OT: GoT S05 E06 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"

OT: GoT S05 E06 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"

Submitted by MGoBender on May 17th, 2015 at 10:04 PM


That sucked.  The episode was pretty great, up until the end. 

And I don't know if I mean "That ending sucked as storytelling/execution/etc" or "that was great storytelling I'm so pissed at the bad guy."

I think this is the first time I've actually been frustrated/angry with the unending "bad stuff" happening.


Letting it digest and moving on, I really liked the rest of the episode.  The Arya scenes were great - I'm excited to see her become someone else.

Loved the Tyrion/Jorah scenes.  A classic "talk my way out of death" moment for Tyrion.  It's been a while since he's had one of those.  What was his reference to his errhhmm... size?  "Don't be so sure?"  Pretty funny.

Sand Snakes v. Bronn and Jaime!  Fun, but oh man, Bronn got nicked by that blade, and we know what Oberyn was famous for...  

Yay the Queen of Thornes is back!  Boo, Cersei wins this round.  This plotline looks to be following the books, so no further comment on it from me. 

OT - Sunday Night TV is back (GoT Doc, TWD, Better Call Saul)

OT - Sunday Night TV is back (GoT Doc, TWD, Better Call Saul)

Submitted by MGoBender on February 8th, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Sunday night TV is back as of tonight.

At 7:30, HBO is airing it's 30-minute "Day in life of making GoT"

At 9pm we get the (mid)-season premier of The Walking Dead.

At 10pm we get the series premier of Better Call Saul.

And in 8 weeks, right after TWD wraps up, we get the start of the final episodes of Mad Men as well as the start of Game of Thrones season 5.

My sunday nights just got a lot better.

Anyone expecting much from Better Call Saul?  I'm cautiously optimistic.

OT-GoT: Just finished "Storm of Swords." What should I re-read?

OT-GoT: Just finished "Storm of Swords." What should I re-read?

Submitted by MGoBender on July 30th, 2014 at 12:59 PM

I know we're butting close to no more OT, but since we're not there yet... I tried posting this on some Song of Ice and Fire boards, but they are too spoiler-y and give away to much. I don't want to risk that. Since there's a ton of Game of Thrones/SongOIAF fans here, I figured why not.

This thread is about the first three books of A Song of Ice and Fire which closely resembles the first four seasons of HBO's Game of Thrones.  For spoilers sake, you've been warned.  Let's try to keep anything specifically from the two most recent books out of this thread.  Also, let's not mention A Storm of Sword's epilogue since, well, obvs if you've read it.  No need to risk a non-reader seeing it.






OKAY!  Here's my question.  I just finished A Storm of Swords.  Before I start a Feast for Crows, are there any chapters I should go back and re-read.  I looking for stuff that may be important or provide hints to future stuff or characters that I may have missed in my first read of the first 3 books.  Examples:

AGoT: Eddard XIII (47) - The first paragraph where he's dreaming is important.

AGoT: Eddard X (39) - Tower of Joy

ACoK: Dany IV (48) - Visions in the House of the Undying

ASoW: Bran II (24) - Meera Reed's story.  This one I already went back and re-read.  How I didn't pay much attention to it when the Reeds continuously ask Bran "Are you sure your father didn't tell you this story" is beyond me.

ASoW: Arya IV (22) - Ghost of High Heart

Stuff like that is what I'm looking for.  I'm an insanely slow reader so I hope to be able to pick out some important stuff before my insane urge to continue on to the next book takes over.

Also, for fun, maybe list some of your favorite chapters in the first three books?  I really, really wish I read the "Only Cat" chapter before seeing it on TV.  What a fantastic way to finish that book.

The B10 as Game of Thrones Characters

The B10 as Game of Thrones Characters

Submitted by MGoBender on June 1st, 2014 at 5:43 PM

Okay, inspired by Breaking B1G, here's the Big Ten as Game of Thrones characters.  A note on spoilers: These comparisons may contain info from the TV series through the most recent episode, but not through future events contained in the books.  Enjoy - and debate and correct me below!  With so many GoT characters, I had to leave many great ones out, so I'd love to hear yours!




Jon Snow, one of the few true heroes we can root for in Game of Thrones.  He comes from a historic family that has fallen on hard times. While Jon’s talents seem to be spoiled away for scoffers on The Wall, you know it is only a matter of time before he reclaims the Stark name as one to be reckoned with.



Ohio State

Tywin Lannister, basically a giant dick.  But he’s a smart one and totally okay with skirting whatever rules, customs or traditions needed in order to secure the legacy of the Lannister name.  Mastermind a massacre at a wedding?  Sure.  Pit your sons against each other so you can get what you want?  Of course.  You hated his bastard grandson because he was pure evil, but you hate Tywin not because of his inherent evil, but because he’s willing to use his superior intellect in evil ways.


Michigan State

Rickon, little brother of Jon Snow.







Penn State

Danaerys Targaryean.  From a line of past kings, Dany now hopes to reclaim what was once her family’s.  Things were starting to look good for a while – a young, up and coming warrior jumped on board and they did some damage, taking hold of several cities.  However, before Dany could set sail for her ultimate prize, that young up and comer left to go settle restlessness in previously conquered cities.  So now Dany sits in Mereen.  And rules.  She’s the biggest fish in Slaver’s Bay, but she still is a long way off from once again challenging the other powers.



Mance Rayder, king of the land of waste and nothingness north of the wall.  Mance lives in a land that has little as far as entertainment, culture or civilization in general, really.  Yet, he is King in that vast waste and corn farmers tribes north of the wall follow him, to hopeful glory.  Mance has yet to take total power, but it would be foolish to ignore him.



Mace Tyrell is kinda just around.  He’s a big deal because he holds the cards to Highgarden, but really everyone knows that other people are running the show.  He does what can to bolster the Tyrell name, attaching his daughter to the soon-to-be-king de jour.  But in the end, he’s not the prize his daughter is.  He doesn’t have the wits his mother-in-law does, nor the youth  and strength of his other prized child.  He just exists out of necessity.



Hot Pie is a jovial young lad that basically stays out of the fray of all the major players.  Historically, Hot Pie had some powerful allies, but decided to stay on the sidelines and avoid the troubles of warfare.  Hot Pie does cook in a fancy new restaurant now and occasionally provides some intrigue.





Selyse Baratheon is Stannis’ wife and the queen of Dragonstone.  Despite this, Stannis has a mistress who has given him a son… of sorts.  Selyse doesn’t come out and say it, but she looks at Melisandre as quite the rival.  The problem is nobody cares enough about Selyse to consider her a rival.



Poddrick isn’t crucial to anything, really.  But he’s smart and he works hard, despite not having a famous name or pedigree.  And he always seem to be good for some surprises here and there.  Plus, rumor is that Pod has quite a big, err... drum.





Stannis Baratheon is unwilling to bend to any new ways.  Stannis has the rightful claim to the throne but .the problem is nobody cares. Stannis is uncharismatic, cold, grey, bland and a punt-a-saur.  Everyone recognizes that he always could be a threat, but also quickly dismiss him as a relic of the past. 





Tyrion Lannister.  Tyrion is the smartest player in the game.  Unlike the other major powers who rely on brawn, speed, and recruiting, Tyrion plays the game by outwitting his opponents.  While that allows him to play with the big boys, his disadvantage is cripples his potential in the Game.






Sansa Stark  Pretty to look at, important because of her mere existance, but fairly inconsequential 






Walder Frey.  Walder Frey was originally aligned with the Starks and the North.  However, sensing an opportunity for a payday, Walder turned coat and aligned with the Lannisters.  Walder Frey’s house gains a bit of prestige in the process, but everyone still considers them a house of little influence and power.















The Great Houses And Kingdoms Of Westeros (According To Big Ten Football)

The Great Houses And Kingdoms Of Westeros (According To Big Ten Football)

Submitted by Marley Nowell on May 15th, 2014 at 5:12 PM



14. The Westerlands/House Lannister= MICHIGAN

The Westerlands/House Lannister= MICHIGAN

They are the champions of the west. They are leaders and legends. They have too much money, with no idea on what to do with it. They have good people and bad people among them, but ultimately, both U of M and the Lannisters are in a lot of trouble. Lately, things have NOT been going too well for either of the two. Being embarrassed by practically every other faction (B1G team) and being upstaged by the Tyrells (MSU) seems to have taken its toll, and its apparent that the end of their once-great empires will soon be upon them. Granted, there are a few favorites in the bunch, but its safe to say that not everyone is sad to see these guys go.


This is actually a fair assessment of Michigan football at the moment.  Hopefully our "apparent end" is not happening any time soon.


OT - Game of Thrones S04E01: Two Swords

OT - Game of Thrones S04E01: Two Swords

Submitted by MGoBender on April 6th, 2014 at 8:49 PM

Spoiler Note: This worked in past seasons, so let's try again.  Please, no book spoilers.  If you're unsure if you're hinting too much at something from the books, respectfully keep it to yourself.  Assumption here is that everyone in this threads is up to date on the TV show and no more.  Those of us watching the show before reading will return the favor when the series inevitably passes George's writing :)

MGoBitching Note: We've officially hit the MGoDeadPeriod with regards to the big sports, so there's gonna be off-topic threads.  See the title?  This thread is about a TV episode.  If you don't like that, post your complaint in the Moderator Sticky, not here.    Mucho gracias.

Here we go!!!

Valar Morghulis.