Dantonio Memes To Troll Spartans

Dantonio Memes To Troll Spartans

Submitted by Stay.Classy.An… on October 24th, 2016 at 9:12 AM


Over the last several days, I have been trolling my Spartan friends with Mork Dantini memes. I thought some of you would like to share these with your fellow Spartan friends or (dreaded) family members. I have kept them PG, so nobody has to worry about them being NSFW or upsetting the PC police. For those that watch South Park, this is not SkankHunt42 level trolling. It is however, just enough to make State fans realize their coach, team and fanbase has had this coming for a long time. Oddly enough, not one State fan has responsded to any of these, guess it's really easy to run and hide when you aren't a true fan.


*Moms, delete if you must*