17 BBall Commit Isaiah Livers - Offensive Scouting Report/Film

17 BBall Commit Isaiah Livers - Offensive Scouting Report/Film

Submitted by matt D on March 27th, 2017 at 4:25 PM

[Ed-Ace: As we begin to look to the next year of Michigan basketball, this is very much worth a front-page bump.]

Livers is an impressive passer from the top of the key. [Bryan Fuller]

As we look toward the future of basketball with the departures of Derrick Walton and Zak Irvin, I figured now would be a good time to examine one of our 17 incoming recruits in Isaiah Livers in the context of scouting/analysis as opposed to highlights.

This is similar to what I provide for college coaches in terms of depth, but perhaps not volume (this is a 2 game sample size from state playoffs, would likely provide coaches 4).

I broke this 4:23 clip into 4 segments:

a) Shooting - beginning to 1:14 mark

b) Ballhandling/Passing/Creating in Half Court - 1:15 to 2:58 mark

c) Post Offense - 2:59 to 3:50 mark

d) Transition Offense - 3:51 to end


3 point shooting numbers

Raw Numbers: 5/10 for 50%

Off the Catch: 2/5 for 40%

Off the Dribble: 3/3 for 100%

Off the Handoff Going Right: 0/1

Off the Jabstep/Isolation: 0/1

Midrange shooting numbers

Raw Numbers: 2/3 for 67%

Off the Dribble: 2/3 for 67%


Mechanics - True jumpshot with good elevation. Good mechanics on shot overall, but displays a slight kick in his legs at times that makes taking a balanced shot difficult.  Good upper body mechanics, but release point is a bit late, causing shot to lack enough arch at times.

Off the catch - good shooter off the catch, difficult to block his shot based on elevation in conjunction with height/length. Will usually take a quality shot off the catch with a good chance of connecting

Off the Dribble - excellent shooter off the dribble going left. His ability to hit a stepback jumpshot off 1-2 dribbles from either midrange or 3 rates among the very best in the country for prospects of his size. Not as fluid as a shooter going right (common to many right hand prospects).



Average to above average ballhandler for a prospect of his size. His dribble is hard enough to control the ball without threat of losing it when he has space to operate. His head is often down when he dribbles against pressure defense though, mitigating his ability to create for others because he doesn't see the entire floor. Doesn't have good enough first step acceleration to create separation off the dribble against guards/wings in a straight line. Doesn't display ability to change direction with the basketball when his defender beats him to the spot or helpside defense cuts off his initial straight line. Does not get all the way to the rim off the dribble based on lack of accelertaion and change of direction ballhandling. Prefers to go left with much more volume because that is where he is comfortable getting off his shots. Can get off his own shot going left off 1-2 dribbles. Not a real turnover risk when handling because he generally kicks the ball out when defender cuts him off or helpside cuts off drive after 2 dribbles. Not a high volume isolation/pick and roll prospect off the dribble at this point in his development in half court settings.


Very good passer from the top of the key and the free throw line area when he has space to operate and see the floor for a prospect of his size. Does a great job of leading teammates to open areas and gaps where they are in position to score. Better passer from stagnant position as opposed to off the dribble because his head is up and he can see over the top of the defense based on his size/height. Off the dribble, he is almost strictly a kick-out type prospect as opposed to a creator that will find bigs for easy dumpoffs once the helpside defense commits. Doesn't see the floor as well off the dribble. Would likely thrive as a passer at the FT line area against a 2-3 zone.

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