OSU fans predict blowout win over Michigan

OSU fans predict blowout win over Michigan

Submitted by Decatur Jack on November 20th, 2016 at 3:07 PM

Apparently our brethren from Buckeye country are quite confident that Meyer is going to destroy Harbaugh in Columbus. Here are some choice comments and predictions regarding the Game which I was able to find.



The Game has a real chance of getting ugly. Ohio State could win by 3 or 4 TDs. I hope it's even more.
O'Korn threw for 59 yards and failed to complete a pass of more than 10 yards downfield. No way they beat us. tOSU 53, TTUN 3.
Urban's coming for you Harbaugh. 42-13 all over again bitch GO BUCKS
Remember when Michigan was favored to beat Ohio State? Yeah, neither can I. Remember when they actually had a team good enough to beat Ohio State? Yeah, neither can I.
Bucks win, 68-0. Book it. Fuck Michigan.
The Game is in Columbus which of course means we will crush those assholes. Upset? NOT HAPPENIN BABY! #gobucks #ohiostate #fuckmichigan
Michigan's offense is weak as hell I just can't see how they beat us. 59-0 tOSU wins
52-17 Buckeyes
Peppers is overrated. How many butt-kickings does he have to take from Urban before people wake up and realize that?
Ohio State wins and will keep beating Michigan every time for the foreseeable future
Dude have you seen M's recruiting class? Complete joke compared to what we got comin in, FIVE STARS FOREVER BABY GO BUCKS
Harbaugh can not hold a candle to Urban Meyer. This is a proven fact.
Must be tough for those TTUN fans to know that they have such a great coach who will never beat Ohio State
JT gets 6, count em 6 TDs against Michigan, we win big 73-6
Honest Prediction: Xichigan starts strong, scores early TD. They never score again after that, Bucks win 63-7. Cue the meltdown on mgoblow!
Mike Weber. Runs. All. Over. Michigan. Final score is 45-0.
Ohio State 39, Michigan 3. Not worried bout it, yawn
Game Day in Columbus for The Game? OSU never loses
How many national championships does Harbaugh have again???
I am excited for this game mainly to listen to those mgobitches cry on their podcast afterward
No M fans are more deserving of witnessing a blowout by Ohio State every year than Brian Cook and his slappy Ace, their twitter posts are beyond arrogant
Anyone worried that we're predicting a win too early?
Noooope, tOSU 49, TTUN 7.
hahaha sorry not sorry
Trump won and so will we. Ohio State 42, Michigan 10.
I love Urban Meyer so much. O-H!
Going to be hilarious watching the GameDay folks talk about Michigan's chances to win and then we end up beating them by 47
Who's their quarterback again? An injured Spieght or his backup
actually i'm hoping they put shane morris in there just for the lolz
Good guys win big. 49-6 Ohio State all day every day
JT Barrett's big chance to impress the playoff committee and Heisman voters
Chances Harbaugh's QB gets sacked upwards of 8 times? I'd say that's fairly likely lol
This is going to be the greatest Game of all time, in that we beat Michigan 42-7.
First play is going to be a huge bomb over the top for a Buckeye TD
Urban is a true hero. Harbaugh is a bitch.
I'd love to see their twitter feed when they are down 21-0 in the first quarter
Hey Peppers wanna know what winning championships is like? Watch us whip you on Nov 26 and you'll see
It's 5 o'clock on a Sunday morning and Michigan is still going to lose to Ohio State
OSU, and its not close. Michigan’s offense is hot garbage
I've learned to stop questioning Urban Meyer. He is 4-0 against Michigan. Probably will be 5-0 after The Game next week.
Guys TTUN fans actually think they have a chance
Time to put those fucks in their place
My 4yr-old son says Ohio State will win by 5 TDs. He's a good lad
Do-it-all Peppers does absolutely nothing in loss to Ohio State, will be Sunday morning's headline
Urban Meyer 50, Jim harbaugh 0. Because that's just how we roll, bitch
Oh Michigan you are going to be so disappointed that you just lost another one
Make Predictions! Ok, here's one: Michigan goes down 86-0.
Remember all those narratives from M fans who said 2015 was going to be just like 1969? Guess that didn't go so well
We have JT Barrett, Mike Weber, Nick Bosa, Curtis Samuel, and like 11 other five stars. Who do they have again? Another class about to finish 0-4 against the Bucks
Nothing feels better than hearing the sound of a Michigan fan crying
Chances Michigan wins in the Shoe? Less than 1 percent.
I watched Michigan play and I can tell you their offense sucks
--> Can their D stop us?
---> No. (+25 likes)
Ohio State 13, Michigan 12.
Just kidding, Ohio State 63, Michigan 12.
I'd like to say maybe Michigan will get a field goal but will they even cross the 50?
What's going to feel better? beating michigan or getting to the playoffs
--> doesnt matter, both are happening
Seriously Michigan, just admit it, you can't beat us.
Let's make Jim Harbaugh cry. He deserves it.
We are so far ahead of them in talent that I just can't see how they can keep up
I know what I want for my birthday on November 26. Go Bucks

Just in case you weren't properly motivated for hate week. (I don't care if you say this was a waste of time, I did it so you didn't have to.)

Chicagoland MGoMeetup/Watch Party for MSU game (& Cubs!)

Chicagoland MGoMeetup/Watch Party for MSU game (& Cubs!)

Submitted by MikeCohodes on October 14th, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Hello to all Chicago area MGoBloggers.  I am hosting a watch party for the MSU game with some friends of mine, and I wanted to extend an open invitation to those that may not have seen it discussed in this thread here on the boards a few weeks ago (LINK).  I do not want to publish my address in a public forum so if you are interested in coming, you can either reach out to me on Twitter (@MikeCohodes) or on gmail[email protected]  I live in Gilberts, which is a burb out northwest, about 15 miles west of Schaumburg off of I-90. Significant others and or kids are welcome. Please reach out to me if you are interested in coming and I'll give you my address. I already had an RSVP yes from Bronco648 and interest from StephenRKass (though Stephen you still need to email me for the address). 

If you come, you'll be able to watch the game in HD on this (for size comparison my son is 40" tall):


EDIT:  Depending on the start time for Game 1 of the NLCS, the party might be extended to include watching that game as well. We do have plans late Saturday night though, so it all depends on the start time. Might also be able to figure out the Picture in Picture mode also and do both at once if there's overlap. Go Cubs!

Why do you hate Ohio State?

Why do you hate Ohio State?

Submitted by a2_electricboogaloo on November 23rd, 2011 at 6:54 PM

"Oh how I hate Ohio State"

It's a phrase I often hear tossed around this time of year, nicely summarizing the animosity felt between the two institutions.  We've all know the history...

The battles between Bo and Woody,

the fiercly fought games,

the great victories

and the agonizing defeats.

Along with the long history behind it, The Game often has an intense personal importance for fans.  But why do you hate Ohio State? Is there any instance that you can (Hoke) point to and say "This is the moment where I went from disliking That School in Ohio to hating them"? Or, is it a culmination of years of cheering for Michigan that have built up a steady distaste for that School down south?

For me, my dislike for Ohio elevated itself in 2005, and transformed into emnity in 2006.  I was a sophomore in high school during Michigan's great 2006 campaign.  I had been a big Michigan fan for my whole life, but I was still young and not as invested in the rivalry as I am now.  The hype for the Michigan-Ohio game that year was huge.  I was watching ESPN non-stop for days, absorbing every bit of information on The Game of The Century that I could.  Then, the unthinkable occured.  Bo, the hero of the Maize and Blue faithful and the patron saint of Michigan football, passed away.  It was heartbreaking.  Despite the fact I was too young to have seen a game by him I still looked up to him, he was a man who displayed every quality that (to use a much maligned cliché) a Michigan Man should, and thus he was a personal hero of mine.

The hype surrounding the game along with Bo's death put an immense importance in my mind.  We had to win it.  We had to win it for Bo.  We had to win it because Ohio State had beaten us two years in a row (a streak, which now seems gloomily quaint).  We had to win it to play for the national championship.

Unforetunately, in sports not everything goes your way (even for Michigan fans), and we ended up losing a close game.  I was angry at everything: Troy Smith, Ted Ginn Jr., the turf, the refs, even Shawn Crable.  How could we lose?  This was Michigan! We had such a great season, everything seemed to work in our favor until then.  In school I had to face numerous jeers from my Sparty classmates and looks of gloom from my fellow Wolverines, and I knew why.  Ohio State.  It was their fault.  It was at that time that my dislike for that southern school crystallized into the hate that so many of us feel.  And I began to hate Ohio State.

So here we are, five years later, facing a battered Ohio State team.  Michigan, on the other hand, is resurgant with our best record since that fateful 2006 season.  I cannot help but think gleefully of the great oppertunity that we have to exact revenge on Ohio State.

So as we approach this most anticipated of annual meetings, I wanted to hear the rest of the MGoUsers stories.  Why do you hate Ohio State?  And what does this rivalry mean to you?

[Note:  I know this is long post for a Board, and the mods can move it over to the diaries section if they see fit, but I put it on the board because I wanted to a discussion going, and I thought this would be the best way to start that.] 

Jeff Van Bergen? and Defensive predictions?

Jeff Van Bergen? and Defensive predictions?

Submitted by Umichmadness on October 14th, 2011 at 3:47 PM

America's fav. commentator Kirk herbstreit jus said on CFL "Mike Martin and Jeff Van Bergen really need to step up on the DL this week".  Just thought that was funny, but on to business.  After NU, our defense is still only giving up 12.5 points and we already have forced 17 TO (19 all last year), but I know that we haven't faced MSU yet.  I think Mattison is going to hit Cousins early and it will affect him the rest of the game (a couple TOs).  I say 20 pts  How many do you think we give up to Lil Bro?


Also, who do you think steps up this week??  I think Mark Martin gets to Cousins and Countless steps up again....oops!

Only Colors: History on the UM-MSU Hate

Only Colors: History on the UM-MSU Hate

Submitted by markusr2007 on October 10th, 2011 at 5:22 PM

Very interesting write up on the historical source and origin of MSU hatred and resentment of the Wolverines. 

Henry Tappan may have been a royal bastard back in the day. Maybe there were a lot of powerful oligarchs hell bent on choking the life out of any rival institutions in the state.  But in the end it does read like the perspective of one with a massive, untreatable inferiority complex.

Oh well.  If anything I'm sort of glad they got their shit together and called it "Michigan State University". The Michigan A&M Spartans would have sucked.

Late Night osu Hate Thread/Online Bonfire

Late Night osu Hate Thread/Online Bonfire

Submitted by jhackney on November 26th, 2010 at 10:28 PM

Well, here we are. The night before the biggest game of the season. The outlook does not bode well for us. The hell with outlooks and the hell with osu. Let's build the most hate for them in one post that the negative energy travels to Columbus to see Justin Boren curl up into the fetus position and Terrell Pryor learns math.

Friday night. This will be our little bonfire pep rally.

To start:

The way osu students receive their degrees:


Now let it rip boys and girls....

Annual "OSU Destruction" Hate Week pic for anyone that wants to add some hate to their internet identity

Annual "OSU Destruction" Hate Week pic for anyone that wants to add some hate to their internet identity

Submitted by wallaby on November 24th, 2010 at 12:34 PM

Hey all,

As has become my custom the last few years, I have used powerful digital imaging technology for the forces of good and fashioned some glorified OSU gore for folks to use as their facebook images (or whatever) during Hate Week.



michigan wolverine kills brutus the buckeye

Previous Hate Week pics:

michigan wolverine eats brutus buckeye

michigan's rich rod destroys OSU