Welcome to Insult-a-Buck

Welcome to Insult-a-Buck

Submitted by michelin on November 19th, 2009 at 1:43 PM

The Game is all about the warm spirit of sharing.

So, welcome to Insult-a-Buck, the thread where you can share the most creative, tasteless, degrading, disgusting, or offensive insults ever heard in the history of The Game.

Here’s a modest start*:

Justin Boren

--Is not the laziest person around.
-------------But most of those who are lazier are dead

Terrelle Pryor

--has a girlfriend who has been faithful to the end

-------------Unfortunately, he’s the quarterback.

OSU fans who are seen watching the game at a bar, nursing a beer…..

----------- --I hope your nipple gets soggy

*plagiarized from Mark Twain, anonymous, and Steven Wright, respectively.