Why I'm not panicking.

Why I'm not panicking.

Submitted by lunchboxthegoat on October 31st, 2009 at 9:45 PM

I'm not panicking because I see last year and I see an abysmal team with nearly none of RR's people in place. We didn't have a quarterback, we didn't have his running backs, receivers, o-lineman, etc. We got some of those people in place this year and we retrained some of the better holdovers. We went from being the ugliest offense in the history of the program to very respectable. We're still #1 in the big ten in scoring offense before today's game. He's implemented his people and his scheme and we've made progress. We're not world beaters and the offense is not "amazing" like it will be at some point in the future.

The defense has ONE player who is RRs player: Craig Roh. (you could argue Mike Martin.) There's NO WAY that the defense they've run has been fully absorbed with GERG only being in his position for less than a year. When we start to get RRs players in place on the D and we have some consistency (2 years at least in the same scheme) we will see progress. If we hold the line and stay the course and see RRs plan come to place we will see results.

IF he gets his recruits in (minimum three years) and a scheme he's happy with on both sides of the ball (minimum two years from the start of this season) and we don't see results...I'll be on board with everyone who says this guy can't do it. But you cannot judge the man when he's working with pieces that just don't work.

YES he may have been able to do better last year and maybe even this year with the talent he has/had BUT you don't half-try anything. You sell out for your beliefs and if you know what you're doing the naysayers will become fans when you see success. There's NOTHING schematically that I see that says "this won't work." The results through one year and the infiltration of SOME of his players speaks volumes.

to quote 3EB: "I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend"