Tackling Technique

Tackling Technique

Submitted by maizedandconfused on November 1st, 2010 at 9:01 AM

[FA Edit: Bumped ahead of coaching kerfluffle due to value.]

So for the past few weeks, we all have noticed the abysmal performances by our defense. There has been lots of ideas tossed around, from GERG being a Defensive Jenius to poor coaching to bad luck/loss of concentration on a few critical plays. One thing that has struck me has been the absolutely atrocious tackling, namely our inability to make one.

Time and again, we have the ball player wrapped up, and then 3 yards later they have picked up the 1st down on 3rd and forever. I thought it was about time to look at tackling, both who is making/missing them and why.

About the analysis:

1. I regarded made tackles as anytime a player made contact with the ballcarrier and that ballcarrier ended up down by contact using solid tackling technique. I did not look at technique of made tackles, as after 1/2 of tape review most of the tackles that were made were of good technique.

2. I classified OOB as out-of-bounds tackles, which could have been a solid tackle out of bounds or a bump out (couldn't find a reasonable way to quantify the difference so they are tackles, but not quite).

3. I designated missed tackles as failing to make a tackle in space, taking an extremely bad angle on a tackle that should have been made, or simply just getting the hit but not bringing down the ballcarrier.

4. Bad Form takes into account any missed tackle that used any of the following:

  •        Head on the upfield side
  •        Arm/Jersey tackling
  •        Any hit at or above the numbers
  •        Getting "shook" in open field due to not breaking down or overpursuit.

The difference here is missed tackles in my mind sometimes come from being literally overpowered or stiff-armed, not a technique avenue. If the UM defender made the hit with the head on the right side and attempted to wrap up but the ballcarrier just slipped through, I counted this as a missed tackle only. 

I reviewed the "every defensive snap" from the MSU and Iowa games and the results are as follows:

MSU Total Plays 57 4 TDs  
Player Tackles OOB Missed Tackles Bad Form
Roh 3 0 2 1
Banks 1 0 2 2
Sagesse 0 0 1 1
Martin 6   1 1
RVB 1      
Demens 1      
Mouton 7.5   3 1
Gordon 4 4.5 1 6 4
Gordon 15 4.5   1 1
Rogers 0 1 2 2
Kovacs 4.5 1 2  
Ezeh 4 1 3 3
Floyd 7 3 3 2
Talbott 1.5   2 2
Black 0.5   1  
Totals 46 7 29 20

So. MSU only, we cant tackle at all. 

Iowa Total Plays 46 5TDs  


Made tackles OOB Missed Tackles Bad Form
Roh 1      
Banks 2.5 1 0  
Martin 1      
RVB 2 1    
Demens 5 2 1  
Mouton 4.5   4 3
Gordon 4 3   2 2
Gordon 15 1.5      
Rogers   1 1 1
Kovacs 7   1  
Ezeh 0.5   1 1
Floyd 4.5 2 4 3
Talbott 1      
Black     1  
Johnson 1      

Totals                  33                    7                    18                        11


  Plays Missed Tackles/Bad Form Missed Tackles/Play Missed Tackles by Bad Form/Play
MSU 57 29/20 0.51 0.35
Iowa 46 18/11 0.39 0.24
Total 103 47/31 0.46 0.30

For Comparison:

Versus our Offense:

  Tackles Missed/Bad Form Missed Tackle/PLay Missed Tackle from Bad Form/Play
MSU-D 48 11/4 0.23 0.08
Iowa D 66 15/8 0.23 0.12

The numbers in this case really demonstrate how bad we actually are at tackling, and that it is a technique thing.

Solid to great defenses, while they might miss tackles, don't do so using bad technique.

Upon watching again, specifically focusing on tackling, the difference between our D and a Big Ten D is that ours seems to lack that killer instict, getting the ballcarrier to the ground regardless. We don't attack downhill, and we consistently have the head of our tacklers on the wrong side to impede forward progress. This could also be a good reason that we haven't seen a ton of fumbles this year as well, as the most common cause of a fumble is a good ol' helmet on the ball.

While the issue might stem from second-guessing assignments and being a half-second late to the hole, the number of times we went high and behind the ballcarrier in these games its simply shocking. Technique is something you can coach, and something you can keep coaching week in and week out.

Think the GERG will bring stability to the DC position?

Think the GERG will bring stability to the DC position?

Submitted by Fan of All Thi… on June 7th, 2009 at 4:20 PM

First time, long time. Can I get a double, please.

[Edited because I wrote an essay last go-around, this time going for something that's slightly less mind-numbing... hopefully this doesn't result in a double post, sorry if it does]

I think the hiring of Robinson is fine, I trust Rodriguez – maybe not a glamorous DC pick, but he has great experience and I think he'll get the job done. But I am more worried about his moving on too soon and continuing our instability at the DC position.

Of course, how long he sticks around is dependent on maaaaaany variables, not least of which is the team's success, so I realize speculating is pretty pointless and only time will tell... and yet it's June and I'm dying for football here, so indulge me: what are your thoughts on how long he'll stick around, given a) where he is in his career, b) his past career moves, and c) how well you think he fits in here with Rodriguez and the team? Think he's still interested in going back to a head coaching jig in the near future, or coaching at the pro level, or do you think he'll stick with being a DC at the college ranks for awhile?

And if the lack of stability worries me, does anyone have any insight as to whether this significantly affects recruits? Or is it pretty much a non-issue given that position coaches play a big role in recruits' decision to come to a school, and that there is frequent turnover at the coordinator position at many schools?