OT: What Would You Do???

OT: What Would You Do???

Submitted by WhatTheFekete on July 11th, 2010 at 10:52 PM

We live about an hour outside of Chicago.

So what would you do...we are out at a local festival, waiting for the live music to start.  My wife who had had a really shitty day, asked me if I would go and get her a funnel cake.  Sure I replied (trying to be a good husband!)  So I go and get in the line for funnel cakes, which is way too long but again my wife had a shitty day and I figured I would do something nice for her.  I finally get up to the front to the realization that everyone at this stand are wearing Ohio State hats, shirts, etc...  

So what would you say or do?

After I took my funnel cake, I took a few good shots, which they simply ignored.