For those in GR - I will never listen to Free Beer & Hot Wings ever again (OK not really)

For those in GR - I will never listen to Free Beer & Hot Wings ever again (OK not really)

Submitted by MH20 on February 24th, 2010 at 8:25 AM

First off, this probably only applies to people who live in the Grand Rapids area, or somewhere where Free Beer & Hot Wings radio show is syndicated. But I digress...

Just before I got into work, FB&HW brought up the NCAA findings. Hot Wings, the absolute pinnacle of sports knowledge (SARCASM), reads off a headline and brief synopsis that sounds like it was written by Drew Sharp himself, at which point Eric Zane, always one to speak about 47 sentences before even considering using his brain, jumps right in and says that Rich Rodriguez is a "stupid hick" and basically insinuated that he should be fired. Free Beer, who actually knows quite a bit about sports and is usually the voice of reason, continues the bashfest which is then summed up by Zane telling RR to "go back to your ugly wife."

I don't really know why I am telling you all this. What I do is that it pissed me right the fuck off and frankly I didn't think I would hear that on FB&HW. For a comparison, Bakita & Grey, the guys who do the morning show on 107.3 The Ball, actually had intelligent things to say. Even Brett Bakita, a known Spartan homer, kept things in perspective.

So, once again, most of you might not care. Hell, none of you may care. But for some reason this really steamed me on a day when I was already late for work because of traffic. Either way, I will never listen to the Free Beer & Hot Wings morning show ever again. Fuck those assholes.

2:24 PM EDIT: Title edited because, yeah, I'm not actually going to stop listening. But what a bunch of bush league crap.