Effect of moving OSU game?

Effect of moving OSU game?

Submitted by will on October 30th, 2009 at 9:11 AM

I was talking with my buddy last night about the upcoming OSU game and he commented that this may be one of the last years he will be able to make it to the game, as he always travels to see family for thanksgiving weekend.

I hadn't really thought about the impact of this, as I rarely go to The Game in person, but it got me to thinking: how will the change in schedule affect ticket prices and crowd participation in coming years?

I live in Ohio and out of state tuition made going to U of M an impossibility, so when Miami offered me a full ride, I took them up on it. Now I know Miami and U of M are both small schools, but I dont know how similar the student population is. At Miami, the campus was DEAD on 3 day or holiday weekends. I rarely left on these weekends, but even I was only on campus for one thanksgiving weekend.

Will having The Game on thanksgiving weekend mean more students will be likely to sell their tickets as they are going home to see familiy? or will more parents come to campus to see the game?

Will alumni be any more/less likely to go?