More postbang! Women's Gymnastics are the B1G champs tonight. What a day!

More postbang! Women's Gymnastics are the B1G champs tonight. What a day!

Submitted by VictorValiant on March 24th, 2018 at 11:41 PM

Never gets old. 24th Big Ten Championship in program history. #GoBlue

— Michigan Women’s Gymnastics (@UMichWGym) March 25, 2018

M Women's Gymnastics Championship semifinal tonight

M Women's Gymnastics Championship semifinal tonight

Submitted by VictorValiant on April 14th, 2017 at 6:52 PM

Michigan is in a championship event!

This is a reminder to cancel your Friday night plans to stay in and watch the Michigan women compete in the NCAA Championships. Broadcast is on ESPNU at 8pm EDT.

This semi-final includes Florida, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Nebraska, and Michigan. Top 3 move onto tomorrow's Super Six meet, starting at 9pm EDT.

Go Blue!

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Sam Mikulak wins his 4th consecutive US Championship

Sam Mikulak wins his 4th consecutive US Championship

Submitted by Michigasling on June 5th, 2016 at 10:33 PM

As we say goodbye to our beloved softball seniors, including Super Sierra, it might help to  know that one of our previous all-time champs is still going at it.  After missing last year's Worlds because of two separate injuries, Sam made it clear that he's back in shape in time for the Olympics he was always aiming for.  (He surprised himself by making the team in 2012, and then surprised everyone else by how well he did.)  The two-day competition also determined the 18-man national team.  They'll move on to compete in the Olympic trials in a couple weeks to determine the 5-man Olympic team. 

Speaking of teams and the future, three members of the current M team (freshmen Emyre Cole and NCAA vault champion Anthony McCallum, Jr., and sophomore Dmitri Belanovksi, all of whom were members of Junior US teams) were invited to compete with the seniors, along with alum Adrian de los Angeles (who was runner-up in the NCAA All-Around in his sophomore year to teammate Sam).  Naturally the TV coverage was of the current national team, but Youtube videos of each event show the promise of the youngsters.  Sophomore Dmitri has more consistency, but both Emyre and Anthony are so exciting to watch-- Emyre with his fluid lines and Anthony with his explosiveness-- that one can see the future when they're able to balance the excitement with more control and strength. 

I'll post now and then try to embed Sam's impossibly difficult high-bar routine (from day 1, so the crowd is sparse), which shows what that combination of high-flying excitement and staying off the ground can look like.  He'd tell you it's not perfect, but not perfect for Sam is obviously pretty damn good.

Sam Mikulak three-peats as US National Champion

Sam Mikulak three-peats as US National Champion

Submitted by Michigasling on August 16th, 2015 at 5:07 PM

Adding to his 3 NCAA all-around Gymnastics Championships, M grad Sam Mikulak makes it three in a row as US all-around champion.  Had a terrible fall off high bar in today's first event, but even after the fall he was a full 4 points ahead of #2, the rest of his routine being so perfect that he actually increased his lead from yesterday. 

[EDIT:  The photo I posted before disappeared.  Let's see how long this one will last.]  The Hilton shirt [now jacket] represents where he now trains as part of the US National Team, but there were several other recently graduated, one current and one brand new Wolverine competing in the maize & blue.  Recent grad Stacey Ervin doesn't compete in the all-around, but he posted the highest individual event score on the first day of competition in his specialty, floor exercise. 

As for the future, incoming freshman Emyre Cole will be competing in tonight's finals of the juniors championships, after scoring the highest in his age group in prelims.  Hasn't yet competed for Michigan, but he must be enrolled, already wearing the block M.

And Coach Golder there watching over his troops. (Stacey Ervin next to him. Shirtless status implies senior warm-ups.)  Permission to vote on preferred shade of maize.

Michigan Ranks Atop the B1G for Conference Standings

Michigan Ranks Atop the B1G for Conference Standings

Submitted by Everyone Murders on May 30th, 2013 at 9:08 AM

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, Michigan ranks at the top of the Big Ten for conference standings for 2012-13 (average conference finish).  Minnesota's high ranking surprised me, as did MSU's low ranking (although they did not win a conference championship this year).

The author does not define "average B1G finish" but it seems to be a simple arithmetic mean.  In any event, congratulations to our student athletes on their fine overall finish.  Conference results below.

The tally: 1. Michigan 4.04; 2. Minnesota 4.43; 3. Ohio State 4.64; 4. Penn State 4.92; 5. Illinois 5.24; 6. Nebraska 5.57; 7. Wisconsin 6.10; 8. Indiana 6.22; 9. Northwestern 6.29; 10. Michigan State 6.83; 11. Purdue 7.35; 12. Iowa 7.58.

Potential MGoBlog HoF Inagural Candidates

Potential MGoBlog HoF Inagural Candidates

Submitted by MGoBender on February 29th, 2012 at 5:52 PM


I figured this would be the easiest way to compile a list of potential inagural class candidates.  The 190 comment thread would be a difficult place to keep track, so here we can be a little more organized.  Make suggestions and I'll add them to the lists.  Since this is just a way to keep track of potential candidates, feel free to throw out some "maybes."  Mods, feel free to edit the OP accordingly. 

This may also help keep that initial thread focused on the manner in which people are elected, etc.  Without further adieu...


Avant, Jason 2005
Branch, Allen 2006
Breaston, Steve 2006
Edwards, Braylon 2004
Graham, Brandon 2009
Harris, David 2007
Hart, Mike 2007
Hall, Leon 2006
Henne, Chad 2007
Long, Jake 2007
Martin, Mike 2011
Manningham, Mario 2007
Mesko, Zoltan 2009
Molk, David 2011
Van Bergen, Ryan 2011
Woodley, LaMarr 2006
Abram, Lester 2007
Brown, Graham 2006
Douglass, Stu 2012
Harris, Manny 2009
Horton, Daniel 2006
Morris, Darius 2011
Novak, Zack 2012
Petway, Brent 2007
Sims, DeShawn 2009
Ice Hockey
Caporusso, Louie 2011
Hagelin, Carl 2011
Hensick, TJ 2007
Hunwick, Shawn 2012
Johnson, Jack 2007
Kolarik, Chad 2008
Mitera, Mark 2007
Porter, Kevin 2008
Botterman, Kylee 2011
Cameron, Chris 2011
Evans, Bree 2012
Findlay, Samantha 2008
Luke, Steve 2009
Meram, Justin 2010
Nemitz, Nikki 2010
Paz, Juliana 2010
Putnam, Zach 2008
Ritter, Jennie 2006
Russell, Kellen 2011
Saad, Soony 2010
Saad, Hamoody 2010
Taylor, Jordan 2011
Vanderkay, Peter 2008
Yealy, Trevor 2012
Zimmerman, Lexi 2010
Edwards, Braylon Football
Avant, Jason Football
Branch, Allen Football
Breaston, Steve Football
Brown, Graham Basketball
Hall, Leon Football
Horton, Daniel Basketball
Ritter, Jennie Softball
Woodley, LaMarr Football
Abram, Lester Basketball
Harris, David Football
Hart, Mike Football
Henne, Chad Football
Hensick, TJ Hockey
Johnson, Jack Hockey
Long, Jake Football
Mitera, Mark Hockey
Petway, Brent Basketball
Findlay, Samantha Softball
Kolarik, Chad Hockey
Porter, Kevin Hockey
Putnam, Zach Baseball
Vanderkay, Peter Swimming
Graham, Brandon Football
Luke, Steven Wrestling
Mesko, Zoltan Football
Harris, Manny Basketball
Sims, DeShawn Basketball
Meram, Justin Soccer
Nemitz, Nikki Softball
Paz, Juliana Volleyball
Saad, Soony Soccer
Saad, Hamoody Soccer
Zimmerman, Lexi Volleyball
Botterman, Kylee Gymnastics
Cameron, Chris Gymnastics
Caporusso, Louie Hockey
Hagelin, Carl Hockey
Martin, Mike Football
Molk, David Football
Morris, Darius Basketball
Russell, Kellen Wrestling
Taylor, Jordan Softball
Van Bergen, Ryan Football
Douglass, Stu Basketball
Evans, Bree Softball
Novak, Zack Basketball
Yealy, Trevor Lacrosse









































Kylee Botterman wins "Gymnastics Equivalent of Heisman"

Kylee Botterman wins "Gymnastics Equivalent of Heisman"

Submitted by Michigasling on April 14th, 2011 at 11:57 PM

With all the manball-womanball discussion lately, seems this deserves a mention:  Michigan senior gymnast Kylee Botterman won the AAI Award at the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships, appropriately enough at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

"Considered the sport's equivalent of the Heisman Trophy, Botterman was chosen for the award as the top senior student-athlete in NCAA Division I women's gymnastics. Two Wolverines have previously been finalists for the award -- Janessa Grieco (2000-03) in 2003 and Elise Ray (2001-05) in 2005 -- but no Michigan gymnast has ever won the honor."

She's already been named the Big Ten and NCAA Northeast Regional Gymnast of the Year.  She and the rest of the 6th-ranked Wolverines will begin competing in the NCAA championship weekend tomorrow.

 Kylee Botterman

EDIT:  And, in the interests of equality, the #6-ranked men's team (last year's NCAA champions), placed third in their qualifying round today, sending them on to tomorrow's NCAA finals.

UPDATE:  Michigan Alum/Olympic Star Elise Ray is commentator for the live video!

M Magazine - Winter 2011 Edition

M Magazine - Winter 2011 Edition

Submitted by MGoShoe on January 18th, 2011 at 4:24 PM

While we anxiously await the announcement of the new [Greg Mattison] defensive [Greg Mattison] coordinator [Greg Mattison] and maintain an open tab with TomVH's Twitter feed (you're not doing that? Sure, you're not.) to find out about the latest (de)commitments, take the opportunity to flip through the Winter 2011 edition of M Magazine, the Michigan Athletic Department's official souvenir program.

This edition contains several nice features:

  • Wolverines to Watch (Veronica Hicks, Basketball; Adrienne Bicek, Swimming; A.J. Treais, Hockey; Chris Cameron, Gymnastics; Jillian Smith, Track and Field; Dan Madwed, Swimming)
  • The Big Chill at the Big House
  • Water Polo’s Senior Plan: Winning it All, Together
  • Why? (Trish Wilson, Gymnastics)  
  • The Peace Corps: It All Started Here
  • Carved in Stone
  • The Two Sides of Denard Robinson
  • Ask the Athlete

What I learned:

  • Michigan has some truly amazing student athletes in many more sports than just football, men's basketball and hockey (in truth, I already knew that).
  • Denard Robinson is awesome (see above).
  • Evan Smotrycz has never had a job (other than playing basketball). Srsly.
  • The stone carver who fashioned the replacement "M" medallions for Yost Ice Arena is very skillful. Check out the video embedded in the online magazine that details the process. Very cool, indeed.
  • Michigan will host the 2011 NCAA Women's Water Polo Championships at Canham Natatorium in May. Here's hoping it creates a huge home pool advantage for the team.
  • Trish Wilson is a warrior of the first order and a true Wolverine.