Video Diary: Denard's Trek (2011 Heisman Video)

Video Diary: Denard's Trek (2011 Heisman Video)

Submitted by Hoke Saves Lives on July 31st, 2011 at 10:08 PM

This diary is fairly straightforward: Denard's 2011 Heisman Video

I've mashed up Denard's quest for the trophy with the trailers from the most recent Star Trek movie (which I loved, and the trailers were quite good).  If you're interested in seeing the original source material, you can see the Trailers by clicking the following:  Trailer #2  Trailer #3

Without further delay, onto the video:



Now, a few quick points of interest, as people had similar questions/points last time:

  • The video is a mash of the first 1+ of Trailer #2, and the last 1:50+ of Trailer #3.
  • No particular reason for the HS Denard + Michigan Denard highlight mix at the beginning, I just liked how similar many of the plays were.
  • I tried to avoid redundancy with the highlights from the Hype Video, but unfortunately Denard was so much of that video, overlap couldn't be helped.  I tried to find some different angled shots though.  
  • The repetition of the ESPN clips with the jersey and shoes, yeah, I know, but it just worked so well, and it's rare to have such good footage to mash-up.
  • If you don't like Star Trek, or like Trek but hate the new movie ... tough
  • Every time I hear "enlist in Starfleet" with the trophy ... I get chills
  • That's Erin Andrews speaking at the end, in case you were curious
  • The Robot? Original trailers were from "Bad Robot" productions. Plus, it's the robot.
  • Quick shoutout to my boy mgouser "Chicago Maize and Blue" for his help/feedback.

Thanks for watching and commenting, per usual it's incredibly appreciated.  Believe it or not I do take your comments and feedback into account going forward, and I'm open to any suggestions you have for future video ideas.  I can put pretty much anything together provided there's video of it on YouTube.  Thanks again.