The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch

Submitted by MGoShoe on January 12th, 2011 at 12:00 PM

Yost's latest at The M Zone is clutch, but in this comment, he says it like he means it. 

My thoughts are that you, and Gerd and I don't know. We. Don't. Know. Am I going to say he's gonna come in and we're gonna compete for MNC each year? Of course not. But did a certain hiring in Cbus send shudders down anyone's spine 10 years ago?

I think most people were like "Jim who?" You're replacing a coach who consistently went 9-2 or 10-1 (albeit that "1" was against us) with a [D-1AA]coach. And then he gave that speech about being proud of the team in A2 in 300+ days and you could almost hear the laughs coming from A2.

And Auburn fans showed up AT THE AIRPORT to boo Gene Chizik when they hired the 5-19 - f'ing 5-19! - Iowa State coach to replace Tommy Tuberville. Chip Kelly was an OC at New Hampshire two years before taking over at Oregon.

So, I don't know, you don't know and all the people ripping on the guy before he even comes out of the tunnel to coach his first game don't know. Give the man a chance.

All this shit about, "If Hoke were a former line coach somewhere else besides Mich, we wouldn't be taking about him." Bullshit. If Brady Hoke had been Jim Tressel's line coach when they won the NC, then went off and turned Ball State - f'ing Ball State - into a 12-1 squad, then left there and went to SDSU and had them at 9-4 with their first bowl win since before the Tet Offensive, those same naysayers would be saying he could be the second coming of Bo.

I think the biggest problem is some folks have a problem with the fact that he was LLOYD'S line coach. This isn't so much about BH as it is about LC. Again, the animus toward a man who did nothing but win an NC and 6 B10 titles in 13 seasons at the helm is crazy.

Short of Harbaugh, no choice was going to totally unite the masses. But we got the "Harbaugh of his day" three years ago in RR. He was the can't miss choice. And that didn't work.

I find it especially ironic that folks most ripping Hoke before he coaches his first game were the ones urging patience and a 4th year for Rich Rod.

So if Hoke is 7-6 in his third year, after getting smoked by 20, 30, and 38 points in his last three games and against anybody with a pulse. And if squeaks by the shit teams like PU and IU. And if he fields the worst three defenses (or offenses) in the HISTORY OF THE PROGRAM, then let's talk about him not working out.

Until then, give the poor man a chance to at least run under the damn banner to the fight song before lamenting the choice.

Co-signed. Now quit your bitchin' and get on board with The Hokester and The Brady Bunch.