Hoops Spring Break Schedule

Hoops Spring Break Schedule

Submitted by Lucky Socks on February 3rd, 2013 at 2:15 PM

Beilein has talked about how the Big Ten didn't do us any favors by scheduling our first games against OSU, IU, MSU, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin on the road (seriously...ALL of them??).  But one thing I noticed looking over the schedule yesterday was that our two biggest home games of the season are going to occur during Spring Break, which is officially Saturday, March 2nd - Monday, March 11th.  We play vs. MSU on the first weekend and vs. IU during the second weekend, with @ Purdue during the week.

When I was in the Maize Rage the break tickets weren't included in the ticket package. IIRC, the home game vs. MSU was during Spring Break twice and the crowd was a combination of the "Blue Rage" and those students who bought the game a la carte.  I personally believe that Home Court advantage means more in NCAA hoops than any other sport, and the students are the biggest reason for that.  

Any current Maize Rage members -- do you have tickets to those games?  Are you planning on attending?  If not, can I buy your ticket for cheap? (jk, sort of) 

I realize we have to play some games over break, but can't the Big Ten make an effort to schedule a game against a rival when the students will be on campus...geez.