Michigan and Potential NCAA Attendance records

Michigan and Potential NCAA Attendance records

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on August 23rd, 2012 at 12:36 PM

Was curious about NCAA attendance records for all sports so I did a little digging and found this from the NCAA official website-

Sport Teams Date Attendance Venue Location
Football Michigan vs Notre Dame 9/10/2011 114,804 Michigan Stadium Ann Arbor, MI
(M) Basketball Kentucky vs Michigan State 12/13/2003 78,129 Ford Field Detroit, MI
(W) Basketball UConn vs Oklahoma 3/29/2002 29,619 Alamodome San Antonio, TX
Hockey Michigan vs Michigan State 12/11/2010 113,411 Michigan Stadium Ann Arbor, MI
Baseball San Diego State vs Houston 3/11/2004 40,106 PETCO Park San Diego, CA
Softball Fresno State vs Arizona 3/14/2000 5,724 Bulldog Diamond Fresno, CA
(M) Lacrosse Syracuse vs Johns Hopkins 5/26/2008 48,970 Gillette Stadium Foxborough, MA
(W) Lacrosse Maryland vs Northwestern 5/30/2010 9,782 Unitas Stadium Towson, MD
(M) Soccer St. Louis vs SIU-Edwardsville 10/30/1980 22,512(!) Busch Stadium St. Louis, MO
(W) Soccer North Carolina vs Notre Dame 12/5/1999 14,410(!?) Spartan Stadium San Jose, CA
Field Hockey Maryland vs North Carolina 11/21/2010 2,381 Byrd Stadium College Park, MD
(W) Volleyball Stanford vs Texas 12/18/2008 17,430(!?) CenturyLink Cen. Omaha, NE

Underline indicates game at pro/neutral site venue off campus

Italics indicate game was an NCAA Tournament event

Michigan owns two NCAA attendance records that most likely will never be touched by anyone other than Michigan in Football and Hockey. I would like to see more and I believe that they can get more. They can smash some of these records in fact.-

Men's and Women's Basketball- Option 1: Host an outdoor doubleheader of Michigan Basketball at Michigan Stadium. Has to be against a big time opponent or rival like ohio or state. Must have a doubleheader to break the women's record.

Option 2: Have an indoor showdown with both Men's and Women's teams of Michigan and state at Ford Field. Will most likely shatter the records and is a safer bet in terms of weather.

Baseball & Softball- There isn't any way ol' Fish is gonna even sniff that record. Can't have it at The Big House, no way in hell. Huge risks of a home run smashing the luxury box windows. Have a doubleheader of Baseball and Softball at Comerica Park. Softball is a huge stretch and most likely wouldn't happen since the dimensions of fields are way different. Have the game feature the heated Michigan vs state baseball rivalry. state's program is at a high it hasn't seen in years and Coach Bakich will have this Michigan program up and running pretty soon and back to splittin' heads.

Men's and Women's Lacrosse- Four things must happen for these records to even come close to being broken. 1) The weather has to cooperate 2) Michigan must sell tickets to keep count of the attendance. 3) MUST MUST MUST be held after or before the Football Spring Game or there is no chance of this. 4) Big-name schools and rivals must be the opponents. Men's team should play either their Creators Trophy rivals in ohio or penn state. And of course the traditional rival of notre dame who is a powerhouse nationally. The Women's program isn't officially starting varsity competition until the 2013-14 athletic season so it will take awhile for them to get the program off the ground. They are having success as of late at the club level. I would say bring in national powerhouse and dynasty that is well-documented, northwestern.

Men's and Women's Soccer- This one is a no-brainer where to have it (Michigan Stadium). But this one could really tough to break since Soccer is near the bottom of the totem poll here in the US. However, Michigan Soccer has their own student section and is really getting support.  The Men's program had a magical run in 2010 to the College Cup but took a step back last year while the Women's program is looking to have a historic season this year with players returning who are currently in the U-20 World Cup in Japan. I would say these games would have to be doubleheader, held before a 3:30 football game. Maybe even have a triple header against state. Men's soccer plays them for the Big Bear Trophy, Women's team just mops the floor with them every year and then at 3:30 you would have the Football game.

Field Hockey- This one is more difficult for me to think about because I'm all that sure about the field requirements for Field Hockey. If it has to be astroturf-like which they have a Ocker Field, than I have no clue what they could do. IF that isn't an issue, probably have it at The Big House and invite every former player and their family and they can and have it against rival ohio. While I'm not sure the requirements, I know that this record is beatable because of the large support this program has in the city, with former players and alumni.

Women's Volleyball- This one, IMO could be the most difficult of all. Crisler isn't big enough at 12,721. I would say make the proposed Basketball games at Ford Field I mentioned above a triple header with state and have a Volleyball game before it.

Hockey: What's with the weird scheduling?

Hockey: What's with the weird scheduling?

Submitted by kevin holt on September 30th, 2011 at 2:42 PM

I just got my student hockey tickets, and I'm excited as hell. I love that there are 6 games in 13 days.

I'm wondering why the scheduling is so weird though. Usually it seems there might be a couple of games on Tuesdays or Thursdays, but this year there are a bunch of weird days.

Sidenote: why is the Northeastern ticket void?