This Month in MGoBlog History: August 2008 - Here Goes Nothing

This Month in MGoBlog History: August 2008 - Here Goes Nothing

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July 2008

August 1 - Friday

Unverified Voracity, Sponsored by the Letter H. The football team is ranked 24th in the preseason coaches’ poll. Probably means 8-4...seems about right.

Hello Mike Jones.

This Month in MGoBlog History: June 2008 - The End of the Blogspot Era

This Month in MGoBlog History: June 2008 - The End of the Blogspot Era

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May 2008

June 2 - Monday

A very short and unremarkable Recruiting Board update. An article added on OH OL Marcus Hall.

The baseball team had a very successful season, but they were eliminated this past weekend.

June 3 - Tuesday

This Month in MGoBlog History - May 2008: Let's Give #1 to a CB

This Month in MGoBlog History - May 2008: Let's Give #1 to a CB

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April 2008

May 1 - Thursday

Brian realizes that he was premature in announcing that MN WR Bryce McNeal had committed. He likely will soon though.

Yep, looks like McNeal is in based on his Myspace page.

May 2 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Seeks Novelty. There’s a picture of the $290,000 personal check that Beilein wrote to WVU for his buyout. Also, he is in on a CA PG named Darius Morris.

Mailbag: How do Rodriguez’s recruits compare to those at WVU? And will ‘M’ produce as much pro talent and if not will that hurt the brand? Will there ever be a playoff and wouldn’t it diminish the regular season?  

May 5 - Monday

Recruiting update. VA RB David Wilson’s recruitment is heating up. ‘M’ is in on him, but VA Tech seems likely.

Good news from the OHL draft as both Jon Merrill and Jared Knight were both picked on what appear to be flier picks.

Ekpe Udoh is transferring.

May 6 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Thinks He’s Younger than Hannah Montana. The 2010 hockey class is shaping up nicely. The basketball team now has the funding for a practice facility.

APR numbers are out. Football is down slightly, but basketball is in a dangerous place.

May 7 - Wednesday

Charlie Weis doesn’t like excuses, but all he does is make them.

Unverified Voracity Drop its H. Uh oh, Rodriguez has given #1 to JT Floyd, and Braylon isn’t happy. In hindsight, this sounds more like sarcasm, but apparently not in 2008.

Edwards, poised to be one of the dominant NFL receivers of the next ten years, is going to be a resource both financial and otherwise no matter what happens here. But there's no reason to annoy him, or annoy fans who like a tradition that dates back 30 years (Tyrone Butterfield excepted), or remove whatever small recruiting juju exists when you dangle the 1 in front of a kid who knows what it means.


May 8 - Thursday

Rodriguez has been touring as many alumni club meetings as he can, and attendee reports are gathered here.  

I asked him what the strongest position group on the team is so far; I was hoping he'd reply "defensive line" or "tailback" because that'd at least confirm my hope that U-M will be kickass at something this year. He leaned back and scratched his chin and told me he'd not thought about it like that, but he'd have to say: linebackers. I was a little surprised. My girlfriend told him that I'd been expecting he'd say "defensive line." He said, "Yeah, but your boyfriend's not thinking about some of those freshmen we have coming in." How to take that? I don't know. Either the whole team blows worse than I'd feared or he's extremely impressed with that handful of four-stars he and Lloyd scored.

May 9 - Friday

A long post explaining and refuting various playoff criticisms.

May 12 - Monday

Recruiting Update. Things seemed done at QB with Newsome and Beaver; however, there are persistent rumors that Tate Forcier will still commit. Rumors almost as persistent as Brian calling him Jason. Also, Keith Nichol is transferring from Oklahoma and might end of up ‘M’ too.

May 13 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Remembers Wolverine Great Chris Carter. In other Michigan prep star coming home news, SG Laval Lucas-Perry is transferring from Arizona and will join the basketball program in January 2009.

May 14 - Wednesday

Banner contest time! Unfortunately, last year’s winner only lasted a few days before the Horror. The nice thing is that the post includes a screen shot of pink MGoBlog in those early days of September.

The NCAA tries to fix APR. Fails.

EDSBS Charity Bowl. I think it’s the first. Michigan leads so far.

Brian is going to be out of town for a few days. Light posting ahead.

May 15 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity Defeats Tornados and wins the charity bowl.

Orson's moral is "never get in a fundraising war with Michigan"; mine is "I really should be asking for more donations."

May 16 - Friday

No content; Brian is in New York.

May 19 - Monday

Recruiting Update. Bryce McNeal is officially committed. IL OL Michael Schofield added to the board.  

Unverified Voracity Attends Other Sports because they’re all (Baseball, Softball, Men’s Track and Field, and Men’s Tennis) doing very well. Also, Braylon won the battle of the #1.

May 20 - Tuesday

UFR WVU Offense vs. Rutgers.

May 21 - Wednesday

Mailbag. Is Michigan now a hot destination for recruits? Is OSU hotter? CMU has trouble retaining players, and how many possessions will the offense use to put up all the points they will score?

May 22 - Thursday

The All-Carr Team: Offense. This is fun look back, but here is just the first team:

QB - Drew Henson (2000)

WR - Braylon Edwards (2004)

WR - David Terrell (2000)

RB - Tshimunga Biakabutuka (1995)

FB - Chris Floyd (1997)

TE - Bennie Joppru (2002)

LT - Jake Long (2007)

LG - Steve Hutchinson (2000)

C - Rod Payne (1996)

RG - David Baas (2003)

RT - Jon Runyan (1995)

May 23 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Lists Insultees. Brian lists them all, but Cris Carter isn’t one of them.

May 26 - Monday

Memorial Day. No posting.

May 27 - Tuesday

The All-Carr Team: Defense.

DE - Lamarr Woodley (2006)

DE - Glen Steele (1997)

DT - Alan Branch (2006)

DT - Jason Horn (1995)

LB - David Harris (2006)

LB - Larry Foote (2001)

LB - Victor Hobson (2002)

CB - Charles Woodson (1997)

CB - Leon Hall (2006)

S - Marcus Ray (1997)

S - Jamar Adams (2007)

May 28 - Wednesday

Recruiting Update. FL LB Brandin Hawthorne added to the board. Keith Nichol is headed to MSU.

Unverified Voracity Seeks Help because MGoBlog 3.0 is coming soon!

After a few days pounding away at MGoBlog 3.0, my initial reaction is: this is going to be so cool if I don't go insane and do something rash like challenge Charlie Weis to deep-fried-butter-eating contest or try to dunk on Jason Maxiell. If you've got mad Drupal chops and can answer questions like "Images: wtf?" and "WYSIWIG editors: wtf?" and "am I going to kill performance by enabling like 600 modules, wtf?" please drop me a line.

May 29 - Thursday

Brian needs to get some things off his chest regarding sports blogs. His grievances are:

  1. Creepily Stalking Hotties

  2. Erin Andrews (this is specific to the first)

  3. Picks Column

  4. “Blank Nation”

  5. Countdown Posts

May 30 - Friday

So the baseball team is in the NCAA tournament. They are a #2 but actually hosting their regional. They are joined by Arizona, Kentucky, and EMU.

May 31 - Saturday

Baseball regional open thread. ‘M’ lost to Arizona and will play Kentucky in the elimination game.

This Month in MGoBlog History - April 2008: No Spring Game at the Big House! Hockey loses to ND in the Frozen Four!

This Month in MGoBlog History - April 2008: No Spring Game at the Big House! Hockey loses to ND in the Frozen Four!

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March 2008

April 1 - Tuesday

The first hello post after a flurry of commits at the end of March. Hello Teric Jones.

Hello Isaiah Bell.

April 2 - Wednesday

Unverifie--YEEAAAAAGH HORRIBLE BOR-INFANT because of a great Boren-head-on-baby photoshop effort. Also, some spring football news with LBs John Thompson, Obi Ezeh, and Marell Evans getting good reviews.

April 3 - Thursday

Hello Justin Turner.

While Isaiah Bell and Teric Jones are "under the radar" "sleepers" at this point in time, Justin Turner is "wicked sweet" and "maybe the best prospect in Ohio." He's currently #42 in the Rivals 100, and #137 at Scout.

April 4 - Friday

Unverified Voracity is Like a Free Ride. Football spring practice is way more open than it used to be. Also, it turns out the Ann Arbor News was less than ethical in its reporting on academics and ‘M’ student-athletes.

April 7 - Monday

Brian copies an EDSBS feature with Stuff Green and White People Like, including “talking about how hot the chicks are.”

Even the women will do this. It does not matter that this fan, grad, or provost might, say, be a 180 pound 5'2" woman, or, more commonly, a moderately in-shape girl with a blond dye job and a face Sarah Jessica Parker would find unpleasantly equine.

April 8 - Tuesday

Recruiting update with a  brief run down on each position group. MN WR Bryce McNeal is a possibility to commit soon. NJ DE Anthony LaLota, OH RB Fitzgerald Toussaint, and AZ DE Craig Roh have been added to the board.

Brian is heading to Denver for the Frozen Four, so he gives a programming update.

April 9 - Wednesday

UV. Mario Manningham has sent a letter to NFL teams to admit that he has used marijuana but is no longer.

April 10 - Thursday

Brian is in Denver.

Mailbag. Will ‘M’ football have a night game? Which is better, Rivals or Scout?

I must confess to having considerably less experience with Scout than one might expect. I was briefly a subscriber there but let it lapse. (Subscribing to two separate recruiting websites is a bridge too far even for me.) Also, I've never gotten either site's magazine. I've leafed through a copy of The Wolverine or two and it seemed fine for something on "paper" or whatever you call it. From what I've gathered, Scout's mag is weak sauce that only exists so the U can't turn them down for press credentials and the like.

Scout and Rivals are extremely different sites. The Wolverine is amongst the most professional recruiting sites out there. Go Blue Wolverine is a cult. This isn't all bad for GBW, since the cult is based around Tom Beaver, the chief koolaid purveyor* in all of Wolverine land. Name a personality disorder and Beaver probably has it: megalomania, workaholism, ellipses fetishization, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Slightly over half of these are very annoying; the other half are useful.

April 14 - Monday

Game column for Michigan’s loss to Notre Dame in the Frozen Four. It’s a very poignant piece, as Brian relates his observations of Billy Sauer’s mother.

April 15 - Tuesday

A look ahead at the 2009 hockey team with possible departures, incoming freshmen, and wild stabs at line combinations.

April 16 - Wednesday

A recap of various observers from the spring game, including Craig Ross. The QBs look awful, and the Offensive Line wasn’t far behind.

Justin Boren is a communist. Past that, the threat level here is pink or orange or whatever is equivalent to "the nukes are on their way." Virtually every observer has called the offensive line a Sauer -- zing -- this spring, and when Rodriguez made the quarterbacks live for a brief period Threet was immediately knocked out with a minor injury.

April 17 - Thursday

Unverified WHAT? Voracity YEAH. Tressel is back to bringing up “gentlemen’s agreements” within the Big 10. Now Rodriguez is being asked about it again, and Brian thinks this type of journalism is terrible.

April 18 - Friday

D Mark Mitera might make the jump to the NHL. Sources seem to be split.

Hello Fitzgerald Toussaint.

Mitera is staying and has been named the captain for the ‘09 team.

April 21 - Monday

Unverified Voracity Does Unusual Things at Cedar Point. Spring hype at WVU means being excited that your team is going to throw more and how much better the offense is going to be.

Hey! They're just like us. Except their team finished 50th, 5th and15th in total offense the past two years while Michigan was 55th, 38th and 68th. It's surreal to see these guys complaining about "DickFraud" (LOL!!1!) like he's Mike Debord.

Apparently EDSBS posted a picture of Mark Mangino’s for sale house and got in trouble?

April 22 - Tuesday

Wizard Hat and Snake Oil memes are dead. Roy Roundtree says switching his commitment was his choice.

Recruiting update. Fun names added: FL QB Eugene Smith, FL RB Vincent Smith, and TX QB Shavodrick Beaver. QB Kevin Newsome seems close to committing (if hints from his Myspace page are to be believed).

April 23 - Wednesday

Jake Long was the first overall pick in the NFL draft. Brian takes the occasion to run down recent ‘M’ OLs, and try to figure out why that position group got really bad around 2001/2002. Andy Moeller maybe?

Unverified Voracity Desperately Seeking RBUAS. It sounds like Newsome is likely committed, and Tate Forcier is talking to him on Myspace about going to ‘M’ together.

April 24 - Thursday

Football recruit and Mose Schrute look alike Andrew Russell challenges J Lehman for best CFB head shot.

Hello Kevin Newsome.

April 25 - Friday

Saginaw native and St. Johns’ basketball player Larry Wright is transferring to be closer to family and ‘M’ seems like a fit. Looks like he ended up at OU.

April 28 - Monday

Unverified Voracity and Stuff. Bill Belicheck weighs in on Pierre Woods and proverbially scratches his head about the lack of playing time in Woods’ senior year.

April 29 - Tuesday

Recruiting update. All signs pointing to ‘M’ taking a second QB. Candidates are Shavodrick Beaver, Tate Forcier, and Geno Smith. Also TX WR Josh Gordon says he will commit to ‘M’ if he gets an offer.

Hello Shavodrick Beaver.

April 30 - Wednesday

Informative part of the Beaver commit. Rodriguez has two athletic QBs to build his future on.


This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2008: Pryor isn't coming, Boren has left, and some academic fraud allegations sprinkled in

This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2008: Pryor isn't coming, Boren has left, and some academic fraud allegations sprinkled in

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February 2008

March 3 - Monday

CFB Blogger Awards: Best Post - Analysis

Brian was off for awhile at the end of February, so he gives a recap of what’s been happening. The hockey team has scuffled a bit at the end of their season. The basketball team has had an inglorious end to their inglorious season.

CFB Blogger Awards: Best Analysis

March 4 - Tuesday

CFB Blogger Awards: Best Big 10 Blog

Hockey bracketology post. ‘M’ should be the number two overall team, but things are “jittery”.

CFB Blogger Awards: Best non-BCS Blog

March 5 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity, Terrified of Pasties. Rumors abound about some athletic/academic problems that are about to break. The rumors are:

  • A sizable number of UM athletes have been taking spring and summer term independent study courses in kinesiology and sociology under a few specific professors.


  • In the late 80s and early 90s, Michigan bent its admissions standards for athletes(!).


March 6 - Thursday


Depth chart by class.


March 7 - Friday


Unverified Voracity has Daddy Issues. Actually Terrelle Pryor has daddy issues, but otherwise his recruitment has been very quiet. He has offered some optimism by floating a possible visit but that doesn’t seem likely.


March 10 - Monday

Weekend recap. Hockey had a bye in the first weekend of the CCHA tournament, and their situation hasn’t changed much. The basketball team is struggling, and they haven’t shown much improvement throughout the year. However, Hello Zack Novak!


Unverified Voracity Snaps Depression-Era Necks. Rumors that the Comcast/BTN standoff has ended and the year old network will now be seen on many more TVs. Also, lots more about Novak.


March 11 - Tuesday


Mailbag covering how the change in offensive philosophy will affect in-state recruiting, the success of the women’s gymnastic team, and some reminiscing about the 1959 ‘M’ vs. OSU game.


Unverified Voracity is #2 because Michigan Stadium is going to be the second biggest in the country, due to university settling a lawsuit to create more handicap access seating. I’m only beginning to remember how bad 2008 was…


Also, this is an interesting note regarding the current state of basketball recruiting at Michigan:


  • Michigan is still scared to death of the Ed Martin thing from ten years ago and is running a program so squeaky-clean they've basically written themselves out of every high profile basketball recruit ever. All you need to know about Michigan's paranoia is this: Tommy Amaker was hired by Harvard and immediately ratcheted up the skeeziness.


March 12 - Wednesday


2008 Recruiting Grades. RB, WR, and TE all get an A, but QB and DL (no DEs taken) get an F.


March 13 - Thursday


Five guys who are going to be glad that Rich Rodriguez came:


5. Corey Zirbel

4. Avery Horn

3. Marcus Witherspoon

2. The DL (because Gittleson was having them eat Pizza as a condition program)

1. Sam McGuffie


Also, Brian anticipates the scourge that is clickbait:


Lists are one of the hackiest forms of writing anything, but I, too, succumb to the occasional bout of offseason glazomania.


Unverified Voracity Says Stop Breaking Bones. Matt Rust has suffered a serious injury in an on ice collision. This adds to the already injured Chad Kolarik and Scooter Vaughn.


March 14 - Friday


Five guys who are going to dislike them some Rich Rodriguez:


5. Vince Helmuth and Mark Moundros (i.e. Fullbacks)

5. The DL (because they’re going to be doing something other than eating piazza)

4. Darryl Stonum

3. Mike Massey

2. Brandon Minor

1. Ryan Mallett


Hockey playoffs are starting, and Brian tries to figure out how good Manny Harris really is.


March 16 - Sunday


The potential athletic scandal previously rumored has broken, and it is indeed lots of independent studies for athletes. MLive article.


March 17 - Monday


Brian posts a number of data points related to the independent study issue. He doesn’t seem to know what to make of it at this point.


He goes back and interrupts the data, basically concluding that he is ok with the academic helps for athletes, but especially thinks that the athletes should be able to major in their sports.


Repost of a critical piece on Harbaugh from last summer, regarding academics at ‘M’.  


Hockey update. Things are still murky regarding the NCAA tournament. They play NMU on Friday in the CCHA semi-finals.


March 18 - Tuesday


Unverified Voracity Talks About Other Things. Lots of excitement about how former WVU players (like Steve Slaton) are traveling to Michigan to work with Barwis. This did not happen with former ‘M’ players in the past.


March 19 - Wednesday


Mailbag with lots of academic discussions, and Brian defending his views.


Pryor signs with OSU.


March 20 - Thursday


Unverified Voracity is Relatively Unsurprised by Cage Fighting. Barwis was 36-0 as a cage fighter.


March 21 - Friday


2009 Recruiting Board. Lots of fun names here.


2009 Recruiting Overview. There’s a slight concern that there are no QBs yet, but there are options.


Who's left? Lots of kids, most prominently CA QB Tate Forcier and VA QB Kevin Newsome. Both are top-100 types who have spoken favorably about Michigan. Tate, of course, is Jason's little brother and is supposed to be the best of the flingin' Forcier clan (the middle brother is entering his freshman year at UCLA). Newsome showed very well at the Army All-American game. Both maintain they're open to anyone at this point. Forcier seems really interested in Penn State as well, which means 1) distance is not a factor and 2) wooo recruiting against Jay Paterno. Newsome is reportedly looking at VT hard.


Also, Jay Hopson’s influence has been immediate with lots of Mississippi offers.


March 22 - Saturday


A few, final hockey seeding notes and projections. ‘M’ can’t be worse than second overall.


March 24 - Monday


The hockey team got a very favorable draw. They play Niagara and then the winner of St. Cloud/Clarkson.


A note on hockey tickets.


A closer look at common opponents for St. Cloud and Clarkson.


March 25 - Tuesday


Unverified Voracity Fears Biff. Lots of rumors that two O-Linemen might be leaving the program. Nothing concrete yet, but Justin Boren has been mentioned as a possibility.


ESPN has rights to the hockey tournament, and this year there will be very few syndicated games. If you don’t have ESPNU, too bad.


Confirmed, Boren is gone.


March 26 - Wednesday


Mailbag covers the process of selecting tournament teams, just what Boren’s departure means, tickets for Dearborn and Flint students, and a look back at a regional game at Yost in 2002.


March 27 - Thursday


Brian tries to figure out who is responsible for West Virginia being so good this season.


West Virginia is currently in the Sweet Sixteen. Michigan would not have made the Sweet Sixteen in a seventeen team tournament that featured M versus

  1. Northwestern

  2. the 0-29 New Jersey Institute of Technology

  3. the Glendale School for Headless Boys

  4. Courtney Sims International Toughness Academy

  5. Five Separate Mounds of Animal Crackers Ranging from Six-Two to Seven-Foot-Even

  6. Mary Kate Olsen

  7. Feral Chicken State University

  8. the Armenian National Team

  9. Strippers Killed By Kwame Kilpatrick

  10. Superintelligent Mutated Algae

  11. Team Oompa-Loompa

  12. Nihilists

  13. Bill Simmons, his dad, his infant child, "J-Bug," and "House"

  14. the Knicks

  15. Avery Queen, Maurice Searight, Josh Moore, Gavin Groninger, and Jerrett Smith, aaaaand

  16. Duke.

One team is coached by John Beilein. Correction: John Beilein looks at one team with a visage of perfect exasperation and incredulity. It was recruited and assembled by Tommy Amaker. The other team was recruited and assembled by John Beilein. It is coached by Bob Huggins.

The question for beleaguered Michigan basketball fans: how much of West Virginia's current success can John Beilein take credit for? The answer is somewhere between "all" and "none."

March 28 - Friday


More Boren updates and analysis.


It sucks that Boren hated the new staff so much he wanted to transfer, and that's his prerogative. A multi-day campaign of offense against the University when the only statement it issued on the matter was a factual "Boren has left the program" is grounds for excommunication. Stone the witches!


Preview of the hockey game against Niagara.


March 29 - Saturday


Lots of good news. The hockey team beat Niagara! Top 50 OH DB Justin Turner has committed! Also, MI RB Teric Jones!


March 31 - Monday


Michigan ended up winning both games during the weekend. 5-1 against Niagara, and 2-0 against Clarkson. Game column.


Boren says the football team lacks family values, and then not only do Turner and Jones commit, but also OH S Isaiah Bell.













This Month in MGoBlog History - February 2008: Snake Oil For Sale

This Month in MGoBlog History - February 2008: Snake Oil For Sale

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January 2008

February 1 - Friday

The basketball team is regressing. Brian gives a few observations from half of a particularly rough outing against Minnesota.

February 3 - Sunday

Sunday Recruitin’. Hey, Trotwood Madison might yield some great recruiting results.

February 4 - Monday

Unverified Voracity, Now with Really Long Categories and a youtube link of a Big House tour with Bo.

Monday Recruitin’ says FL QB Justin Feagin and TX WR Terrance Robinson are committed. Also, Terrelle Pryor is now likely to announce on signing day, probably.

February 5 - Tuesday

The Leopold Brothers are leaving Ann Arbor.

Tuesday Recruitin’ with lots of Pryor talk. Where will he go, when will he announce, etc. Also, Roy Roundtree has been removed from the board.

CFB Blogging award nominees.

Yep, Pryor will sign tomorrow.

Hello Patrick Omameh.

A few sources popping up that are saying Pryor will commit to Michigan. Including an OSU fan who sat next to Jerome Bettis on a plane who was in turn with Charlie Batch the night before. Sounds legit.

February 6 - Wednesday

Signing Day is here! And what a haul: FL OL Ricky Barnum, OH WR Roy Roundtree, and FL RB Michael Shaw. Also, Pryor’s commitment is off again. No word on when it will happen.

Allegedly, Pryor is leading toward Penn St.

What? Seriously? I mean... we all understand that the surest way to murder your prospects for the NFL is to get "coached" by Jay Paterno, right?

I think we're out, bizarrely. At this point Penn State is a much better option for Michigan fans, as PSU's class outside of Pryor is pretty crappy everywhere except linebacker, especially if this Shaw switch is legit (upon which more later). If there's any school in the country guaranteed to staple Pryor's butt to the bench for two years and then concoct an offensive scheme that minimizes his talents, it's Penn State.

Nick Perry has committed to USC.

Despite some wavering earlier, Shaw is for sure in. However, now there is panic over McGuffie who has not yet sent in his LOI.

Signing day recap. Rodriguez did a good job in just filling the class with anyone, let alone getting a number of highly rated, potential contributors. This is reflected in how the overall ranking was maintained throughout the coaching transition. There are concerns though that there is only one DL and three DBs.

Rodriguez presser notes. Still waiting on 1 to 3 players: Pryor, McGuffie, and Demens. But the post is updated that Demens LOI is in.

February 7 - Thursday

McGuffie LOI is in!

Is there a German word like schadenfreude that means making fun of someone else's future but it actually turns out just fine for them and then you want to forget you ever said anything in the first place? Cause that’s what happens when you write a post about how Michigan State brought in a terrible recruiting class and they’re claiming they’re going to play in the Rose Bowl and isn’t that just ridiculous? No? Ok, let’s move on.

February 8 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Takes Nine Steps, Then Shoots. Joe Tiller is not happy with Rodriguez for violating a “gentlemen’s agreement” about poaching recruits from other Big Ten programs. Brian shreds this idea. Also, FL WR Martavious Odoms still hasn’t signed and could yet join Michigan’s class.

More shredding of the gentlemen’s agreement idea. Almost every coach in the Big Ten has poached players from within the conference.

February 9 - Saturday

#1 ‘M’ hockey is in the midst of a weekend series with #2 Miami. They won the first game. A second win would really strengthen their position for the rest of the season.

February 10 - Sunday

Hello Martavious Odoms.

February 11 - Monday

The Stupidity of Hope. Boy if that doesn’t sum up the last decade. This very long post deals with Pryor and parses the various rumors and statements from the last few days.

Unverified Voracity Ducks. Lots more about snake oil and refuting arguments about Rodriguez’s dishonorable tactics. Apparently, Tiller was trying to take one of Brady Hoke’s Ball St. commits on the morning of signing day.

February 12 - Tuesday

Recruiting review of QBs and RBs. Here are  the fun YMRMFSPAs:

QB Justin Feagin : Pat White

RB Sam McGuffie : Noel Devine

RB Mike Cox : Mister Simpson

RB Michael Shaw : Antonio Pittman (although everyone expects Shaw to play WR)

February 13 - Wednesday

Recruiting review of TEs.

Brandon Moore : Mario Urrutia

Kevin Koger : Carson Butler, minus the attitude

February 14 - Thursday

Recruiting review WRs.

Darryl Stonum : Mario Manningham

Terrance Robinson : Steve Breaston

Martavious Odoms : Devin Hester

Roy Roundtree : Jason Avant, on a starvation diet

February 15 - Friday

Hockey recap of last weekend’s series with Miami and the upcoming games against a very bad LSSU team.

Brian wrote a piece for Fanhouse criticizing Alabama’s oversigning practices. This made a lot of Alabama fans mad. He responds to them here.

Unverified Voracity BEHDL DEH TOOTH. Rodriguez shocked many by holding an open, undergrad try out. Some interesting tidbits were shared.

What I can vouch for is that Barwis is amazing. His presence is absolutely terrifying, he's so incredibly motivating that even in the brief time I was there I would have done absolutely any drill he made me do as hard as I could. He's a very, very special coach - you want to do exactly as he says because you're so very sure that it'll make you better. During the suicides that we did at the end, he singled me out because I was lagging and screamed at me; I've never willed my body to go faster ever in my life. Awesome.

February 18 - Monday

The basketball team has won three straight, and there is mild excitement for the program. So much so that the court was rushed after a win against a mediocre OSU team.  

Unverified Voracity Briefly. Pryor is looking more and more like a OSU vs. PSU battle.

More back and forth with Alabama fans about oversigning.

February 19 - Tuesday

Another hockey recap. ‘M’ is now up five points on Miami in the CCHA. More importantly:

PWR Breakdown

Hokay. It's like this. By virtue of Michigan's performance to date they have locked up a tournament bid and will be no worse than a two seed no matter what happens from here on out. Michigan could go 0-6 the rest of the way and be a two seed.

Recruiting review OL:

Dann O’Neill : Jake Long

Kurt Wermers : Matt Lentz?

Elliott Mealer : Matt Stenavich?

Rocko Khoury : “uh, that other un-touted guard person”

Ricky Barnum : Rod Payne?

Patrick Omameh : ????

February 20 - Wednesday

Recruiting review DBs:

Boubacar Cissoko : Chris Houston

JT Floyd : Charles Stewart

Brandon Smith : Jamar Adams

February 21 - Thursday

Mailbag. Lots of smoke about bad news coming from the athletic department. Maybe something along the lines of players being funnelled into easy classes.

Unverified Voracity was Going to Wonder about the Sky but it’s Obviously Green. Varsity Blue looks at Rodriguez’s ‘99 Clemson team to try to determine how a big, slow, white QB (ie Threet) will perform.

February 22 - Friday

Brian is heading to NYC for a rest. Posting will be sporadic for awhile.

February 25 - Monday

Recruiting review DL and LBs:

Taylor Hill : Larry Foote

Marcus Witherspoon : Shawn Crable

JB Fitzgerald : Victor Hobson

Kenny Demens : Chris Graham

Mike Martin : Terrance Taylor




This Month in MGoBlog History - January 2008: Terrelle Pryor, Come on Down

This Month in MGoBlog History - January 2008: Terrelle Pryor, Come on Down

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December 2007

January 1 - Tuesday

Michigan beats Florida 41-35 in the Citrus Bowl. Wolverine Historian highlights part 1. Part 2.

Brian is surprised by the outcome, but happy.  

January 2 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity is Just a Bunch of Video Embeds. Lots of Citrus Bowl videos. Also a UFR will be coming since ‘M’ was basically in a passing spread.

A roundup of numerous rumors regarding current commits, class size, possible transfers, and the coaching staff. The position of DC is still open, and Jeff Casteel is a strong possibility. Brian refutes the idea that the 3-3-5 wouldn’t work in the Big 10.

January 3 - Thursday

Reports that Mallett is transferring. However, this means that Terrelle Pryor will likely come to ‘M’.

Florida Game Column...also covering WVU beating Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

Rich Rodriguez put that team together, and though he was absent the framework of that team's offense and defense were his responsibility. That team's offensive and defensive coordinators will be Michigan's offensive and defensive coordinators. That team's recruiting coordinator will be Michigan's recruiting coordinator. And that team was a national-championship-caliber one cobbled together from quarterbacks LSU wanted as a wide receiver and terror-beast fullbacks from Division III schools in Wisconsin.

This might have been a good hire.

General Offseason Plan.

  • Basketball will not have a lot of effort dumped into it. They're really brutal this season and I'm just not that into college basketball. Hideous refereeing, that kiddie three-point line, and games against Northwestern are detraction enough when your team is better than the Wildcats. When it's debatable? Not so much.


January 4 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Knits. Manningham says he is coming back. Mallet is still uncertain.

Now it is sounding more and more certain that Mallett is gone. The rumors are centering on him going to UCLA.

A breakdown of the probable assistants. At this point, it looks like Casteel will probably come.

January 5 - Saturday

More on assistants. Casteel and Tony Dews are the biggest question marks. If not Casteel, Wake Forest DC Dean Hood is a possible alternative.

Unverified Voracity Says Hello, Goodbye, Hello. Hello NJ S Brandon Smith. Jeff Casteel and Tony Dews are staying at WVU. Bruce Tall is on the fence. Maybe Erik Campbell and Steve Stripling stay.

January 7 - Monday

More assistant updates. Now Dews and Tall are both coming to ‘M’. DC is still a mystery.

Manningham is 90% likely to stay.

Dews and Tall to ‘M’ is official per WVU.

January 8 - Tuesday

Jay Hopson is rumored to be the next DC.

Details to voters for the final blogpoll vote.

Rodriguez says Mallett, Arrington, and Manningham are all likely gone.

January 9 - Wednesday

Exeunt Unverified Voracity. Rodriguez confirms those departures, and Hopson is confirmed as a staff member though not necessarily DC. Also, it looks like BTN and Comcast have come to a settlement.

January 10 - Thursday

WVU is reportedly hiring Florida DB coach Doc Holliday, so maybe Casteel is still in play? Turns out not.

Recruiting Board Update. Lots of Terrelle Pryor videos, but other options will be explored.

Expect at least a couple sleeper types and possibly a JUCO or two. (I've been told that Rodriguez is talking with the admissions department about a couple of JUCO quarterbacks.) I also expect Rodriguez to pursue already-committed recruits in the Midwest corridor he picked up most of his Mountaineers in: meh dual-threat QB Dominick Britt, a Cinci commit, virtually anyone in the Pittsburgh area he thinks can help out, and IN QB Marqueis Gray, who committed to freakin' Minnesota at the AA game.

Year End Blogpoll.

Hoke for DC rumor, but not that Hoke. Maybe Jon Hoke, but this is debunked even before the end of the post.

January 11- Friday

Unverified Voracity Casts Stones. Brian says he is remiss to not mention the Mealer situation earlier. An update and address for gifts is included.

Rodriguez will be playing Score-o at the hockey game tonight.

Scott Shafer will be the next DC. He has been hired away from Jim Harbaugh at Stanford. This sounds familiar with Harbaugh’s hiring of Don Brown.

[New Stanford coach Jim] Harbaugh had never spoken to Scott Shafer when he pulled up last year's NCAA statistics on the Web. But he knew what he was looking for. Harbaugh wanted to lure a coordinator from one of the top-rated defenses.

There, at No. 11, was Harbaugh's man.

Last year, Shafer's defense at Western Michigan was ranked 11th overall, sixth against the run and first in sacks and interceptions.

Shafer says his defense will be multiple. No 3-3-5.

Press conference audio for Rodriguez and Shafer.

January 14 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’. TX WR Terrence Robinson and FL QB Justin Feagin have been added to the board.

Video of Rodriguez on the ice at the hockey game. Brian is excited about the systematic shift in the coaching staff.

Hello OH LB Taylor Hill.

January 15 - Tuesday

Goodbye Mario Manningham.

Unverified Voracity is a Little Girl because Mike Barwis is amazing.

New Rodriguez-related MGoShirts!

The first Rodriguez controversy after coming to ‘M’. He is accused of shredding lots of documents in his WVU office, including personnel files for each player.

Terrance Taylor is planning to come back. Tim Jamieson is the last possible early entry.

Raise your hopes for Terrelle Pryor. He has moved up his planned visit to this weekend.

January 16 - Wednesday

BHGP wrote a piece for comedy that attacked Rodriguez and MGoBlog, but Brian took it seriously. Lots for vitriol.

Reaction and updates to the shredding incident. Also, there might have been improper phone calls to recruits.

Brian realizes that BHGP was joking. Lots of embarrassment.

January 17 - Thursday

More shredding reaction, this time from Rodriguez.

Mailbag. Is it possible that Rodriguez’s first year will be a really bad transition year like Beilein’s first year?

Unverified Voracity Goes eeeee Again. Here is Tom Lemming’s ranking of Michigan’s recruits. Yikes…

  • #11 Sam McGuffie(!)

  • #45 Brandon Smith

  • #49 Boubacar Cissoko

  • #59 Dann O'Neill

  • #80 Daryl Stonum

  • #93 Brandon Moore

January 18 - Friday

Several links to responses from Rodriguez.

2008 Recruiting Board. The names are updated, but most of the content isn’t.

There is great controversy about why Rodriguez made 112 calls to a tiny WV town. Turns out those were calls to check his voicemail.

Brian asked those attending the basketball game to encourage Pryor, but not to forget about the other recruits.

January 19 - Saturday

Alex Mitchell and Jeremy Ciulla will not be returning.

January 21 - Monday

Now Calvin Magee is making accusations back at WVU, insinuating that he wasn’t considered for the head coaching job because of his race.

Monday Recruitin’ says that Pryor was on campus and said it was “cool”. Allegedly, he’s already made up his mind but will milk the process for maximum drama.

There are CFB blogger awards coming up.

January 22 - Tuesday

Mailbag with several perspectives on Shafer and less-flattering reviews of Rodriguez.

A short biography on Ted Sarniack, a “friend” of Pryor who happens to own corvettes and a prosperous business in Jeanette, PA. Also, he has been meeting with OSU coaches last week.

Tuesday Recruitin’. Marcus Witherspoon and Christian Wilson are opening up their recruitment. Nick Perry has a top three of ‘M’, USC, and Miami.

January 23 - Wednesday

Now there’s a picture of Pryor with that corvette. Somehow Charlie Batch is involved too.  

Basically, West Virginia is a mess. Brian agrees with Bill Stewart that this all needs to end.

Assumptions going forward: the shredding thing was much ado about precisely nothing, Rodriguez is neither Satan or Carr, and no one should particularly care about the outcome of the WVU-Rodriguez lawsuit. Occasional links might make their way into UV or on the sidebar; from now on this is all sideshow.

January 24 - Thursday

OSU fans are upset that Pryor is considering Michigan and incredulous that there could be a breath of wrong-doing about their program. Probably a good time to recap their recent improprieties.

Thursday Recruitin’ with three interesting names added to the board: FL QB BJ Daniels, FL WR Martavious Odoms, and OH OL Patrick Omameh.

January 25 - Friday

Unverified Voracity is Reminded. Chad Henne has made comments that all the current QBs (Threet and Cone) might be looking to transfer. There is a chance the QB play in 2008 might be bad.

Hockey update. Michigan is #1 in the country and should have the first seed locked down.

January 28 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’ has an update on the remaining prospects on the board:

Probable Commits

  • TN CB JT Floyd

  • TX WR Terrence Robinson

Decent Shot

  • MI DE Nick Perry

  • SC WR Jaron Brown

  • FL QB Justin Feagin

  • FL QB BJ Daniels

  • OH RB/WR Michael Shaw

  • PA QB Terrelle Pryor


  • MS S Charles Mitchell

  • FL WR Martavious Odoms

  • FL OT Rhonne Sanderson

  • OH OT Patrick Omameh

That looks like five or six guys to me.

Unverified Voracity with Throbbing Temple Surprise. Brian tries to figure out how Drew Sharp is still employed.

The Free Press' logic is probably straightforward: I bet he gets a lot of hits on his pieces. Every time he writes a rip job on someone, incensed people post links on the relevant message boards. Despite the 100% guaranteed "don't give this guy attention" response posted two seconds after the initial link, people click and absorb the latest tripe.

January 29 - Tuesday

Quarterback Mailbag. OSU fans pushback against Brian, saying he could damage Pryor’s career by insinuating that he has been involved with anything unethical.

January 30 - Wednesday

Wednesday Recruitin’. Not much going on yet. Marcus Witherspoon is solid now, but JB Fitzgerald is saying nice things about Rutgers.

January 31 - Thursday

Hello SC CB JT Floyd. He had been a Tennessee commit for about a year, but was recruited by Carr and Rodriguez.

Pryor might be pushing off his decision until after signing day. In retrospect of the 2008 season this explanation seems much more plausible:

If he pushes things back it's to visit spread-friendly Oregon, not the act of a guy who's a "lock" anywhere. Unless, as the hardcore tinfoil-hat types have decreed, Pryor is such an OSU lock that he's under orders from Tressel to lead Michigan on until such time as other options like BJ Daniels and Justin Feagin have freaked out and gone elsewhere.

And Michigan has stopped recruiting BJ Daniels. Pryor or bust?


This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2007: A Spinning Coaching Carousel Ends in Rich Rodriguez

This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2007: A Spinning Coaching Carousel Ends in Rich Rodriguez

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on December 2nd, 2017 at 10:18 PM


November 2007


December 1 - Saturday

Well the month starts with an ESPN Gameday report from Kirk Herbsteit that Les Miles to Michigan with Jon Tenuta as DC is official. The rest of the month must be all about finalizing the details, right?

Wait...what? Miles has signed a contract...extension with LSU.

Yep, it’s over. Press conferences are scheduled.

Angelique was on ESPN News to say it’s over. Bill Martin didn’t talk with Miles’ agent that morning.

Press conference video. Maybe it’s not over?

More statements from Miles, these unequivocal. It’s over.

December 3 - Monday

So what happened? Best guess is that LSU gave Miles an ultimatum, but he had not gotten any assurance from Martin. Once Herbstreit broke the “Miles to Michigan” news, Miles had to commit one way or another. If that hadn’t happened so quickly, he might have had time to use his contract extension with LSU as leverage.

Schiano has not been contacted! But ‘M’ has reportedly shown interest in Brady Hoke. This can’t be believed though.

December 4 - Tuesday

Maybe Miles will be in play after the national championship game? Maybe Ron English will have a one year internship as head coach? Brian doesn’t believe that Martin was unavailable on Saturday because he was sailing. That’s too far fetched.

So Miles’ contract extension hasn’t been signed yet, so maybe there’s a sliver of a chance?

Unverified Voracity Writes Open Letters. At least encourages open letters to Martin. The fires are stoked by a letter from a former player regarding the Miles debacle. Also, no one has a clue about who will be considered next.

Profiles in Heroism: Paul Johnson.

Kirk Ferentz is the leading candidate...again.

December 5 - Wednesday

So the rumor that Martin was sailing over the weekend has been moved to “likely”.

If Martin was a president, he would be William Henry Harrison. If he was a world-changing invention, he would be a Segway. If he was a football coach, he would be Charlie Weis.

Tom Dienhart says Brady Hoke is the leading candidate, so that’s obviously wrong.

Blogpoll will be delayed for technical reasons.

Profiles in Heroism: Kirk Ferentz.

Ferentz would not be a disaster of a hire, but he would be a disappointing one. He's no more moral than dozens of coaches across the country. He's increasingly incapable of keeping the kids he recruits under control. He lost to Iowa State and Western Michigan this year. He represents the closest thing to an extension of the Carr era available out there

And now the sailing rumor has been moved to confirmed.

December 6 - Thursday

Martin says he’s following a process, and he’s confident in the direct it’s going.

For Martin to simultaneously go "well, I never!" when LSU made their dastardly offer before the agreed-upon speaking-time and claim he's being "very aggressive" is ridiculous. It's ludicrously ridiculous and many other words that end in "ous" and generally indicate something improbable.

Profiles in Heroism: Greg Schiano.

December 7 - Friday

Schiano met with Martin in New York, was basically offered, and...turned the job down.

Brian is bothered that it has come to this.

So now what? Schiano's out, Ferentz is out twice, Miles is (probably) out, and Brian Kelly is allergic to cats and Carr is demanding his pet Siamese Wuffles be appointed offensive coordinator. Or something. Jeff Tedford would probably say "thanks, but no" and Michigan is looking at... who? Brady Hoke or an interim Ron English? Someone shoot me. If it comes down to that, there's one clear choice: make a run at Miles. If that requires firing Martin, then fire Martin.

Profiles in Heroism: Chris Peterson.

Broken link to something in this post, but Brian says that if you’ve been living under a rock, stay there.

Blogpoll Week 16.

Sean Payton is a candidate? No, that’s already shot down.  

Recap of Miles interview with Dan Patrick.

December 10 - Monday

Well, Miles is in play again. Apparently, Mary Sue Coleman has gotten involved, and there is an offer on the table. The anti-Miles faction is pushing Brady Hoke.

Unverified Voracity Has Flashbacks because App St. is playing winged helmets (Delaware) in the national championship game. Also, John Wienke is looking around at other schools.

Steve Sarkisian gets mentioned, and to Brian’s delight, Jeff Tedford.

Profiles in Cronyism: Brady Hoke. There are a lot of different emotions going on in the comments that have been left over the years.

Overall Attractiveness: Awful. Awful, awful, awful. The worst possible candidate. The mere idea this guy -- who's never even been a coordinator anywhere and has his MAC team performing at a level well below the program's historical baseline -- could get the job is infuriating. Only at Michigan could this happen, and if it does I guarantee you that Bo is going to haunt the mofo that signs the contract.

December 11 - Tuesday

Despite renewed interest between ‘M’ and Miles, the LSU AD is saying no way; who would want move out of the south?

Terry Foster says Marvin Lewis is a candidate which is obviously false. This is partly because he is expected to be fired before the end of the season.

And again, Miles is no longer a candidate.

An imagined phone conversation between Miles, Martin, and Coleman.

December 12 - Wednesday

Again, what is going on? Also, Jim Grobe is a hot new rumor.

I would like to believe in the magic of smokescreens, but when a phone call with Les Miles, Mary Sue Coleman, and Bill Martin that should remain secret hits WTKA, then here, then the Free Press the problem with the search is not its obscurity but its transparency. And it's transparent that Michigan is flailing, divided amongst itself, and rapidly running out of plausible options.

December 13 - Thursday

Adrift. Here is a good recap of where things stand:

  • Carr retires, claiming the timing of said retirement has nothing to do with helping or harming anyone's chances at the job.


  • Kirk Ferentz is the first hot candidate. I still believe if he was willing to accept a paycut (and, possibly, Carrassistantpalooza) he'd be the coach and the search would have been brief. A few days after Carr retires, he's out again.


  • Les Miles is now a "done deal" for about a week.


  • ESPN and Kirk Herbsreit create the brief Miles-Tenuta era. Flowers sprout across the state. Wolves stop their eternal thirst for deer meat and sit down to have a nice cup of tea with representatives of the local ungulate population. GM announces six plant openings. Honda declares bankruptcy.


  • Sailboat Bill Martin sails on sailboat as Frantic Telephoning Agent Guy frantically telephones Sailboat Bill.


  • Miles announces he's staying at LSU. Flowers die. Honda buys ad space on Jennifer Granholm's forehead, tatoos "Suck It, America" on said forehead, crushes auto industry wholesale. Deer viscera everywhere.


  • New hot candidate: Kirk Ferentz. That dies again.


  • Actual new hot candidate: Greg Schiano, who reportedly turns down a contract offer comparable to the one he turned down from Miami last year. Reports that Schiano had tentatively accepted an offer before reversing course twist the knife.


  • Another new old hot candidate: Miles, who has a conference call with Mary Sue Coleman and Martin.


  • Miles shoots down hopes once more with a tersely-worded press release. Off camera, Skip Bertman holds a gun to his wife's head, Jack Bauer-style. Flowers die again.


  • Toyota tatoos something unspeakable on Granholm's butt. Wolves start eating people.

Andy Moeller got a DUI.

Next rumor up: Delaware head coach KC Keeler. This went so far that he had to deny reports. If anyone is interested, he is 44-11 over the last four seasons at Sam Houston St.

December 14 - Friday

And in the midst of all this, Brian decided it was a good time to switch things up and start using WordPress.

Mailbag covers Brian’s thoughts on Jim Harbaugh, Jim Grobe, and how he would have handled things if he were in charge.

Next rumor up: Rich Rodriguez. Apparently, Coleman and Martin were in Toledo negotiating with Rodriguez.

December 15 - Saturday

Rodriguez has legs.

What a weird guy to come up: Rodriguez was a WVU player under Don Nehlen, a name that may not ring bells among Michigan fans of my age or younger. Nehlen, however, was a Schembechler assistant and retains ties to the program. So he's got a tenuous connection. However: Pac Man Jones, Chris Henry, etc. If there's a guy with obvious skeletons in the closet, it's Rodriguez, who's walked a fine line with guys of questionable character at WVU.

Brian goes to WVU Scout board to find a poster who had reliable information during the Rodriguez-to-Bama deal the previous year and the Beilein hire. This guy is fed up with Rodriguez and sounds like he expects him to be gone.

Rodriguez and his agent are refusing to talk or giving unlikely excuses. WVU posters are now saying he is slightly leaning toward staying.

Now the Scout insider is saying that Rodriguez is staying.

December 16 - Sunday

John Wienke has decommitted and will likely go to Iowa.

And now message boards have fully reversed course.

The rest of the board is either getting slammed with trolls or stuff is leaking out all over the place. Bob Lichtenfels at Scout is also reporting Rodriguez to Michigan based on a phone call from OMG shirtless mobile QB recruit Terrelle Pryor. I think this might be done.

Rodriguez to Michigan is official. He met with the WVU team earlier in the day.

December 17 - Monday

WVU fans camped out at the airport and got a few (terrible) pictures of the Rodriguez family leaving. Most importantly, the pictures included Calvin Magee and Tony Gibson, obviously indicating that they will be joining Rodriguez in Ann Arbor.

More big staff news as a recruit shares that Mike Barwis will also be coming to Michigan.

Unverified Butter Voracity Time. This post hasn’t aged well with comments on Rodrigues being “Bo’s last gift to the program”, he will adapt to Ryan Mallett, and he will be here for more than three years.

Profiles in Heroism: Rich Rodriguez.

Overall Attractiveness: There were three, maybe four, obvious A-list candidates who seemed feasible going into the year: Miles, Tedford, Rodriguez, and possibly Schiano. After flailing about for a solid month, they locked down an A-list candidate. There are no complaints from this sector. There is an apology pending.

Rodriguez is everything a Michigan fan could want in a hire; to get him after the month-long disappointment train that was the coaching search is manna from heaven.

Along with Magee and Gibson, Rodriguez also wants to retain Jeff Casteel, Bruce Tall, and Bill Stewart.

Buy shirts!

December 18 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Replaces Signs. Apparently, Rodriguez would have stayed at WVU if certain demands were met. These were fairly reasonable, but the athletic department did not agree.

Recruiting recap. The class has been kept together very well; however, all uncommitted prospects have faded away. The biggest news is Terrelle Pryor.

When Rodriguez left for Michigan, Pryor might have been the first guy to know. Pryor called up Bob Lichtenfels, told him the news, and said "put Michigan on my list." Some low-level internet buzz suggests he's not just interested, but likely to commit.

Basketball Recruiting. MI F Jordan Morgan has committed. It is also likely that SG Laval Lucas-Perry will transfer from Arizona.

December 19 - Wednesday

Apparently, there were rumors on WVU boards that Rodriguez would still come back. These have been put to rest with his immediate firing (his resignation was effective January 3).

Brian’s behind on his day.

K’len Morris is transferring from the basketball team.  

Brian culls other blogs for Rodriguez reaction. It’s a lot of sour grapes, which is retrospect sound sadly prophetic.

December 20 - Thursday

Brian gives an introspective, self-depreciating post as an apology and recap of the events of the last month.

A question: was this blog useful at all during the coaching search?

The traffic numbers indicate that it was at least interesting, but in the end the stuff on this blog couldn't have been more wrong. There was a ten minute window during which

  • MGoBlog had a post in which it noted the WVU message boards had done a sudden 180, and

  • said 180 had not reached the mainstream media.

If you managed to visit the blog in this brief window you had accurate insight into Michigan's next coach you could not have gotten elsewhere. The cost was a nonstop avalanche of stuff that induced panic, made Bill Martin a sailboat pariah, and made everyone depressed for the better part of a month.

Then, bam: Rodriguez! Don't we all look foolish. Most especially me.

 December 21 - Friday

To everyone’s surprised, Rodriguez has fired all current assistant coaches. Maybe Steve Stripling will be retained.

Brian’s Christmas and New Year schedule.

A “stocking stuffer” post of various Michigan college football articles. Also, Varsity Blue reports that Fred Jackson will be retained.

December 27 - Thursday

Content for the rest of the month will be delayed by a day.

December 29 - Saturday

UFR: Offense vs. OSU.

What does it mean for Florida?

If Henne is not healthy we have no chance. If he playing at his apex we have a shot. Our running game is uncreative and full of fail and, like everything Mike Debord does, makes babies cry. We should use our killer wideouts and attack the Florida secondary, the Gators' weak point, but we might have to do so with the burned out husk of Henne or Mallett's suck festival.

December 30 - Sunday

UFR: Defense vs. OSU. Big day from Tim Jamieson with a +7.

December 31 - Monday

Florida Preview.

Loss will cause me to... UFR WVU games.

Win will cause me to... UFR WVU games.

The strictures and conventions of sportswriting compel me to predict:

We lose bad. This team has been disjointed and disinterested most of the year, and now they know they're in this bowl they don't deserve to be in against a team that's probably a lot better than them; the coaching staff is getting replaced wholesale, to boot.

And we're playing some sort of awful hybrid Michigan kryptonite, and it's a 100% road game, and it appears that one or both of Hart/Henne will not be 100%. Woo! Shoot me.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • 4 Michigan fans attend.

  • They're pretty pissed off.

  • Florida, 35-17.

This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2007: Goodbye, Lloyd Carr

This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2007: Goodbye, Lloyd Carr

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on November 13th, 2017 at 10:48 PM


October 2007

November 1 - Thursday

A pretty boring recruiting post. Given the coming coaching situation, it’s not surprising that there aren’t any recruits on the board right now who would end up in the class.

UFR: Defense vs. Minnesota. The use of a “5-3-1-7 tech split” and the 3-3-5 seem inadvisable given how poorly they have defended the run. Good days from both Johnson and Taylor with +7 each.

A long copy paste from The Victors message board regarding stadium finances.

November 2 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Clarifies the OMD. Hart and Henne are both doubtful for MSU on Saturday. Also, apparently there was a Russian company on the field during the last game to measure decibels.

Preview: Michigan State.  

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Hart plays.


  • Henne... doesn't.


  • Prediction One (With Henne, Hart): 35-10, Michigan.

  • Prediction Two (Without Henne, Hart): 21-13, Michigan.

  • Prediction Three(With Hart, Without Henne): 28-13, Michigan

November 3 - Saturday

Michigan State open thread.

Michigan beat Michigan State 28-24. WH highlights part 1 and part 2.

November 4 - Sunday

A schadenfreude Notre Dame post Brian copy/pasted.

November 5 - Monday

Michigan State torrent.

Unverified Voracity Shows You How to Win including pictures of a giant “Bow Down Sparty” sign that was hung in Spartan Stadium at the end of the game.

Michigan State game column.

Caulcrick forgot one thing: Chad Henne is a robot.

On the last two drives he was 12-14 for 129 yards, flinging wide open outs, finding Mathews on a critical third and long, and looping perfect touchdown passes to Greg Mathews and Mario Manningham. He was ruthless, precise, and busy calculating digits of pi deep into the millions. He has a heart of nails and lungs made from old tires; his hair consists of pipe cleaners cropped short and his bones are discarded pipes. You have to whack him in just the right spot at just the right time to get his late-model Soviet guidance chip to seat itself in his shoddy southeast Asian motherboard.

New Shirts!

November 6 - Tuesday

The old Blogspot site seems to disappear here. This next post just redirects to a Youtube video? Anyway, back to the modern site...

Spartans, Your Profession is “Loser”. This post looks about as as you would expect ten years later.

Blogpoll Ballot Week Ten.

Unverified Voracity Isn’t Missing Anything. Should Hart and Henne be held out against Wisconsin in order to be ready for OSU? Probably not, but they might be out anyway.

November 7 - Wednesday

Revised Blogpoll Ballot.

Blogpoll Week 10.

UFR: Defense vs. MSU. A good day from Terrance Taylor and Shawn Crable, but overall things were a little scarier than one would hope.

November 8 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity Wants Blood, Penalties. Things are humming along on the coaching front.

Astute (== not in coma) readers may have noticed a long hiatus in the "Profiles In Heroism" series; this is mostly because further explorations of the coaching pool seem utterly pointless given the sustained buzz about Miles to Michigan. Thus weekly evaluations of LSU.

UFR: Offense vs. MSU.


Robot Henne, Mike Hart's one good leg, and Mario. And Long, always Long.


Evil Henne, Mike Hart's one bad leg, and Mario. And OH MY GOD CARSON BUTLER BLOCK SOMEBODY. Seriously, I would not be surprised to see a lot of Criswell coming up. We don't really need a dynamic receiver at TE. We do need someone who can block.

November 9 - Friday

Vicious Electronic Questioning: Wisconsin with Bruce Ciskie. UW has a lot of injuries, most notably RB P.J. Hill. And their safeties are supposed to be terrible.

Preview: Wisconsin.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Michigan racks up five sacks.

  • Hart gets 15 carries.

  • Michigan, 28-20.

Unverified Voracity A Snake A Snake. The Sparty statue got spray painted.

I love "unknown assailant," like Sparty is going to need counseling about this or something.

November 10 - Saturday

Wisconsin beat Michigan 37-21. Highlights.

Wisconsin open thread.

November 12 - Monday

Wisconsin game column. So Henne and Hart were mostly kept out of the game.

Could either have played? Absolutely. If Wisconsin was Ohio State they both would have, but it was not and they did not. You can debate the wisdom of this move, but not the result: the Wisconsin game was a glorified exhibition to Michigan. Both lines took their cues from the stars on the sidelines and took the game off. So did Ryan Mallett's brain. The kick coverage team, way ahead of the curve, continued its season-long vacation. In ways literal and metaphorical, Michigan did not show up.

Brian has sources that say Carr’s retiring is official and will be announced after the OSU game.

November 13 - Tuesday

Blogpoll Ballot Week 11.

Mailbag. How to honor Lloyd at the stadium? Does Mallett not play well with his teammates?

Brian is under some fire for posting that Carr will be retiring. It looks like it was specifically from Rivals. However, others like the Ann Arbor News are citing the post without attribution.

Unverified Voracity Gears Up with lots of info on the upcoming OSU game.

November 14 - Wednesday

Blogpoll Ballot Week 11 Updated.

UFR: Offense vs. Wisconsin. This was the worst game by a QB in UFR history, but hey! DeBord called a good game.

Blogpoll Week 11.

Apparently there was a Bow Down Sparty shirt.

Unverified Voracity Ministers Information that everything is just fine at LSU, Miles is happy and will never be going anywhere...probably.

November 15 - Thursday

UFR: Defense vs. Wisconsin. A rough day. The only bright spot was Terrance Taylor with a +8. On the opposite side, Obi Ezeh came in with a -7.

Ohio State: Where Even Smart People are Dumb. An OSU economic professor tries to debunk common college football statements.

Picture Pages: Reach Blocking Fails.

Vicious Electronic Questioning: Ohio St. with Tom Orr.

November 16 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Directs Traffic. The timing of Carr’s retirement might give a hint about who the next coach will be (say, if there’s a candidate who is in the midst of a national championship run).

Preview: Ohio St.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • I've already provided plenty of predictions specific enough to look dumb later.

  • So leave me be.

  • Ohio State, 27-20.

Empire of the Fallen.

I am done thinking. Michigan is listless in the last days of a dying empire, but Mike Hart will run out of the tunnel and I will believe until I can't or I don't have to anymore. Go Blue.

Minivoracity with a couple links on the legacy of the senior class. Also, reports are that Hart is pessimistic about playing, but Brian is confident that Hart wouldn’t miss this game.

November 17 - Saturday

Ohio St. beat Michigan 14-3. Highlights.

Ohio St. Open Thread.

November 19 - Monday

Lloyd’s retirement is official. Players were told on Sunday afternoon.

Link to the retirement press.

Ohio St. Game Column.

Carr was stubborn, arrogant, and loyal to a fault. There is no Carr coaching tree because the program is inbred.

He was a tireless advocate for his players and his program. Last November I sat in Michigan Stadium and listened to him eulogize Bo and wanted no one else to coach Michigan.

There is an obvious split here. The first section is about Carr the coach; the second about Carr the man. I'll miss him sometimes, but mostly on Monday, not Saturday.

Unverified Voracity is Buried in the Backfield, nevermind that’s Chad Henne who is buried as the entire OL wiffs. Also, lots of talk about Miles and how the timing is going to work. His hiring very much seems like a foregone conclusion at this point.

November 20 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Disassembles and parses Carr’s retirement presser. Also some Bill Martin shots at Harbaugh. Currently it seems like Michigan might be asking Miles to commit to coming after the SEC championship game.

Links to the eulogy of Bo that Lloyd gave last year.

Mailbag covering Bill Cowher and when should Lloyd have retired.

Blogpoll Ballot Week 12.

November 21 - Wednesday

New favorite internet rumor...Kirk Ferentz! Brian evaluates and rejects.

Unverified Voracity Builds a Culture of Stupids. The coordinators are going to be interviewed and DeBord is defending his record at CMU.

Maybe this would be slightly plausible if Debord had been forced out at CMU, but he did not. He packed up his 12-34 record and quit, quit like a little girl whose piano lessons are too hard.

Blogpoll Week 12.

LSU seems to have conceded losing Miles. Their AD said that in the event that Miles leaves, they would like him to coach through the national championship game.

Another post on mainstream media vs. blogs and how badly the former handles rumors.

November 25 - Sunday

Brian confidently says that Ferentz has been offered. Also, Lloyd has contacted the GVSU AD about Brian Kelly. Also, Notre Dame has contacted GVSU about Brian Kelly.

November 26 - Monday

Now it sounds like Ferentz has accepted.

Game column for two ‘M’ hockey victories from the weekend.

And...maybe Brian was too hasty about Ferentz.

November 27 - Tuesday

But on the other hand, flight tracker has a flight from Willow Run to Cedar Rapids.

Unverified Voracity Talks About Other Stuff including hockey recruiting and why the band was quieter this year.

No one was aboard the plane yesterday; just a coincidence.

Ferentz’s weekly press conference has been canceled which may or may not be legit. Also, Fred Jackson is a candidate for the Duke head coaching job. So obligatory joke goes: Fred Jackson is Mike Krzyzewski

 November 28 - Wednesday

Blogpoll will be delayed.

Ferentz is out, so back to Miles.

We'll see; he has support from a lot of important people but obviously not the most important one who's not Bill Martin: Lloyd Carr. The Ferentz thing is a solid indicator of that. (And, yes, there was most definitely a Ferentz thing getting pushed very hard by Carr and others -- this is "Ferentz is no longer a candidate," not "was never.")

November 29 - Thursday

Michigan has requested permission to speak to Miles.

A significant number of people have sent in the same story: there is an old guard at Michigan strongly opposed to Miles' candidacy, while younger folk, big money donors, and those not as closely connected to the current regime support it. I get stuff from people on side A skeptical about Miles' chances; I get stuff from people on side B saying it's done. Like, done-done-done and going to be announced Monday. I lean towards the latter, and expect Miles will be the guy in a few days.

Blogpoll Week 13.

Unverified Voracity Has Permission. Michigan can talk to Miles after the SEC championship game. However, all the details could be worked out before that with intermediaries.

November 30 - Friday

Miles has told his players that he is leaving for Michigan. Brian puts it happening at 90%.

Coaching search recap.

It seems that Bo was always fond of Les, recalling Miles visiting him after his open heart surgery in his book. If Moeller had coached another 5-10 years, Miles would have been the successor (either directly promoted as a UofM assistant or from Oklahoma State/Dallas Cowboys) with Bo's public blessing. If we're talking anywhere between 2000-2005, Lloyd probably would have been too old at that point to start a head coaching tenure. Lloyd actually interviewed for the Wisconsin job after the '89 season, but the job went to Barry Alvarez.

The upshot: given everything out there at the moment, I would be very surprised if it was anyone other than Miles; the aggressive timeline is a bit shakier given what looks like real resistance to the idea from some camps in the athletic department.

IMO: Miles expects an offer and will take it if he gets one; he told the team as much. Pro-Miles people in the AD expect to offer him Sunday after the SECCG and announce early in the week; Anti-Miles people in the AD are hoping to delay, interview some other guys, and possibly find someone else.