Sleepless in Seattle?

Sleepless in Seattle?

Submitted by Sven_Da_M on August 14th, 2010 at 9:10 AM

I assume it was a late arrival for Mary Sue Coleman, David Brandon and Rich Rodriguez last night.  And likely a fitful night's sleep in the hotel (rooms too hot or too cold).  Likely they arose early, and can't wait to start the NCAA hearing, state their case, respond to questions--and get the heck out of town.

You can bet the friendly confines of Ann Arbor will never be more appreciated.

In case they have some time between breakfast and leaving for the hearing, I assume at least one of them will check MgoBlog.  My hunch it's Mary Sue.  

So Mary Sue, I want you to know two things (and please relay these to David and Coach Rod). 

First, you will make an impressive team for this hearing, and you have my complete support.

Second, two words:

Is anyone with me?

Meta: Linking to Freep Articles

Meta: Linking to Freep Articles

Submitted by MGoShoe on August 3rd, 2010 at 9:55 AM

Lately there have been several MGoBoard spats regarding Freep article threads.  OPs have started topics on Freep articles and either provided a link or left the link out. Predictably the Freep boycotters and Freep non-boycotters have then engaged in thread wars over the presence or non-presence of said links.  When the non-boycotters have provided links they've been neg-bombed.  When the boycotters have vented their spleen about the Freep, they've been taken to task for their perceived silliness.

I for one believe that all of this is tiresome and detracts from the enjoyability of the board.  Thankfully, we can actually look to Brian for guidance on this topic.  In his Jihad the Second: Tentative Results front pager, he said the following:

Until such time as Drew Sharp, Michael Rosenberg, and Mark Snyder are no longer at the paper, if you are a Michigan fan with a Free Press subscription you should terminate it immediately. If you link to a Free Press article it should be the print page and it should be nofollowed. If you visit the Free Press website, you should have adblock on. If you write for Michigan's Rivals site you should not write for the Free Press. It's not because they took a swing at Michigan's program. It's because they were blatantly dishonest in doing so.

Most of those shoulds are recommendations because they refer to behaviors entirely outside of the realm of MGoBlog.  All except the bolded, italicized portion which refers explicitly to behavior that Brian desires on MGoBlog. Brian's guidance serves several purposes: 1) It reduces the ad revenue earned by the; 2) It provides a convenient way to discuss Freep stories that may have some relevance (sometimes there's actual news content to digest and share, sometimes there are examples of "Freepiness" or jihadi-like behavior to rail against (at least in the eye of the poster)); and 3) It serves to tamp down the frequency of MGoBoard spats.

Now, following this policy requires some discipline on the part of the MGoBlogerati and it requires that the Freepers (boycotters) and the anti-Freepers (non-boycotters) each give a little.  The Freepers have to not reflexively react negatively when a thread is started about a Freep story and the anti-Freepers have to not go off on the Freepers about how stupid the boycott is.  The bottom line is that both factions need to refrain from poking the other faction in the eye every time one of these threads appears.  

Now let's say someone starts a thread and posts a direct Freep link.  What's the appropriate response?

  1. Post a comment deriding the OP for his support of the Freep.
  2. Post a comment lauding the OP for not buying a Freeper tin foil hat
  3. Post a comment gently reminding the OP that the guidance is that we use print links for Freep articles and cheerfully provide him with that link

Ok, I'm sure that in this thread there will be some witty alternate responses and I'm looking forward to reading them, but I submit that the right answer is number 3.  Number 3 preserves board civility and encourages MGoBlogerati unity.

Now, I'm certainly aware that the passions of the Freeper and anti-Freeper factions are driven by much more than whether or not an MGoBlog Freep boycott is effective.  I know there has been some over the top language used on both sides and personal attacks mustered against various MGoUsers on both sides and as a result there are legitimate hurt feelings and abused sensibilities all around. I submit that if we follow this third or middle way, we will avoid much of the divisiveness we've experienced lately.  

Your thoughts? 

Notre Dame fan discusses Jihad; hilarity ensues

Notre Dame fan discusses Jihad; hilarity ensues

Submitted by BiSB on May 25th, 2010 at 7:16 PM

If there was ever such a thing as Double Reverse Schadenfreude, this is it:;pid=79942;d=this

That's right, sports fans... the reason Michigan beat Notre Dame in 2009 was some extra stretching time in 2008.  Not Notre Dame's swiss cheese defense or Tate Forcier's pre-shoulder-asplosion 100% Pure Columbian Awesomeness. 

Well done, sir... way to combat that "Irish fans are dilusional and make hilarious justifications for their lack of success" meme...

Tractor Traylor's Tax Troubles (clearly another sign of terrible program/institution/etc)

Tractor Traylor's Tax Troubles (clearly another sign of terrible program/institution/etc)

Submitted by desmondintherough on March 1st, 2010 at 2:46 PM

Here's an article in the FREEP about Tractor Traylor's current tax problems and his plans to play in Turkey soon. It's a sad case for him personally, so I hope he gets a fresh start over there and takes care of his business long-term.

I'm sure somehow this will end up as an indictment of Michigan generally...

Oh, and please remember the rules before you click on the freep link. (See at the end for details.)…

Jay Mariotti jumps on the RR bashing bandwagon too

Jay Mariotti jumps on the RR bashing bandwagon too

Submitted by lhglrkwg on September 1st, 2009 at 5:12 PM

thought I'd point it out. made me pretty angry reading it since he offered nothing new and just regurgitated old information and old opinions. thank you jay for your insight…

Drew Sharp calls for RR firing

Drew Sharp calls for RR firing

Submitted by GoBlueScott on September 1st, 2009 at 10:05 AM

Just so you don't have to read it, this is a paragraph from Drew Sharp's column:

"If it’s proven that Rodriguez broke NCAA rules, regardless of their practicality, Michigan has no alternative but to fire him — or risk exposing an internal hypocrisy of wanting to win the self-proclaimed 'Michigan way.'"