Concussion Suit Against NCAA Seeks Expansion to Class-Action

Concussion Suit Against NCAA Seeks Expansion to Class-Action

Submitted by bluebyyou on July 20th, 2013 at 6:42 AM

I saw this ESPN piece on a suit,  looking to expand to class action status, which is based on concussions suffered by NCAA football players.  Of all the cases which are currently ongoing, I find this case to have more potential impact on the game of football than what is happening with the O'Bannon matter or anything else relating to college football. As players from all universities could eventually become part of the class, I don't believe this should be "OT".

CHICAGO -- Attorneys suing the NCAA over its handling of head injuries asked a federal judge Friday to let them expand the lawsuit nationwide to include thousands of plaintiffs in a case they contend could change college sports forever.

The motion seeking class-action status was filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago, where the original lawsuit was filed two years ago on behalf of several former athletes, including former Eastern Illinois football player Adrian Arrington. His attorney, Joseph Siprut, said he doesn't want to see the demise of college contact sports, including football, but safety is paramount.

"If changes aren't made, the sport is going to slowly die," he said. If they can't be reassured football is safe, parents will stop their kids from playing "and when the talent well dries up, that's how the sport dies."