Dave Brandon: Genius or Quack?

Dave Brandon: Genius or Quack?

Submitted by 4roses on August 13th, 2014 at 4:40 PM

There has been much debate around our AD and his success (or lack-there-of) in fulfilling his job duties. Many strong, passionate sentiments have come forth on the board. While I love a good “back-and-forth” as much as the next person, there does seem to be a large amount of apples vs. oranges, non sequiturs, straw men, and other nonsensical musings. In an effort to add some clarity to things I created the following Venn diagram. As this very lively discussion continues perhaps you will find this tool useful to better organize your thoughts and make your arguments. 



A1 - A place everyone agrees does not exist  
A2 - Miami (YTM) circa 1984  
A3 - A place fans fear more than death itself
A4  - Brian’s own personal Hell; why $5 is what you will receive from a scalper in exchange for taking his Horror Part II tickets.
B1 - Boise State
B2 - Exists only in Dave Brandon’s Mind; The reason he hired Lochmann
B3 - Slippery Rock at the Big House
B4 - “I am proud to introduce the next director of athletics for Eastern Michigan University, Mr. Hunter Lochmann”
C1 - Oregon
C2 - Alabama
C3 - Duke vs. Arizona Basketball! Prime-time!! For the championship!!! Of the Preseason NIT
C4 - Michigan Texas
D– “Canhamland”


U-M AD CMO Hunter Lochmann Interview: No Big House Advertisements

U-M AD CMO Hunter Lochmann Interview: No Big House Advertisements

Submitted by MGoShoe on August 20th, 2011 at 8:33 AM

I know this won't convince the diehard skeptics, but Michigan Athletics Department Chief Marketing Officer Hunter Lochmann had this to say regarding Michigan Stadium advertising in a recent radio interview transcribed at A2.com:

Lucy Ann: Will there ever be advertising inside Michigan stadium for a football game?

Lochmann: No. I’ve learned from Dave Brandon that you ask your fans what they want. They don’t want to see a lick of advertising in Michigan Stadium. I think my resume would be updated if I ever allowed it in there on my own. It’s not going to happen; I think there are enough opportunities emerging in this digital world and other inventory to satisfy partners.

Lucy Ann: But you have over 100,000 people in there, glued to it. You have the television coverage.

Lochmann: Sure. It’s a great opportunity.

Lucy Ann: There are elementary schools which have incorporated corporate advertising in their programs. Why not Michigan Stadium?

Lochmann: You know, it’s a great opportunity and anyone who doesn’t say it is, isn’t telling the truth, but the fans don’t want it. You listen to your fans and if that’s their No. 1 issue then we can come up with a thousand other things that they do want, that we can take advantage of.

Erskine: Just think of the money that someone would pay just to have their logo on the scoreboard.

Lochmann: There are other opportunities.

Lucy Ann: What are those other opportunities?

Lochmann: Digital. We have 100,000 people who come to these games. Guess what? We now have their e-mail addresses and we can market our own internal Facebook and Twitter and reach them differently through sponsors. Not spam them, but try to figure out what do they want to hear from?

So, no. There is no plan to introduce advertisements inside Michigan Stadium, including on the scoreboards.

Alright then. Two other areas of special interest to the fanbase. First mgoblue.com:

Lucy Ann: What about the MGoBlue.com website? Any transformation of that coming up?

Lochmann: Actually, that’s a great question. We are redesigning that as we speak. Hopefully a mid to late September re-launch or redesign. It’s going to be a lot more video focus. Video is where everything’s heading with the mobile phones, iPads, and anything else, so we’re working hard on that. It’s a popular site; that’s where our fans go, but we have some work to do. That’s part of the branding of Michigan Athletics. You look at every touch point and obviously MGoBlue.com is one of the most popular ones.

Hopefully that means that the video portion of the site will be less browser crippling. It also brings to mind the comment that was made during Big Ten Media Days that the conference was working to have BTN.com and the school websites more closely integrated.  

Second, stadium announcers:

Lucy Ann: Any other changes that you have coming out regarding branding of the University of Michigan?

Lochmann: Event presentation and how people experience the brand at our events is a big part of building the brand, and we are in the midst of hiring some event presentation folks to really focus on making it a wow experience for our fans who go to basketball, hockey, football, soccer. It’s not just a PA announcement.

Lucy Ann: More entertainment?

Lochmann: Exactly. We really want to make all Michigan Athletics a destination for sports fans.

Time to sharpen those pitchforks everyone. Special K might be turning into Choclatey Delight Special K.