ND Game Wrap (with pics!)

ND Game Wrap (with pics!)

Submitted by SFBayAreaBlue on September 12th, 2011 at 5:30 PM

[Ed: Bump. I am not entirely sure I want to ride again. A nice, relaxing weekend against Eastern sounds pretty good right about now.]

I wanna ride again!


Words can't describe it

So here's a graph:


This is a graph of what I thought our chances of winning were throughout the game. That really erratic part at the end is the reason why my neighbors knew I was watching a sporting event. 

I don't really know what to say that hasn't already been said, and I don't know where to start.  All I know is that it was amazing, and horrifying, and awesome, and I wish I had been there.  So I guess I'll just start at the beginning.

Buckle in kids, this is going to be a long ride (warning some NSFW language).

Pregame 51%

Maybe? I don't know.  Home field, under the lights, Brady Hoke's Magical Golden Poop. So what if they got higher rated recruits and have had an extra year of experience in that system. We got Denard and Mattison, so the defense CAN'T POSSIBLY be as bad as last year. With so many unknowns, it might as well be a coin toss, but vegas favored ND.  Vegas is almost always wrong in this series. 


1st Quarter

13:02 49%

Three and out on the opening drive, no reason to panic yet.

Desmond Morgan didn't look very good early.  He started the game with 2 missed tackles in 2 plays

10:25 50%
A fumbled snap! Maybe they still have ball handling problems. (heh, heh, "ball handling")
9:05 45% 
Riddick TD.  That looked a lot like last week.  But it's still early, no big deal.
7:35 40%
Another 3 and out.  Ummmmm.... Borges?
At least Mike Martin is still playing well.  
He beats his man to play and just out muscles the ND center. 
Roh is also there in good outside shoulder technique to prevent Gray from bouncing outside.  I know Roh has gotten a little lost in the shuffle, but he's still got lots of upside.

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