OT: Hoke to wear headset this weekend

OT: Hoke to wear headset this weekend

Submitted by taistreetsmyhero on November 15th, 2017 at 7:42 PM

ESPN: Vols' interim coach Brady Hoke to wear headset in change from Michigan routine.

Glad we don't have to worry ourselves with this inane issue any longer. But, it is fun to laugh about it from afar. Rooting for him and the inevitable hilarity in the Hoke vs. Cajun Hoke clash this weekend.

*Clapping intensifies*

What is the Secret Sauce?

What is the Secret Sauce?

Submitted by leftrare on December 27th, 2014 at 11:07 PM
What is it that only a few coaches, like Harbaugh, Saban, Carroll, Meyer and dare I say Dantonio, have that an otherwise swell guy like Brady Hoke doesn't? How does Harbaugh take moribund programs like USD, Stanford and the 49ers to championships, and so many others just can't? I will hang up now and check in the morning.

Hackett Talks the Talk

Hackett Talks the Talk

Submitted by MayOhioEatTurds on December 2nd, 2014 at 4:48 PM

Mr. Hackett deserves credit for talking the talk:

"I wanted to make sure that Brady received adequate time to exhibit the results that would come from his effort and I believe that Brady and our coaching staff had enough time to produce those results and unfortunately they are not there.  In the end, I feel that moving in a different direction is the right decision.  I wish Brady and his family all the best in the future."


All that remains to be seen is whether Mr. Hackett can walk the walk--which Mr. Hackett has lucidly defined as having a football coach who can "produce . . . results." 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, Mr. Hackett. 


CC or not CC: Breaking down the process

CC or not CC: Breaking down the process

Submitted by 1464 on December 1st, 2014 at 2:01 PM

I've seen this point touched on, but I haven't seen a topic posted.

There is one large flaw that exists with all the rhetoric flying around on this site about dumping Hoke immediately.  Everybody seems to be rallying around the fact that Hoke needs to be gone yesterday, but I'd like to step back and consider the process involved.

Dumping Hoke would be good, yes?  But what is the single thing that would be more harmful than retaining Hoke for one more year?  A coaching search that ends with us somehow hiring John L. Smith as our new HC?

Granted, I may have exaggerated a bit with that.  But why dump Hoke until we have solid information that we can trade up?  What if we fire Hoke today, only to find out that Harbaugh(s), Miles, Mullen, Petersen, et al. do not want to come here?  Then what?  Then we get Schiano'd.

The point I am trying to make, and maybe not as cohesively as I'd like, is that you are crazy if you think the AD is not reaching out to find in-roads with candidates.  If we get very bad news on that front (which honestly would not surprise me), then we keep Hoke another year and face those consequences.


I'll take one more year of a slow and painful death by clock mismanagement over hiring Jerry Kill and finding out that Kill was a bad choice.  Four years later and the carousel has made another revolution and we wonder why in the hell we are hiring guys with marginally good records at Minnesota.

Firing Hoke before lining up a replacement could doom us.  I'm not suggesting Hoke is a viable option AT ALL, just that if we miss on the big names this year, Hoke could function as a quasi-interim HC.  Again, that is not an ideal situation, but neither is hiring Lane Kiffin.


TLDR synopsis:

The coaching situation is not black and white.  Better to keep Hoke around until they line up a suitable replacement.  We CANNOT screw up another hire.  Not all coaches have Michigan as their dream job.  If our list of 1A, 1B, 1C type coaches are not available, it is better to keep Hoke and make a new list of 1A, 1B, and 1C coaches for next year...

Hoke Post-game presser

Hoke Post-game presser

Submitted by MgoBlueprint on November 22nd, 2014 at 7:31 PM

This is the most distant and detached Hoke has been during his tenure in A2, maybe its because hes now fully aware that "he gone".

What the most struck me as especially odd during the press conference was when someone asked him about Delano Hill. Hoke just gave an awkward series of "yes" and "no's" to the questions about Delano. I think the reporter asked if he was injured or hurt a few different ways. Hoke repeatedly responded with "yes" and "now" before giving way to an awkward smile that keeping from saying something that he may have wanted to. 

It was just weird. Did anyone else notice that?

Coach Hoke Releases Statement on Frank Clark Arrest

Coach Hoke Releases Statement on Frank Clark Arrest

Submitted by Sports on November 16th, 2014 at 6:58 PM

S/O to Maizenbrew for the report. Hoke has not yet spoken with Clark and will do so "at the appropriate time", presumably when he's out of jail. Assuming that this is it for his time in the program. Link below.


Dare I ponder the impossible...winning out?

Dare I ponder the impossible...winning out?

Submitted by readyourguard on November 3rd, 2014 at 9:36 AM

To celebrate Coach Hoke's birthday, I'd like to ponder the most homerish, positive outlook for the remainder of the season.

What if we won out, including a bowl game?  I realize it's pie in the sky and I'm punch drunk from watching a Michigan running back actually, you know....RUN.  But what if we found the missing piece with Drake, other players got healthy, and we built on Saturday's game to take a 3 game win streak into the Shoe?

What if the unthinkable happened and we beat Oiho St, won our bowl game, and finished 8-5?

Does Hoke & staff come back in 2015?

EDIT: Because there seems to be some confusion, the question is IF we win out.  Consider it a hypothetical, if you will.

Who's the Problem? A Fanbase Perspective

Who's the Problem? A Fanbase Perspective

Submitted by Noleverine on October 28th, 2014 at 10:29 PM

I decided to move this to diaries since I put a little bit of work into it and it was already buried on the sidebar by the time I updated with results.. This is based on a survey a number of board members filled out earlier today.

I’d like to preface this with a warning: this is not intended to divide the fan base or claim that alums have more of a right to cheer for the team than anyone else. I simply had a hypothesis and decided to test it. I did not perform statistical analysis to determine validity. Obvious caveats of sample size, measurement technique, sampling procedures, etc. apply, but here it is:

My hypothesis was that those officially connected to the University (alums, employees, etc) would be more concerned with long-term damage to the program (and greater University as a whole) more than win/loss record, and thus would consider ousting Brandon the more pressing issue.

Caveats: (1) For people who indicated both Hoke and Brandon in their responses, I counted one towards each. Obviously this isn’t the best way to do it, but it was easier on me, so deal with it. (2)Also, I collapsed alums and employees together. For the sake of testing my hypothesis, they are effectively the same.

First, some demographics: 62% of respondents were associated with the University (student/alumnus, employee, etc.). 38% had no association to the University.

Of those associated with the University, 24% placed the majority of blame on Hoke. 86% placed the majority of the blame on Brandon (see caveat (1)). 3% said Hoke should be fired first, while almost 100% (see caveat (1)) said Brandon should be dealt with first.

Now for the fans: 43% said Hoke is to blame, and 56% said Brandon is primarily at fault. 18% said Hoke should be fired first, while 82% said Brandon should be fired first.

All caveats applying, it seems like my hypothesis was, to some extent, supported. It seems like those associated with the University harbor more ill-will towards the AD than the fanbase as a whole, while the fanbase is more willing to consider Hoke the problem, placing less blame on Brandon.


Take from it what you will, but I thought it was an interesting idea to look at. Just take it with a grain of salt.

Who's the Problem? A Fanbase Perspective

Who's the Problem? A Fanbase Perspective

Submitted by Noleverine on October 28th, 2014 at 7:17 PM

Update 2: It is done! See the results in the diary.


Update: Holy crap. I totally underestimated the number of responses here. I love this site. There are already 435, and I can only see the first 100. Obviously this limits the validity of my findings, but as I said earlier, this isn't reallym science. I'm going to take some time to review them and will update once I do.


Reading through the abundance of content today, I found myself noticing some patterns, and I wanted to see if they bore out as I expect. I won't go into it here as not to bias the results. I'd appreciate taking the 30 seconds to complete the survey.

Nothing groundbreaking here, and this survey will do absolutely no good other than to sate my own curiosity. It may provide some interesting perspective on the divisions in the fanbase, or could end up showing nothing. This is the life of a researcher. 

Seeing as this is an internet survey on a sports message board, with a limited number of allowed responses obviously limits the generalizability of the results. I am a researcher by day, so I understand the shortcomings here. As was said in the title, this is very unscientific. (Obvious sampling bias, etc.).


Without further ado, here is the survey. I will update with results once the maximum number of responses have been recorded.