Michigan Light

Michigan Light

Submitted by Elno Lewis on July 19th, 2010 at 10:32 AM

So, I am sitting around watching the 2008 Michigan vs Wisconson game last night on the Rotel Netword.  I mean, the Barbasol Network--you know what I mean--and it hit me.  The 2008 Michigan offense is at least one of the worst offenses Michigan has ever fielded.  Those boys were like a one legged man at a butt kicking contest.  They tried their level best and left everything on the field, but the results were painfully unspectacular to say the least. 

So, how did these guys pull off the greatest comeback in Michigan Football History? 

Yes, it is a rhetorical question.

During this great dearth of football news I thought it might be kind of fun to start a thread that lists the many great ironies, enigmas, anecdotes and oddities that Michigan has experienced through the years.  The Brain Cook, being the engineer talking guy that he is, likes numbers and charts and graphs and stuff and so do many of you, but I like stories.  They are far more entertaining.  So, I thought I would throw this out there to all of you and see what kind of accumulation we could get.  Call it light reading if you will.  

 Anyway, with all the people who visit this site and all their accumulated years of U of M fandom, we should be able to put up a sizable list. 

Ready, set, go!



Memory Lane with Lisa Horne

Memory Lane with Lisa Horne

Submitted by Foote Fetish on January 13th, 2010 at 3:50 PM

Hello friends. Today's lesson in irony comes courtesy of one Lisa Horne, who penned an article back in October '08:

"While most coaches should be given time to turn around a program, Rodriguez should be not be given that same courtesy. He hasn't shown any semblance of great coaching....

"This hiring was a mistake. Huge mistake.

"There are better coaches out there, smarter coaches out there.

"Coaches who can examine the strengths of a team, adjust an offense around it, and have his players over-achieve.

"Lane Kiffen rings a bell. I hear he's available."

Good call, Lisa. Good call.


(OT) Snark Mark: Punctuation for Irony

(OT) Snark Mark: Punctuation for Irony

Submitted by MCalibur on September 1st, 2009 at 10:17 PM

Came across an interesting wikipedia entry about the 'snark mark' quite by accident and thought the MGoBlog community could benefit from it. Also referenced in the article: doubt point, certitude point, acclamation point, authority point, indignation point, love point, and the intriguingly named, Interrobang(). Surprised a grammar geek hasn't pointed it out here yet though, I guess one's doing it now.

As we all know, irony and sarcasm can be difficult (at best) to detect over written communication. The mark is supposed to be a backward question mark. Alas, even as I write this post I cannot even ctrl+c & ctrl+v such punctuation. Supposedly a 'bracketed' exclamation point -(!)- or question mark -(?)- work in lieu of the real deal, depending on the type of statement being punctuated.

I spent 30 seconds brainstorming a way to try and market this but concluded that you probably have to be Apple to pull it off and even then they'd have to make it a "we're cooler than PCs" marketing meme. I certainly wouldn't buy a new keyboard for half of a key.