This Month in MGoBlog History - January 2008: Terrelle Pryor, Come on Down

This Month in MGoBlog History - January 2008: Terrelle Pryor, Come on Down

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December 2007

January 1 - Tuesday

Michigan beats Florida 41-35 in the Citrus Bowl. Wolverine Historian highlights part 1. Part 2.

Brian is surprised by the outcome, but happy.  

January 2 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity is Just a Bunch of Video Embeds. Lots of Citrus Bowl videos. Also a UFR will be coming since ‘M’ was basically in a passing spread.

A roundup of numerous rumors regarding current commits, class size, possible transfers, and the coaching staff. The position of DC is still open, and Jeff Casteel is a strong possibility. Brian refutes the idea that the 3-3-5 wouldn’t work in the Big 10.

January 3 - Thursday

Reports that Mallett is transferring. However, this means that Terrelle Pryor will likely come to ‘M’.

Florida Game Column...also covering WVU beating Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

Rich Rodriguez put that team together, and though he was absent the framework of that team's offense and defense were his responsibility. That team's offensive and defensive coordinators will be Michigan's offensive and defensive coordinators. That team's recruiting coordinator will be Michigan's recruiting coordinator. And that team was a national-championship-caliber one cobbled together from quarterbacks LSU wanted as a wide receiver and terror-beast fullbacks from Division III schools in Wisconsin.

This might have been a good hire.

General Offseason Plan.

  • Basketball will not have a lot of effort dumped into it. They're really brutal this season and I'm just not that into college basketball. Hideous refereeing, that kiddie three-point line, and games against Northwestern are detraction enough when your team is better than the Wildcats. When it's debatable? Not so much.


January 4 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Knits. Manningham says he is coming back. Mallet is still uncertain.

Now it is sounding more and more certain that Mallett is gone. The rumors are centering on him going to UCLA.

A breakdown of the probable assistants. At this point, it looks like Casteel will probably come.

January 5 - Saturday

More on assistants. Casteel and Tony Dews are the biggest question marks. If not Casteel, Wake Forest DC Dean Hood is a possible alternative.

Unverified Voracity Says Hello, Goodbye, Hello. Hello NJ S Brandon Smith. Jeff Casteel and Tony Dews are staying at WVU. Bruce Tall is on the fence. Maybe Erik Campbell and Steve Stripling stay.

January 7 - Monday

More assistant updates. Now Dews and Tall are both coming to ‘M’. DC is still a mystery.

Manningham is 90% likely to stay.

Dews and Tall to ‘M’ is official per WVU.

January 8 - Tuesday

Jay Hopson is rumored to be the next DC.

Details to voters for the final blogpoll vote.

Rodriguez says Mallett, Arrington, and Manningham are all likely gone.

January 9 - Wednesday

Exeunt Unverified Voracity. Rodriguez confirms those departures, and Hopson is confirmed as a staff member though not necessarily DC. Also, it looks like BTN and Comcast have come to a settlement.

January 10 - Thursday

WVU is reportedly hiring Florida DB coach Doc Holliday, so maybe Casteel is still in play? Turns out not.

Recruiting Board Update. Lots of Terrelle Pryor videos, but other options will be explored.

Expect at least a couple sleeper types and possibly a JUCO or two. (I've been told that Rodriguez is talking with the admissions department about a couple of JUCO quarterbacks.) I also expect Rodriguez to pursue already-committed recruits in the Midwest corridor he picked up most of his Mountaineers in: meh dual-threat QB Dominick Britt, a Cinci commit, virtually anyone in the Pittsburgh area he thinks can help out, and IN QB Marqueis Gray, who committed to freakin' Minnesota at the AA game.

Year End Blogpoll.

Hoke for DC rumor, but not that Hoke. Maybe Jon Hoke, but this is debunked even before the end of the post.

January 11- Friday

Unverified Voracity Casts Stones. Brian says he is remiss to not mention the Mealer situation earlier. An update and address for gifts is included.

Rodriguez will be playing Score-o at the hockey game tonight.

Scott Shafer will be the next DC. He has been hired away from Jim Harbaugh at Stanford. This sounds familiar with Harbaugh’s hiring of Don Brown.

[New Stanford coach Jim] Harbaugh had never spoken to Scott Shafer when he pulled up last year's NCAA statistics on the Web. But he knew what he was looking for. Harbaugh wanted to lure a coordinator from one of the top-rated defenses.

There, at No. 11, was Harbaugh's man.

Last year, Shafer's defense at Western Michigan was ranked 11th overall, sixth against the run and first in sacks and interceptions.

Shafer says his defense will be multiple. No 3-3-5.

Press conference audio for Rodriguez and Shafer.

January 14 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’. TX WR Terrence Robinson and FL QB Justin Feagin have been added to the board.

Video of Rodriguez on the ice at the hockey game. Brian is excited about the systematic shift in the coaching staff.

Hello OH LB Taylor Hill.

January 15 - Tuesday

Goodbye Mario Manningham.

Unverified Voracity is a Little Girl because Mike Barwis is amazing.

New Rodriguez-related MGoShirts!

The first Rodriguez controversy after coming to ‘M’. He is accused of shredding lots of documents in his WVU office, including personnel files for each player.

Terrance Taylor is planning to come back. Tim Jamieson is the last possible early entry.

Raise your hopes for Terrelle Pryor. He has moved up his planned visit to this weekend.

January 16 - Wednesday

BHGP wrote a piece for comedy that attacked Rodriguez and MGoBlog, but Brian took it seriously. Lots for vitriol.

Reaction and updates to the shredding incident. Also, there might have been improper phone calls to recruits.

Brian realizes that BHGP was joking. Lots of embarrassment.

January 17 - Thursday

More shredding reaction, this time from Rodriguez.

Mailbag. Is it possible that Rodriguez’s first year will be a really bad transition year like Beilein’s first year?

Unverified Voracity Goes eeeee Again. Here is Tom Lemming’s ranking of Michigan’s recruits. Yikes…

  • #11 Sam McGuffie(!)

  • #45 Brandon Smith

  • #49 Boubacar Cissoko

  • #59 Dann O'Neill

  • #80 Daryl Stonum

  • #93 Brandon Moore

January 18 - Friday

Several links to responses from Rodriguez.

2008 Recruiting Board. The names are updated, but most of the content isn’t.

There is great controversy about why Rodriguez made 112 calls to a tiny WV town. Turns out those were calls to check his voicemail.

Brian asked those attending the basketball game to encourage Pryor, but not to forget about the other recruits.

January 19 - Saturday

Alex Mitchell and Jeremy Ciulla will not be returning.

January 21 - Monday

Now Calvin Magee is making accusations back at WVU, insinuating that he wasn’t considered for the head coaching job because of his race.

Monday Recruitin’ says that Pryor was on campus and said it was “cool”. Allegedly, he’s already made up his mind but will milk the process for maximum drama.

There are CFB blogger awards coming up.

January 22 - Tuesday

Mailbag with several perspectives on Shafer and less-flattering reviews of Rodriguez.

A short biography on Ted Sarniack, a “friend” of Pryor who happens to own corvettes and a prosperous business in Jeanette, PA. Also, he has been meeting with OSU coaches last week.

Tuesday Recruitin’. Marcus Witherspoon and Christian Wilson are opening up their recruitment. Nick Perry has a top three of ‘M’, USC, and Miami.

January 23 - Wednesday

Now there’s a picture of Pryor with that corvette. Somehow Charlie Batch is involved too.  

Basically, West Virginia is a mess. Brian agrees with Bill Stewart that this all needs to end.

Assumptions going forward: the shredding thing was much ado about precisely nothing, Rodriguez is neither Satan or Carr, and no one should particularly care about the outcome of the WVU-Rodriguez lawsuit. Occasional links might make their way into UV or on the sidebar; from now on this is all sideshow.

January 24 - Thursday

OSU fans are upset that Pryor is considering Michigan and incredulous that there could be a breath of wrong-doing about their program. Probably a good time to recap their recent improprieties.

Thursday Recruitin’ with three interesting names added to the board: FL QB BJ Daniels, FL WR Martavious Odoms, and OH OL Patrick Omameh.

January 25 - Friday

Unverified Voracity is Reminded. Chad Henne has made comments that all the current QBs (Threet and Cone) might be looking to transfer. There is a chance the QB play in 2008 might be bad.

Hockey update. Michigan is #1 in the country and should have the first seed locked down.

January 28 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’ has an update on the remaining prospects on the board:

Probable Commits

  • TN CB JT Floyd

  • TX WR Terrence Robinson

Decent Shot

  • MI DE Nick Perry

  • SC WR Jaron Brown

  • FL QB Justin Feagin

  • FL QB BJ Daniels

  • OH RB/WR Michael Shaw

  • PA QB Terrelle Pryor


  • MS S Charles Mitchell

  • FL WR Martavious Odoms

  • FL OT Rhonne Sanderson

  • OH OT Patrick Omameh

That looks like five or six guys to me.

Unverified Voracity with Throbbing Temple Surprise. Brian tries to figure out how Drew Sharp is still employed.

The Free Press' logic is probably straightforward: I bet he gets a lot of hits on his pieces. Every time he writes a rip job on someone, incensed people post links on the relevant message boards. Despite the 100% guaranteed "don't give this guy attention" response posted two seconds after the initial link, people click and absorb the latest tripe.

January 29 - Tuesday

Quarterback Mailbag. OSU fans pushback against Brian, saying he could damage Pryor’s career by insinuating that he has been involved with anything unethical.

January 30 - Wednesday

Wednesday Recruitin’. Not much going on yet. Marcus Witherspoon is solid now, but JB Fitzgerald is saying nice things about Rutgers.

January 31 - Thursday

Hello SC CB JT Floyd. He had been a Tennessee commit for about a year, but was recruited by Carr and Rodriguez.

Pryor might be pushing off his decision until after signing day. In retrospect of the 2008 season this explanation seems much more plausible:

If he pushes things back it's to visit spread-friendly Oregon, not the act of a guy who's a "lock" anywhere. Unless, as the hardcore tinfoil-hat types have decreed, Pryor is such an OSU lock that he's under orders from Tressel to lead Michigan on until such time as other options like BJ Daniels and Justin Feagin have freaked out and gone elsewhere.

And Michigan has stopped recruiting BJ Daniels. Pryor or bust?


This Month in MGoBlog History - January 2007: Rose Bowl Aftermath and Recruiting Scrambling

This Month in MGoBlog History - January 2007: Rose Bowl Aftermath and Recruiting Scrambling

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on January 19th, 2017 at 6:58 AM


December 2006

On Monday, January 1 USC beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl 32-18. First Half. Second Half.  

January 3 - Wednesday

Rose Bowl Open Thread.

January 4 - Thursday

Brian recaps his experience at the Rose Parade. The whole post is entertaining.

7:52 AM. So you're walking down this parade route in front of people who have been dourly camped out waiting for something to watch for hours, possibly days. They watch you, and if they're USC fans they shout something like "WOOOO USC" and since it's really early in the morning and you feel silly because you thought California was much warmer at 6AM and you've spent the first hour of your day trudging from Rose Bowl to Rose Parade, your mood is black black black. The prospect of doing all this to sit down and watch a parade conjures up memories of boredoms past and generally ruins your day.

January 5 - Friday

Brief thoughts on the game. Henne played pretty well, the defense performed adequately, but the OL gave up pressure all afternoon. It was very reminiscent of 2004. Should Carr be fired? No. Should Andy Moeller be fired? Maybe.

January 8 - Monday

Unverified Voracity Tolls Stewie. The New York Times recognizes Brian’s nickname for Tressell “Cheatypants Sweatervest”.

Hello: Mike Williams. He has a rough few year ahead of him.

Alan Branch is having a press conference today to announce his draft intentions. He’s leaving.  

January 9 - Tuesday

Recruiting Board Update with all star game updates. CBs Ron Johnson and Donovan Warren are two of the remaining targets on the board.

January 10 - Wednesday

Final Blogpoll Ballot.

Part 1 of the nominations for the CFB blogging community.

Final Blogpoll.

Mid-year hockey CSB rankings.

January 11 - Thursday

Brian’s final Maxwell pundit award ballot. His top three are: Reggie Nelson, Alan Branch, and Darren McFadden.

A recap of a couple rumors. Ryan Mundy will not be returning for the 5th year. Rumors persist that Andy Moeller will not return as OL coach. Instead it is said he might be joining new Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh.

January 12 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Sterilizes the BCS. Ryan Mallett, Vince Helmuth, Austin Panter, and Artis Chambers are early enrollees. I bet that will help their Michigan career. Also, Colt Brennan won the Maxwell pundit award. Brian is not pleased.

January 15 - Monday

Michigan sports has a rough weekend. The hockey team is struggling, the hockey team is falling apart, and IN S Jerimy Finch decommitted to go to Indiana. Not ideal.

January 16 - Tuesday

Mailbag with topics covering opponents and the ‘M’ bye week, Zoltan Mesko reading MGoBlog, and Lloyd’s perceived jet lag problems, i.e. the inability to win games west of the Mississippi.

January 17 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity Probably Affected by Gravity. The first mention of new MSU coach Mark D’Antonio. He comes complete with new countdown clock.

Yes. That's exactly what Michigan State needs: more focus on the Michigan game to the exclusion of everything else on the schedule. Just in case they were ever thinking of winning a game after it ever again.

Query: what should this clock be labeled? ("Countdown to Disappointment" was a submission from the Victors, por ejemplo.)

Mmm yeah, not so much.

January 18 - Thursday

Safeties coach Ron Lee has left. No one is sure why.

The final preview review as Brian looks at his Big Ten previews from the summer. This was from the top of the conference and also represents his biggest miss. He had Iowa #2 in the country and going to the Rose Bowl; they finished 6-6.

January 19 - Friday

Recruiting board update. Here’s where things stand:

So... yeah, Finch. Even with a hypothetical RoJo commit he would have been easily the third best recruit in the class. His loss moves the class a fair chunk of the way from "disappointing" to "outright disaster." No RoJo == outright disaster, on a par with the 2000 class. If we do get him, we'll have addressed the crying needs at QB and CB from last year's excellent class and shouldn't have a Willingham-esque gap between quality recruits that's going to hammer Notre Dame's lines next year. (Other than the current gap at cornerback that's already hammering us.) There will be a lot of pressure on the Michigan staff to put together a 2008 class on a par with the 2006 group -- one bad recruiting class won't kill you but two in a row will cause problems.

January 22 - Monday

Hockey update. This past weekend was markedly improved on the previous one. Brian asserts that TJ Hensick might be the best player he’s seen at Michigan, outside of maybe Mike Comrie.

January 23 - Tuesday

No content today.

January 24 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity Avoids Draft-Related Puns with lots of updates on the prospects of ‘M’ players in the upcoming draft.

January 25 - Thursday

Liveblog of the basketball game against #2 Wisconsin. Brian stops when Wisconsin gets up by 20.

Unverified Voracity Moves On. There’s a link to Boubacar Cissoko’s Myspace page. The link no longer goes to his Myspace page. Also, there is a rumor that Ryan Munday will go to Pitt. This is possible because of a new rule that allows a player with an undergraduate degree to transfer without penalty.

January 26 - Friday

Unverified Voracity is Suddenly Frequent. There are stronger and more frequent signs that this will be Lloyd’s last year. Also, a video of the MacGyver theme on acoustic guitar.


At this point there is nearly a month long gap in posts on the current site. From here on we will switch to the old Blogspot site.


January 29 - Monday

Recruiting Board Update. Illinois commit Ronaldo Sagesse is a new name that has popped up as a possible add before signing day. Rashad Mason is a possibility at WR. Ronald Johnson made a trip to Florida, and the fear in his recruitment is starting to amp up.

The Detroit News is exploring who will Michigan’s 12th opponent in the upcoming season. This post has a great deal of sad irony as Brian refers to “Christian-Lion” matchups. At least that’s what the first game of the upcoming season is supposed to be. Brian will still go though.

There's no way around it: I'm a sap. A mark. A rube. The dirty Victorian era ne'er-do-wells in the athletic department have entwined me in a confidence scheme. (They call me "guv'nor" to my face, though.)

January 30 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Puzzled by Puzzlement. Some early speculation on who could replace Amacker. Billy Gillespie, Mike Montgomery, and Tubby Smith are a few of the names mentioned. Also, Vanderbilt won’t be Michigan’s opening opponent.

A link to a bracketology that is no longer from 10 years ago.

January 31 - Wednesday

More CFB blogger award announcements. This one is won by EDSBS.

Brian’s internet has been down, so he knows nothing about RoJo, but things are not looking good.


This Month in MGoBlog History - January 2006

This Month in MGoBlog History - January 2006

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on January 6th, 2016 at 7:04 AM


November 2005

December 2005

January 3 – Tuesday

What went right during the year of infinite pain? Among other things: Steve Stribling, Ross Ryan, Antonio Bass, and Shawn Crable.

In this hockey update, Brian talks about ‘M’ coming in third at the GLI, Jack Johnson and Andrew Cogliano getting in a public dispute, and a commitment from Trevor Lewis. It looks like Lewis ended up playing for Owen Sound instead.

January 4 – Wednesday

Unverified Voracity: Putting it to Bed gives various blogs’ opinions on the Alamo Bowl loss. Everyone is sympathetic; no, it doesn’t make anyone feel better.

‘M’ basketball loses to Indiana.

Perhaps this is an overreaction to an abberrantly bad game, but let's be serious: if you were to pick any game from the Amaker era against reasonable competition and peg the under/over on turnovers, 20 would not be a totally implausible estimate. 16 would probably get you even money.

January 5 – Thursday

Bullets on Texas’ national championship over USC. This is interesting with the perspective of ten years:

Can we shut up about Mack Brown now? Blah blah blah never win big game blah blah blah never beat OU blah blah blah never does anything with all his talent... totally bleeding ridiculous given the state the program had fallen to under Mackovic and the powerhouse Sooner teams that kept Texas down for so long. 

And this is as true now as it was then:

Also can we learn our lesson? All talk about "greatest ever" anything should be banned after that ESPN fiasco. Who knows? No one. Who can prove anything about anything? No one. So can we stop the inane assertions of the finest performance, best quarterback, best game ever?

A repost from the previous August showing Brian’s feelings while watching Vince Young play.

January 6 – Friday

Rumors of change are coming out of Fort Schembechler. Here is a list:

·         QB coach, uber-recruiter, and all-around Boy Genius Scot Loeffler is being promoted to offensive coordinator. Or co-offensive coordinator. Or being given more responsibility in the offense. Or pissed off and about to leave.

·         Former offensive coordinator Mike DeBord, who went splat at Central Michigan, is going to retake the post or co-retake the post and is being set up by Carr as his designated successor.

·         Terry Malone is ceding some responsibility, or all responsibility, or has been shot.

·         Jim Herrmann has a silly mustache.

·         Also he may be relieved of his linebacker coaching duties, or his defensive coordinator duties, or just left to stand because that's how we roll. The mustache remains intact.

·         Defensive backs coach Ron English is either about to leave for the NFL, about to be defensive coordinator, or about to undergo a strange procedure that leaves him crippled but able to deflect passes with his mind, like that cat.

·         '07 uber-recruit QB Ryan Mallet of Texas has been told that Scot Loeffler will be offensive coordinator/mayor by the time he arrives and is polishing up for an unprecedented run of twelve Heismans.

·         Former coach Gary Moeller is coming back to be defensive coordinator or something. Yeah, far out, dude.

·         Ohio State is about to get hammered by the NCAA.

·         Bobby Petrino is about to be the new coach.

·         None of this will matter because Carr is still the coach and OMG LLLLLoyd is a LLLLLoser. oneoneone. two.


January 7 – Saturday

Jai Eugene is wearing a ‘M’ hat. This is cause for great excitement. It sounds like he might have even committed.

January 9 – Monday

Final BlogPoll Ballot.

Unverified Voracity: This Time I Really Mean It has more rumors about coordinators. Strong signs pointing to Jim Hermann finally being replaced, and maybe Terry Malone too. One possibility is replacing them with Ron English and Scot Lafloer (as spelled by an RCMB poster) Loeffler. Also, Matt Gutierrez and Max Martin are likely transferring. Finally, the NCAA authorized a 12th game which means that 1-AA games are on the horizon. No one knew the disaster that this news meant at the time.

Unverified Voracity: Unfathomable Idahoe. A number of feared opponents are going pro which is good news. These include: Santonio Holmes, Ashton Youboty, Laurence Maroney, and…

Notre Dame TE Anthony Fasano has left early. No doubt Weis E. Coyote will construct a new tight end from the mighty sinews of his frontal buttocks.

January 10 – Tuesday

No 1-AA opponents yet. The 2006 schedule will see the addition of Vanderbilt, but it’s ok because they “will not have that Cutler guy who beat Tennessee and scared the jean shorts off of Florida.”

Final Blogpoll.

January 11 – Wednesday

Recruiting board update. Adam Patterson visits and is impressed. Brandon Minor isn’t worried about having Carlos Brown in the same class.

Unverified Voracity: Go Away Creepy Man deals with moral matters of the day.

January 12 – Thursday

A comparison from last year’s offense to the coming year. It should be improved; however, if things don’t go well, here is why:

·         Evil Henne. This is obvious: he has to play better. He should have more opportunities to actually do something right with a (please, God) better offensive line and the threat of an actual running game, but even accounting for the myriad problems he had to deal with this year he was an average Big Ten quarterback at best, which doesn't cut it.

·         Hey, offensive line, it's your mom! She says you still suck? Yoda says if the OL does not improve, the skill position talent matters not.

·         Proving message board retards right. This is not a place where lamentations about Carr's utter unsuitability for anything other than janitor at a meat packing plant are offered up constantly, but Michigan has shown a tendency to fritter away offensive talent on a regular basis. This usually happens when Michigan has found itself in a "comfortable" lead (like, say, 3-0 in the first quarter) and decides to pack away the scoring offense for another day. Stay aggressive.

January 13 – Friday

Brian recaps half of his Big Ten team previews from the beginning of the season. Here is an interesting note from Wisconsin:

Stocco threw seven more passes in 2005 than he did in 2004 but had 32 additional completions, 12 additional touchdowns, and 921 additional yards. Wisconsin went from 99th to 11th in the country in passing efficiency. Sweet Fancy Moses.

What happened? Paul Chryst returned from pass-nutty Oregon State to become offensive coordinator and lived up to the ridiculous preseason message board hype--a titanic accomplishment. To put it in terms Michigan fans can understand, if Steve Stripling had the impact Chryst did, Lamarr Woodley would have beaten six quarterbacks to death this year with only his right pinky toe.

January 14 – Saturday

Basketball game versus Illinois open tread. Unfortunately, no comments exist.

January 16 – Monday

That Illinois game didn’t go so well. But hey, there was a moral victory.

You can say what you want about moral victories not existing--fair warning if you do: you're parroting dull sports press conferences and are therefore being very boring--but when you're Michigan on the road against #6 Illinois and your eleven point halftime deficit turns into a tight game you literally have a shot at winning instead of a 30 point blowout, eh... moral victories here we come.

Also, Anthony Wright committed. With not the most encouraging headline: "Michigan, Wofford watch Wright."

Recruit board update.  ‘M’ started looking around at other QBs (in addition to Cone), these include Nick Stephens who they offered and Greg McElroy. Stephens went to Tennessee and later transferred to Tarleton State.

January 17 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Blog Bowl. Interesting speculation about Purdue DC Brock Spack being an option to replace Hermann. That didn’t look great then, but he took over Illinois State in 2008 and has had success in the last couple years. Obviously, ‘M’ went a different direction.

Hockey game versus MSU liveblog/open thread. Doesn’t look like the game was going well, and then Brian’s cable died after the 2nd period.

January 18 – Wednesday

Yep, the game from the previous night did not go well.

Recruiting board update. Quintin Woods has committed. Interesting guy, he didn’t attend any camps and there are no substantive articles about his football skills.

January 19 – Thursday

Unverified Voracity: Actually Relevant. Idaho State is excited about Matt Gutierrez.

January 20 – Friday

Brian opines about the changes he has experienced in how he reads sports: from mainline news sources to blogs. He compares it to the comeliness of women in the north vs. the south.

I guess I grew up at 15,000 feet. I'm used to walking into a bar and having my mental girl filing go something like "no, no, yeesh, no, if I'm drunk, no, maybe, no, no, yes." 

Brandon Minor commits! Concerns exist about a lack of speed, but he is a “guy who can smash face.”

January 23 – Monday

Game recap from basketball win over Minnesota. Brian took notes during the game and then commented on them in the column. Sort of a precursor to Twitter.

Unverified Voracity: Ginorbous. Jim Hermann continues to look for a new job (Cowboys LB coach is the latest rumor), and hockey splits with Bowling Green.

Recruiting board update. Thad Gibson has committed to OSU, and Sam Young has committed to ND.

January 24 – Tuesday

Part 2 of the season preview review. The worst prediction was Purdue going 10-1 with BCS bid. They went 5-6.

Recruiting board update. Jason Kates is added. This is seen a bad sign for the progression of Marques Slocum’s test scores.

January 25 – Wednesday

‘M’ is going to play MSU in basketball. It’s been a long time since they’ve had a victory over the Spartans. Can they win this time? They could.

Unverified Voracity: Doctor 90210 gives bad news about Hermann to the Cowboys and Jack Johnson possibly leaving during his freshman year. Looks like Johnson will stay for the rest of the year.

January 26 – Thursday

They did.

Horton was the Making Things Happen Guy Who Takes Over and Makes Things Happen Player Of The Game

It's no exagerration to say that [Chris Hunter] was the best big man on the floor, as Sims provided a valuable service by transmitting his acute vaginitis to Paul Davis, turning the much-ballyhooed beast of board into a nonfactor.

Brent Petway's collision with Ager didn't appear intentional to me, but I think once it was clear the two were going to bump into each other Petway decided to get his money's worth. Ager's response: hunch over and allow teammates and medical staff to swarm over him. Bill Laimbeer he's not. Ager then went 0-4 for the rest of the game, though he did have 4 FTs.

Was it unethical/wrong/evidence of the moral decay inherent in the Michigan program? Um... ask someone who doesn't regard that Laimbeer guy as something of a father figure. IMO: he didn't intentionally clock the guy, so play on.

January 27 – Friday

‘M’ gets a big 5-star OL commit in Steve Schilling.

Unverified Voracity: Just Like Life with recaps of the blogosphere rejoicing over the basketball victory. There is a basketball recruit out of Illinois who ‘M’ is recruiting who Brian keeps referring to as Eric Beverly. I don’t think he’s talking about former Lions Tight End, but rather the once Arkansas Razorback and current Houston Rocket, Patrick Beverly.  

Recruiting board update including several good reports on Brandon Graham and Steve Schilling, and Jonas Mouton is looking good.

January 28 – Saturday

Open thread for hockey game v. MSU and basketball game vs. Wisconsin. Again, sadly no comments still exist.

January 30 – Monday

The basketball team beat Wisconsin, they’re 15-3, and expectations are running very high.

Unverified Voracity: Unusual Pigment. ‘M’ Basketball is ranked for the first time since April 11…1998.

Basketball gets a commitment from Kelvin Grady.

Now a source of confusion in the Grady household can be shared by the entire Michigan family... awwwww.

Also, there was a Grady cousin named Demarcus. Looks like he ended up at Northern Illinois.

January 31 – Tuesday

Recruiting Board Updated: Aaargh Edition. Jai Eugene decommitted to go to LSU. Here is the list of top remaining targets heading into signing day:

·         OL Daron Rose: Dropped us, unsurprisingly.

·         DT Corey Peters: Visited OSU and M recently; those two with UK and Auburn are the final four. I think the late visits to Big Ten schools that had not offered indicate serious interest.

·         DT Jason Kates: His Scout profile has the following two teams as "high" interest: Michigan and Syracuse. No offense to Matt Glaude, but, uh, I think we win this battle.

·         S Jonas Mouton: Down to USC, Michigan, and Texas, though USC has about four guys of the exact same size and build as Mouton--I doubt he ends up there.

·         DE Adam Patterson: Down to Michigan and South Carolina, as the article above notes.

·         DE McKenzie Matthews: Haven't heard much about Matthews as of late. He still maintains a nominal top four of Michigan, Pitt, BC, and Syracuse. With things looking good for Peters, Kates, and Patterson he may get slow-played to one of the other schools, though with the Eugene decommit we do have room.

Unverified Voracity: Don’t Tread on D. Sportswriters are coming to Detroit for the Super Bowl, and writing not so nice things about the city.

Unfortunately, no one coming into town has the ability to see past the blindingly obvious. That's why they're sportswriters--every time you set the bar for them they manage to snake under it.

Adam Patterson commits.

Bonus Voracity: It’s Gettin’ Stale with a weird story about Jeb Bush and Myron Rolle and more good news on Jonas Mouton. 

Wallpaper Season (Basketball) - January Schedule

Wallpaper Season (Basketball) - January Schedule

Submitted by jonvalk on December 28th, 2012 at 10:50 PM

Hello, again, MGoBloggers!  It's been an interesting December, full of highs and pitfalls - cliffs, if you will.  One thing has been steady and true - the basketball team continues to win.  To help aid in the process of defining one's life's worth through wins and losses, I've created another "calendar" wallpaper.  This one is for, as the title suggests, the January slate of Michigan basketball.  Before a bunch of curmudgeons (you know who you are) point it out, this is obviously not the whole team being featured.  This is who I believe should be the starting crew the rest of the way.  If you don't like it, well that's, like, your opinion, man.  Anyway, I hope you like it.  As always, constructive criticism and/or requests are welcome, as I'm always looking for new ideas to continue to hone my relatively primitive Adobe skills.


Desktop (16:9)

Mobile (iPhone, etc)

- JonValk


NOTE: Mobile version will come as I get time.  Maybe tonight if I get a bout of insomnia - who knows?

EDIT: I took the easy way out for the mobile version for now.  I'll ask forgiveness later, but it'll do until I can put some real effort into an alternative mobile version.