From ecstasy to fear and disbelief.

From ecstasy to fear and disbelief.

Submitted by redwhiteandMGOBLUE on March 4th, 2011 at 7:57 AM

How many of us have dreamed of hitting the game winning shot?

I'd be willing to bet nearly every single person that visits this site.

Your dream sequence probably ends being carrried off on teammates shoulders, surrounded by a mass of students rushing the court.

For Wes Leonard, the game winning O.T. shot went from the hight of sports ecstasy to fear, disbelief and a stark reality reminiscent of Hank Gathers.

Please keep the Leonard family and the community of Fenville in your prayers today.…

Ridiculous HS Teabag Dunk from Illinois

Ridiculous HS Teabag Dunk from Illinois

Submitted by 03 Blue 07 on March 13th, 2010 at 12:38 PM

So, last night, I was watching an Illinois hs state semifinal- #1 Hales Franciscan from Chicago (Has 4 or 5 D-1 players) vs. #8 Robinson from downstate. Robinson has Rivals #6 center and #39 prospect, this kid named Meyers Leonard, who's a 7 footer who is headed to Illinois next year. They kept discussing how he'd had this great dunk in the quarterfinal round against St. Theresa's. I looked it up. . . it's quite the teabagging of the poor kid in his way. For your reference, the kid he dunks on had been harassing him all game and getting in his head. . . and was only 6'1. It's quite the posterization.

After watching this kid last night- Leonard- I think he's going to be a pretty decent player for the Illini. Already shoots around 82% from the line, and looks like he'll easily get up to 250 (weighs 225-230 now). Also a good passer. The one thing I did notice, though, is that he seems a bit immature and kind of like. . .the kind of player that opposing teams hate for his demeanor. Also seemed a tad prima donna from what I've read and from watching an interview with him after the game. Get ready to be annoyed by this kid for the next few years. Oh, and his team, Robinson, pulled off a major upset and beat Hales; they play for the state championship tonight. Game story from last night is here, for anyone who cares-…

I realize this is a bit off-topic. . . I live in Illinois and played H.S. basketball and football in Illinois, so that's why all the backstory. I guess, basically, it's just "sweet teabag, kid will play at Illinois; we'll hate him probably."