OT - A brief guide to the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction weekend

OT - A brief guide to the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction weekend

Submitted by Leatherstocking Blue on May 7th, 2018 at 9:40 AM

Most on the board know that Alan Trammell and Jack Morris were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame and will be inducted this summer on July 29. A few of you may be planning a trip to make the 8 hour (from Detroit) drive to Cooperstown so I thought I’d drop a little local knowledge to maximize your time on the weekend.

Make plans early; accommodations are tight for the weekend and the resort hotel, The Otesaga, is just for hall of famers that weekend, and the Dreams Park is a baseball tournament with over 100 teams competing each week and they scoop up much of the local hotel rooms. Try Oneonta, about 25 miles south of Cooperstown for hotels or plan your MGoCampout at one of the many campgrounds in the area. Glimmerglass State Park is at the north end of the lake and has a lot of sites, but there are many private campgrounds, too.

Rather than buy an individual ticket to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, consider an annual membership, which will be cheaper than a single day admission if you are family of 4. It also gets you some induction day perks and unlimited entry to museum for a year – time it right and your pass may still be good when Lou Whittaker is inducted next year. Info is at www.baseballhall.org

Parking is a bitch. There are trolley parking lots at the north, west and south entrances to the village. Parking there is free and for a few bucks, you can ride the trolley into town all day. Or pay $40 to park on somebody’s lawn.

Saturday is a golf tournament for the hall of famers and some of the greens are close to the road where fans line up to watch the legends play. The popular spot is across from the Farmers Museum and next to the Fenimore Art Museum. It is about a quarter mile walk from town or just south of the trolley lot at the north entrance to town.

The one don’t miss event is the hall of fame parade Saturday evening. There will be more than 50 hall of famers in town and at 6 pm they parade through town in the back of F-150 pickups (seriously) and they are close enough and slow enough that you can interact with them. Even a casual baseball fan will be blown away by being so close to so many legends.

OT: MLB Hall of Fame Induction

OT: MLB Hall of Fame Induction

Submitted by Blerg on July 26th, 2015 at 5:11 PM

This afternoon Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz were enshrined in baseball's Hall of Fame.  All deserving in my, unimportant, opinion.  It's a pretty solid class, and it's very impressive what the pitchers accomplished during the height of the steriod era.  

Baseball was my first love growing up, and I was convinced, like many others, that I, too, would one day be a big leaguer. I followed the game religiously.  This, and last years class, are the first two that I watched for a meaningful amount of time (26 y/o).  So, these hall of fame classes are getting more special for me.

What says you? Any favorite memories from these guys?  As a Sox fan, I'll never forget Pedro's '99 All Star start and tossing Zimmer to the ground. 

OT: Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees announced today (4pm EST)

OT: Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees announced today (4pm EST)

Submitted by The Geek on June 29th, 2015 at 2:27 PM

Nicklas Lidstrom, who won seven Norris Trophies and four Stanley Cups as a cornerstone of the Red Wings, is a virtual lock in his first year of eligibility.

The Red Wings' blue liner was a Calder Trophy-finalist in his rookie season, and went on to score 264 goals and added 878 assists for 1,142 points in his career.

Only five defensemen recorded more: Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey, Al MacInnis, Phil Housley and Larry Murphy. All but Housley are already in the Hall, and the American blue-line leader should receive strong consideration again.

Other candidates with a good chance include Lidstrom's ex-teammate Sergei Fedorov and nemesis Chris Pronger.

More info HERE



OT: NFL HOF finally recognizes that Punters exist

OT: NFL HOF finally recognizes that Punters exist

Submitted by rob f on February 6th, 2014 at 10:00 AM


Yes, Ray Guy is finally, after a 23-year wait, elected to the NFL Hall Of Fame.  Guy was, without a doubt, the greatest punter in NFL History. 

If you're old enough, like me, to have watched those Raiders teams of the 70's and 80's, you'll know what I mean when I say this:  Guy was as instrumental as any player on those great Raiders teams in the success that franchise had in that era.  He was so skilled in so many aspects of the game that, even though he was obviously a full-time punter, he was also athletic enough to be the Raider's 3rd-string QB during part of his career. 

But back to punting skills---Guy had them all:

Hang time?  check!

Net Yards per Punt?  check!

Coffin Corner?  check!

Tackling ability?  check!

IMO, it's about time that this man was enschrined.  He should have been inducted a couple decades ago. 

Ray Guy, l’homme qui réinventa le poste de Punter | NFL Book 





Brady Hoke voted into Ball State Hall of Fame

Brady Hoke voted into Ball State Hall of Fame

Submitted by inthebluelot on November 22nd, 2013 at 7:43 PM
Congratulations to coach Hoke for this accomplishment. As a player at Ball State, Hoke played 4 years and was voted a second team all-MAC performer as a Senior. As HC, Hoke amassed an impressive 34-38 record with 2 winning seasons in five years and appeared on David Letterman in 2008.

Michigan Baseball Star Barry Larkin elected to Hall of Fame

Michigan Baseball Star Barry Larkin elected to Hall of Fame

Submitted by JR's Flow on January 9th, 2012 at 3:11 PM

Congratulations to Michigan great Barry Larkin on being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame!



Larkin, who spent his entire 19-year career with the Cincinnati Reds, was the lone player inducted into the Hall of Fame on his third year of the ballot. Larkin received 86% of the vote of the Baseball Writers' Association of America, eclipsing the 75% needed for induction.





Who would be in a Michigan Football Ring of Honor?

Who would be in a Michigan Football Ring of Honor?

Submitted by m1jjb00 on July 17th, 2011 at 8:49 PM

[Ed-M: Bump'ed like Elliott]

Brian got me thinking about who deserves to be in a Michigan ring of honor, so I did the only thing I know:  Dump a bunch of data into a spreadsheet and rank them arbitrarily. I gave a point for being the College Hall of Fame, Michigan's Hall of Honor, Michigan retiring their number, points equal to the number of years being an All American, being in the top four in the Heisman (another 2 for winning it), and up to a point for winning other post-season awards.  One could include other considerations, such as championships, captaincy, or being President of the United States.

The table below presents the data, sorted first by points and then year.

Some comments:

I would think anyone Chappuis and above deserves to be in.

I included only some 2-point guys of interest in the table below, most of whom aren't in Michigan's Hall of Honor or the Hall of Fame.

Coaches aren't included, except Kipke who is there because of his playing, though I don't know how much of his playing versus coaching got him in the Hall of Fame.

Why is Benbrook not in Michigan's Hall of Honor?

Obviously newer guys benefit from the various awards now available. The Heisman was first awarded in 1935. I would think Heston could have won it.

In 1939 Harmon finished 2nd in the Heisman voting to Nile Kinnick before winning it in 1940.

The All of American data are a bit surprising.  Gerald Ford isn't listed.  I had thought Carter was a three-year All American.  There may be other surprises.  I used a list from the NCAA (data source below), which made it easy, but the list may be flawed.

Player Yrs HoF MHoH # All Am Heisman Awards
Tom Harmon 37-40 y y y 2 2nd, 1st Maxwell
Desmond Howard 89-92 y y   1 1st Maxwell, Camp, Nagurski, Bednarik
Bennie Oosterbaan 24-27 y y y 3    
Alvin Wistert 47-49 y y y 2    
Ron Kramer 53-56 y y y 2    
Anthony Carter 79-82 y y   2 4th  
Charles Woodson 95-97       1 1st Camp, Thorpe
Willie Heston 01-04 y y   2    
Benny Friedman 23-26 y y   2    
Francis Wistert 30-33 y y y 1    
Albert Wistert 38-42 y y y 1    
Bob Chappuis 42, 46-47 y y   1 2nd  
Neil Snow 1898-02 y y   1    
Adolph Schulz 04-05, 07-08 y y   1    
Albert Benbrook 08-10 y     2    
Harry Kipke 20-23 y y   1    
Harry Newman 29-32 y y   1    
Robert Westfall 38-41 y y   1    
Jim Mandich 66-69 y y   1    
Tom Curtis 67-69 y y   1    
Dan Dierdorf 67-70 y y   1    
Reggie McKenzie 68-71 y y   1    
Dave Brown 72-74 y     2    
Chris Perry 00-03       1 4th Walker
Rob Lytle 73-76       1 3rd  
Mark Donahue 74-77       2    
Rick Leach 75-78   y     3rd  
Tripp Welbourne 87-90       2    
Braylon Edwards 01-04       1   Biletnikoff
David Baas 01-04       1   Rimington
LaMarr Woodley 03-06       1   Lombardi, Hendricks
Jake Long 04-07       2    

Data Sources: All-American, Heisman and other award data, Michigan Hall of Honor, and College Football Hall of Fame