

Jim, I love Michigan. Love it. My blood cells are 30 percent BTB guacamole and 70 percent smug. I am deeply in love with the University of Michigan, down to those weirdo apartments on South Forest where nothing illegal happened that you or anyone can prove in a court of law. I operate best in 45 degree temperatures and hate excessive positivity. I love Michigan, and I know you do too.

But Jim Brandstatter loves Michigan more than us. More than anyone.

Just look at him. Look at how happy he is. Look how much he believes in Michigan. Offense isn't working? Why, that's just a sign that these boys are still learning. Defense gives up a big play? Just goes to show you how good our opposition is! Like you, he played for Bo, and he loves Bo, and he might visit Bo's grave like, once a week just to have some time to himself. I am unsure as to whether or not he has ever left the state of Michigan. He is the homeriest homer to ever homer, Jim.

And you need to tattoo Jim Brandstatter's face onto your face.

It would send such a message of support and belief, Jim, for you to tattoo Jim Brandstatter's face onto yours. It'd say, NFL teams, just stay away, because now Jim Harbaugh has Jim Brandstatter's face tattooed on his face, and he's a real Michigan Man now, and he'll never ever ever ever ever leave us. You can't get bored if you have Jim Brandstatter's face tattooed on your face. Think how sad Dan Rubenstein would be to be so wrong. Think about how sad our opposition would be that you will never, ever leave Michigan. Think about how happy this would make me.

This is all you have to do, Jim. Beat Michigan State like their forces were a mile outside of Moscow, and tattoo the face of Michigan radio announcer Jim Brandstatter onto your own face. Then, I'll be happy.

Well, until November. But we can talk more then.


Brandstatter on Isaac's waiver

Brandstatter on Isaac's waiver

Submitted by FabFiver5 on August 26th, 2014 at 8:28 PM

I have a good friend at the Michigan Assosciation of Broadcasters event at Mackinac tonight and she is sitting at Jim Brandstatter's table.

Obviously, I had her ask him if he thought Isaac would be getting his waiver for this year. He said, "I don't think it would hurt if he didn't play. They are lined with running backs."

Take it as is or read between the lines like I do, but I'd guess one of two options: 1) Isaac won't be getting his waiver, so he's tempering the news by praising the current crob of RBs. 2) Our current RBs are just that good – Isaac being on the field won't matter much at this point.

Could be a combination of both. Just figred I'd pass it along.

Countdown to Kickoff - Day 2: Darrell Funk, The Band at Practice, Inside Michigan Football Radio Show

Countdown to Kickoff - Day 2: Darrell Funk, The Band at Practice, Inside Michigan Football Radio Show

Submitted by Thorin on August 30th, 2012 at 8:03 AM

Jim Brandstatter on Tressel's Legacy

Jim Brandstatter on Tressel's Legacy

Submitted by MGoShoe on May 30th, 2011 at 3:59 PM

On his blog, Jim Brandstatter lays into Tressel and those who would make excuses for him:

I find it interesting that everyone is now opining on what Coach Tressel's legacy is, given his resignation under these very shady circumstances. Correctly, they point to his winning record, his BCS Bowl appearances, his record against Michigan etc, etc, as his shining gift to Ohio State. I find that short sighted, and superficial. In my opinion, a legacy is a bit more than a won and loss record. Lets ask a question; Did Jim Tressel leave the Ohio State program in better shape than when he arrived? Given what is going on in Columbus with the Buckeye program, the answer to that question is, NO

The damage is not yet over. At least in my opinion, there will be more revealed about this program in the near future. The NCAA hasn't had their say yet either. If they choose to add a charge of "lack of institutional control," Tressel's indiscretions will put his Athletic Director, and University President on the firing line. If Ohio State should find themselves on NCAA probation, to whatever degree, like victories vacated, or no TV, or no Bowls, or scholarship limits, whatever, what would Tressels legacy be then? Depending on the final resolution of all the verified violations, this could cripple the Ohio State football program for years. That is not the kind of legacy anybody would want.

The suggestion that Tressel did these things, or looked the other way, because he was protecting his kids/players is very hollow to me. Look, it's naiive to think these kids/players did not know that what was going on was against the rules. For the coach to cover it up, to look the other way, when these rules are broken, sets an example to his kids that is hard to defend. Right is right, and wrong is wrong! "Wrong is OK if nobody finds out," is NOT the message I want my coach to deliver. Sorry, in no way does Jim Tressel come out of this thing looking like a monument to honesty, integrity and the American way. There will be some who will try and spin it that way, but, from my view it doesn't hold up.

Notwithstanding his Michigan homer status, Brandstatter is right on point. But then, I'm a Michigan slappie.


Jim Brandstatter is Frustrated

Jim Brandstatter is Frustrated

Submitted by MGoShoe on October 18th, 2010 at 11:20 PM

I don't know how I missed this Michigan football blog post series, but over at the U-M Alumni Association page, check out the one penned (keyboarded?) by Jim Brandstatter.  This week he talks about turnovers, special teams snafus and other mistakes. 

If the game proves one thing, it's what I've been saying for quite a while about this team....they cannot afford to turn the ball over and win. It's pretty much the same for everyone who plays this game, but clearly this year for Michigan it is the most important factor in their success or lack of it.

The real disappointment in the comeback was the special teams perfomance. Twice, when they couldn't afford it, Michigan kicked the ball out of bounds on a kick off. The Hawkeyes started with great field position on both occasions, and it seemed to help them gain some momentum, and pull the game back in their favor. When you are fighting back from three TD's down, special teams, offense and defense must all make plays to make it work. In the case on Saturday, the offense and defense held their end up but the special teams, the kicking game in particular didn't not come to the party. The kicking game hurt rather than helped.  A missed field goal, and then two kickoffs out of bounds is will cost you, and yet we saw it on Saturday.

Look, this team after seven games is much improved from a year ago. The answer to their troubles is simple. Turnovers, penalties, kicking game snafu's, and defensive missed assignments and tackling have cost them. If they eliminate these things and play a complete game, they'll win. They will be very hard to handle. These things are all correctable. They are not regressing. They are very close. When they get it all right...they will win some of these games, and we won't have to be as frustrated as we are now.

Seems about right to me.  You'd think the guy had been following Michigan football for decades or something.

I'm not feeling the 8 wins and RR is gone memes (long)

I'm not feeling the 8 wins and RR is gone memes (long)

Submitted by bluesouth on July 24th, 2010 at 2:08 PM

  The title says it all. I was listening to a sports talk station in SEC country earlier today and some how the host got on the subject of Big Ten Football and eventually got to Michigan which led to him making the statement that RR had to win eight to keep his job.  Fine ill informed local honk the reads National media makes ill informed comment I let it go.

  Until I started thinking about of the Michigan fans that parrot those same comments.   I understand everyone has an opinion and should express it, but should'nt that opinion have some basis in fact? 

   Heres the deal with me.  I don't know if or what the magic number of wins is for RR to keep his job but based on the comments from Dave Brandon he alluded that there are no magic numbers, Jim Brandstatter whom I assume is a relative insider also reflects the same.  thoughts discuss