OT: Bond Villain "Jaws" Passes Away

OT: Bond Villain "Jaws" Passes Away

Submitted by Muttley on September 11th, 2014 at 2:35 PM

Richard Kiel, whose towering height and distinctive baritone voice defined his nearly 50-year career in television and films, most notably as the steely toothed James Bond villain Jaws, died Wednesday afternoon in Fresno, Calif. at the age of 74,



Michigan Football has at least an indirect connection to Kiel in that the Lamarr Woodley shirt

Lamarr Woodley Kills People

was inpired by the shirt worn by Mr Larson, the ex-boss of Happy Gilmore.

Jaws Kills People




While the Lamarr Woodley shirt pictured above features Steeler colors, a Michigan version of it predated the Pittsburgh version.  (My Google-Fu failed me as I searched for the Michigan image.)

RIP, Richard Kiel.