Love RR doesn't = hate Harbaugh

Love RR doesn't = hate Harbaugh

Submitted by StephenRKass on November 23rd, 2009 at 3:48 PM

So, I'm a true believe with RR. Took a while, but have signed up for the long haul. Think he should get a MINIMUM of 2 more years, if not more. I'm happy with what he is doing. I have ZERO desire to look for another coach . . . not Miles, not Kelly, not Harbaugh, none of them. We have a keeper.

HOWEVER, thinking RR is the right coach at the right time for a long time doesn't mean I hate and despise Harbaugh. I'm glad to see his success at Stanford, glad to see him beat up on USC, and want to see him continue to do well.

It bugs me that Harbaugh has been written off, that the bridges are burned, just because he spoke his mind on several things. Sometimes, I think some UM fans are too thin skinned. And we want it both ways. We want coaches to speak their minds, we want players to speak there mind . . . unless they say something critical. I hate political correctness, where you never say anything inflammatory, never speak your mind, never let the media or the fans know what you really think.

Harbaugh is definitely wrong about a number of things, but it is refreshing to see him speak up, and not hold back.

Do I want RR to stay at Michigan? Yes, for many years, with many MNC games and victories. But should he go, for whatever personal reason, it would be ridiculous not to have Harbaugh on the short list of candidates. Ultimately, this kind of thing is stupid speculation, because RR isn't going anywhere, per Martin and MSC. But to reject Harbaugh as not being a Michigan Man or as being a bad coach just seems pointless and not helpful.