Urgent Request for U of M/Matt Shepherd Broadcast Information

Urgent Request for U of M/Matt Shepherd Broadcast Information

Submitted by rob f on April 8th, 2013 at 6:38 PM

With less than 3 hours to go until tip-off, can anyone give me rock-solid information on how to be able to listen to Matt Shepherd doing the National Championship Game PBP instead of the CBS national radio feed?  I want to be prepared well in advance of tonight's game.

I've spent the last hour on these internets searching for KNOWLEDGE on how to insure being able to listen to Shepherd, and now am at the mercy of those here who are in the know about such vital information. 

I was able to find out that the game will be broadcast in my area locally by WSJM 1400-AM out of the St. Joseph/Benton Harbor area, but 2 nights ago (when I tired of Jim Nance) and clicked on to their "Listen Live" icon, they instead had some syndicated political talk show on.  Found out later they were not permitted to stream the game live, but I was given no actual reason  (BTW, WSJM is a local-only AM station that is required to cut way back the wattage of their signal at sundown.  I know this from the frustration of losing night-game radio broadcasts of Tiger Baseball).

What, if any, are my best options for being able to listen to Shepherd do the broadcast tonight?