Hero With a Thousand Faces, Part I: Of Legend and Myth

Hero With a Thousand Faces, Part I: Of Legend and Myth

Submitted by Seth on August 5th, 2010 at 12:14 PM


Will Cameron Gordon bring balance to the force? Will Vlad the Impaler ever transition from psych to sang? Is Marvin the Marvelous Marvel just an empty OMG shirtless? Do 40-times matter at all? Will Misopogon exhaust his annual allotment of rhetorical questions before this deck is even finished? I dunno, but I was seriously freaking about about free safety, man, so I dipped into UFRs of yore and found….hope?

Question for you Cam: What has two thumbs, and is responsible for stopping the big play?


3-3-5FSdisguyIf you have followed Michigan this last decade, you are now well aware of what bad free safety play looks like.*

Tthere are things that concern me very much about 2010. Chief among these, and that which I would like to now give the full Misopogonal logorrhea treatment in an attempt to allay those fears in my own head (and SLEEP dammit), is the position of Free Safety.

Or Deep Safety.

Or Deathbacking D-Back of Defensive Doom.

You know what I'm talking about: the middle safety who is supposed to play Cover 1, or center Cover 3, or clean up anything that runs by Obi Ezeh and whichever lineman Obi has affixed himself to for the duration of that play.

The position which, at least in our current defensive terminology, I believe is officially called the…



* Good news is none of those links are RickRolls. Bad news is they are all much, much worse.


Heroes Alumnus/Emeritus:

To really grasp what kind of play to expect this season from the quarterback of the defense, and what kind of player tends to succeed in that position I felt it necessary to go over the kind of deep safety play that Michigan has had since, oh, 2005.

[Misopogon spends two full evenings in old UFRs]

Omigod guys, there's some seriously bad safety play in there. But I learned some things today… Fortify your stomach, then click to continue.

OT: Swedish clip sheds light on the situation at Michigan

OT: Swedish clip sheds light on the situation at Michigan

Submitted by willywill9 on March 2nd, 2010 at 11:42 PM

I figured I'd post this since it inadvertently enlightened me on the whole Media frenzy against the Michigan program.

It's a Swedish clip that raises a good point: How do we know what's true and not true? How can we trust the media? Are our opinions our own, or something formed by the media?

Link Updated: http://en.tackfilm.se/?id=1267591860171RA92

It's a little over done, but it's still interesting nonetheless.