Hoke has 64% approval rating among U-M fans

Hoke has 64% approval rating among U-M fans

Submitted by BlueinDC on February 22nd, 2012 at 4:57 PM


Public Policy Polling, a Democratic pollster that often publishes amusing surveys in addition to their political work, asked some questions related to Michigan athletics during their surveys related to Tuesday's GOP primary. 
Among the MGoRelated content:
  • Among Michigan fans, 64 percent approve of the job Brady Hoke is doing. Six percent disapprove, while 29 percent are unsure. 
  • Among Michigan fans, 26 percent have a positive opinion of Rich Rodriguez, versus 32 percent who have an unfavorable opinion. Forty-two percent are unsure. 
  • Among Michigan fans, 39 percent approve of the way John Beilein is doing his job; eight percent disapprove, while 53 percent are unsure. 
  • Sparty fans approve of D'Antonio along similar lines as Hoke, 68-4-28. They approve of Izzo even more strongly, 78-3-19.
  • Within the state as a whole, 37 percent of Michiganders consider themselves Michigan fans, versus 31 percent who root for Sparty. Thirty-two percent consider themselves a fan of neither. 
  • Voters for Obama in 2008 are slightly more inclined to favor Michigan. Of Obama voters, 40 percent favor Michigan, 27 percent favor Sparty. Of McCain voters, Michigan still leads, at 35 percent, followed by Sparty at 34 percent. (Corrects 53 to 35 for McCain)
There are other sports questions in the data. The poll was conducted Feb. 10-12 by automated telephone interview, and has a margin of error of +/- 4.1 percent. Crosstabs here.

Once and Future Angel

Once and Future Angel

Submitted by m83econ on April 23rd, 2011 at 11:55 PM

Although I'm sure Angelique really wants to move on, this article just seems picking at a scab that hasn't quite healed:


For those that don't wish to read the whole article, here's the conclusion:

But nearly four months since Rodriguez was fired and Hoke hired, it seems time to move on. How many more times must the emotions of the last three seasons, both among the current players and the former players, be discussed and debated?
Enough. Now, move on.

From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20110423/OPINION03/104230386/To-current--ex-Wolverines--Get-over-hurt-feelings-from-Rodriguez-era#ixzz1KPQfz5yc
Must be awfully boring for someone who covers Michigan athletics as a part time job to have to continue to deal with the emotions of players and ex-players in regard to the last 3 years. 

New Big Ten Network Recruiting Commercial

New Big Ten Network Recruiting Commercial

Submitted by redwhiteandMGOBLUE on January 13th, 2011 at 10:32 AM

As we all know there have been several coaching changes since the original BTN recruiting commercial, including our own.

I was hoping we could come up with the Michigan replacement for this:

Maybe something along the lines of this:

Obviously, I have no photo shopping skills our creativity but I was hoping my fellow MGoBloggers could help me out with this sorry little project.

Please help the BTN with your Michigan replacement ideas.

Go Blue!

Desmond Howard looks to Gator Bowl to decide RR's job status

Desmond Howard looks to Gator Bowl to decide RR's job status

Submitted by LaurenNolan on December 23rd, 2010 at 7:49 PM


New article posted on AnnArbor.com

"Desmond Howard believes Gator Bowl outcome could affect Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez's job status"

“Unfortunately, the patience or tolerance level is becoming like the pros. They anticipate you do it sooner. … Look at Rich, he’s shown improvement with the offense at Michigan. But they have to improve on defense or the improvements won’t matter. I think it takes four years for a system and personnel to match.”

If fired RR goes to Florida???

If fired RR goes to Florida???

Submitted by ToughD on December 8th, 2010 at 3:23 PM

Why not?  With all the crap that he's been through.  No coach should have to go through what RR has gone through at Michigan.  I'll guarantee you that if RR would go to Florida they would beat the crap out of everybody.  He would be able to recruit just about anybody he needs for a spread offense there.  If he does get fired and goes to Florida I'll laugh because Michigan will have made the biggest worst coaching job decision ever.

Michigan has a great chance to wreak havoc in the Big Ten Title Race (!)

Michigan has a great chance to wreak havoc in the Big Ten Title Race (!)

Submitted by griesecheeks on November 9th, 2010 at 6:18 PM

(1) I think after this past weekend, many of us, players, fans & coaches alike felt at least some kind of burden lifted: Bowl Eligibility; Defeat of supposedly a team on the rise in Illinois. Things are a little bit calmer in these parts. Plus, we have some momentum going forward into a very winnable game @ Purdue. Sure, nothing's a given, but I like our chances to put a hurtin' on the Boilers. 7-3 going into the last two? Many predicted 7 wins for us this year. Check*.

(2) Those last two games against Wisconsin & OSU should be a blast! We are in a fantastic position to totally screw up the chances of those teams for Big 10 Title & BCS aspirations. A dollar says this team from here on out looks much less tense and seems to have a shitload of fun on the field. They will be underdogs in each of those games, and I'm going to predict that we upset one of them. I think these last three games will be a great preview of some of what should come next year. 

(3) There's been some more Denard/Heisman chatter around here recently, and while it's probably not going to happen, this stage is where Heisman finalists are made. If Denard leads us to wins over the last three games, he's got a real shot to get back into the picture. I think he could still be a finalist if he wins 2 of the three, but puts up great numbers in all three. Not super important right now, but it sure would be fun to see him get proper credit for the ridiculous year he's having.

(4) I, for one, am quite excited to see what happens with this team the rest of November. Before the season, I said very calmly to myself that if we improve enough to get to a bowl, I'm not going to complain about Rodriguez as our coach again in 2010. That's happened, and I'm sticking to my word. He gives us the absolute best shot to be a contender next year, and he seems to have full support of his players. So sit back, breathe a little easier, and let's all have some fun and see if this wacky combination of Top-5 offense and Bottom-Tier Defense can't find some happy medium and mess up the Big Ten Picture a little. 


*First things, first: Let's wipe the floor with Purdue this weekend. I think it will happen. Maybe some tense moments, maybe a high-scoring affair, but whatever, that's old hat at this point. Anyway, always have to put this disclaimer when looking ahead.

What New Wrinkles Can We Expect?

What New Wrinkles Can We Expect?

Submitted by Kramer on September 16th, 2010 at 10:35 PM

So while watching every offensive play of the Notre Dame game on youtube, something hit me.  Rich Rod said awhile back a quote that I've always liked, that this "wasn't his first rodeo."  It's a classic, simple Rich Rod quote, but I think it's pretty telling.  It conveys both experience and confidence, but in the standard "aw shucks" RR way.  The point of my post is as follows:

What new wrinkles has Rich Rod been holding in the bag that can we expect to see soon (possibly against lil brother)?  As we unveil new things, defenses have the ability to study and gameplan against it.  But as RR says, this isn't his first rodeo, and there are lots of things he's done in the past that he's yet to do here.  More specifically, he's brought his offense to the Big East, and then saw how the defenses reacted to this "new" offense, and then obviously (due to his success) gameplanned to beat any and all adjustment.  The Big Ten coaches are seeing for the first time a RR offense at full power due to the Denarding, and will adjust accordingly, but RR has gone through this progression before and will know whats coming, right?  Am I way off on this?  Is there any merit to the thought that he's been there and done that and that for the most part he knows what teams are going to do (at least in the near future) and thus knows what to do to beat it (since he's done it already in the Big East?)?

To the more football savvy MGoUser, what can we expect as we go forward?  

When will we break out deep balls, if ever?  I'm not familiar with what RR did with Chris Henry at WVU, but Stonum has to have the ability to do the same, right?  

When will the slot be motioning into the backfield?  Is there a reason we haven't seen this yet?  

Will I ever run out of questions?  yes.

Rich Rod on ESPNU "The Experts"

Rich Rod on ESPNU "The Experts"

Submitted by Kramer on September 14th, 2010 at 8:23 PM

Rich was on “The Experts” on ESPNU just a bit ago, here’s some relevent bits (nothing groundbreaking, but still worth it)


Laughed at the intro from generic sports show guy asking how the statue of Denard was coming along in front of the Big House: “Yeah…Let’s slow down a little bit...It’s only been two games.  I know he had a little Heisman pose or something but that was in the course of a game, it wasn’t anything that was staged.”


Asked if Denard brings an added element that he hasn’t had yet in his coaching career.  He replies with the list of quarterbacks he’s had in the past shooting down the leading question then goes on: “we try to fit our offense or play calling around the skill set of our quarterbacks and we’re fortunate to have 3 quarterbacks that have a pretty unique skill set.  Denard is certainly the fastest and he’s got the ability to take the ball the distance every play.  He’s performed pretty well as a first time starter, and I think the best is still yet to come.  I’m excited to see what happens in the future.”


On the standard Denard getting pounded/28 carriers/injury question:  “We’ll we don’t want him to have to get pounded 28 times.  But you’ve seen it across the country that sometimes the drop back guys are getting injured just as much, just like in our last game against Notre Dame.  If Denard is gonna get hit, I’d rather he get hit by a glancing blow by a defensive back than by one of the big guys in the front seven.  There’s no question we hope to be able to spread things out a little bit more.  We always said the quarterback in our offense is like a point guard that can shoot the 3.  He’s been shooting a lot of 3’s, hopefully in the future he’ll distribute it a little more.”


On the QB rotation for the upcoming games:  “…2 other quarterbacks I wanted to play more, I think we can win with both of them but Denard is playing so well and the way the game was flowing we weren’t able to put them in as much.  I think going forward we’re gonna need to, we’re gonna need guys, whether Denard gets tired or what have you we’re gonna have to have those other guys ready to play.  But I think the competition between all three of them has elevated our entire program, not just our offense.”