META: Lost "Hello" posts for recruits who never came to UM?

META: Lost "Hello" posts for recruits who never came to UM?

Submitted by bronxblue on July 10th, 2012 at 9:39 PM

As others have noted, we are solidly in the dead period for college sports, and as such we are all trying to keep the good times going here at the blog.  Plus, it sounds like most of us are still waiting on our copy of HTTV.

With that in mind, I started to think about the inner workings of the blog, and one thing I always wondered was how "pre-written" are the Hello posts for new recruits.  I mean, there is an obvious difference in quality between the posts created for the expected signings and those that come out when a long-snapper joins the squad (NTTIAWT).  In order to have the information available to inquiring minds as soon as possible, I presume that Ace and his predecessors have pre-written at least parts of the posts beforehand, adding in a bit of context and some final notes when it becomes official.

So I was wondering, is there a repository of those Hello posts for recruits who didn't sign at UM somewhat unexpected, and if so, is anyone else dying to read some of them?  Sure, it's 100% schadenfreude, but being able to look at a bit and see what might have been, or what bullet was dodged, would be pretty insightful.  I mean, a partially-completed "Hello: Terrelle Pryor" post would be epic considering what has transpired.  Or the great lost DT class of 2008 with a pun-filled Pearlie Graves and DeQuinta Jones posts, when Jay Hopson was expected to open up the Southeast to Michigan rule.  Or the "Suck on it Ohio"-ness of the Brionte Dunn welcome page.

Again, this might drag up bad memories and all, but I think as fans sometimes we forget what might have been and revise history in the process.  Anyone else share this sentiment?

Semi OT - "Hello" post consolidation

Semi OT - "Hello" post consolidation

Submitted by DrewandBlue on February 8th, 2012 at 10:28 PM

Is it possible to start a "Hello" section on the board?  I like to come on and read most of the content, but I specifically enjoy reading the hello posts.  They are usually upbeat and positive, with good insight on each recruit. 

Is this something worth considering?  A separate consolidated tab?  It would be great to see the current "Hello" posts; and, to read through some of the old school posts.  For example, I would love to read some of the old "Hello Denard" posts.

I was not sure where else to bring this up, so I thought I would post on the board to hear if others feel this is worth pursuing. 

Thoughts?  Thanks.

Hello: Chaka Daley - New Mens Soccer Coach

Hello: Chaka Daley - New Mens Soccer Coach

Submitted by ikestoys on December 23rd, 2011 at 11:47 AM

Michigan just announced the new men's head soccer coach, and it's Chaka Daley, former Providence coach. Like Hoke, Daley enjoys a good point:

Pretty much all of Daley's career has been at Providence College. He played at Providence from 1992-1996, had a brief pro career in the US until 1999, and coached at Providence after that ended.

Daley inherited a fairly mediocre program and has taken Providence to the NCAA tourney 5 times since 2005. This year they made it to the second round before losing to UCSB. Michigan stole him away despite Daley receiving a contract extension in August 2011. 

It'll be interesting to see how Michigan's second head coach recruits with brand new facilities and a big name behind him.

Go Blue!