CSG President Says Boycott of PSU Kickoff = Not Supporting Players

CSG President Says Boycott of PSU Kickoff = Not Supporting Players

Submitted by LS And Play on October 10th, 2014 at 10:54 AM

This morning the University of Michigan student body President sent out an email stating that a boycott of the kickoff for Penn State means we are not supporting the players:

My Fellow Students,

Recently, we have heard a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction with Michigan Athletics and Michigan Football. To address this, CSG has created a survey to gain your feedback on your own Michigan football experiences and how we can make it better. The survey results will be shared with the Athletic Director, Athletic Department, President, Regents, and other administrators to work to create positive change. Please help us by taking this short survey [link to survey redacted per the request of someone close to the CSG - LSA]

Earlier this week a call was made for us to boycott the opening of the Penn State game by waiting outside the gates until after kickoff to create the illusion that the stadium is empty. By not showing up to the opening of the game, all we are doing is hurting the players on the field. Our university has a long standing history of positive activism, a desire to create change that will benefit students, not harm our peers. To disregard the work of the athletes would be detrimental not only for the players themselves, but for the image of the university as a whole. Now, more than ever, we need to stand by blue. Share your support for the team by using #StandByBlue.

Go Blue!

Bobby Dishell
Student Body President
Central Student Government

As usual, Support the Troops is not an argument. We all support the players. We don't support the administration and the coaching staff. It's not a difficult concept to grasp. Everyone should do what they like. If you boycott, fine. If not, fine.




How to keep up the pressure for Brandon's removal?

How to keep up the pressure for Brandon's removal?

Submitted by Bleedin9Blue on October 5th, 2014 at 12:18 PM

After another extremely poor showing last night, we're all just as sick of Hoke and the administration as last week.  But, I fear that the prediction that Brandon could skate through this mess could be true if we (the fans and especially the students) don't come up with another way to focus anger towards Brandon.


We all know that Hoke is gone sometime after the OSU game (I personally don't believe it's possible that he'll be let go sooner than that).  But, I'm afraid of the situation where Brandon is still here and uses the firing of Hoke as his "Get out of jail free" card.  It seems that momentum towards Brandon's removal has stalled - my question is therefore, what can we practically do to restart that momentum and help Schlissel see that  adding walkie-talkies and firing Hoke is not reason enough for Brandon to be retained?


Alas, the only 2 ideas I have are:

  1. Another "Fire Brandon" chant during the PSU game
    Although this is relatively easy to do, I doubt it'll have any practical effect as Schlissel may never learn about it.
  2. Another rally outside the President's house
    I'm unsure how effective repeating the same stunt will be... but if students were to gather there on their way back from the PSU game maybe a critical mass could be achieved such that it would attract more than the 500-1000 that were at the original rally.
  3. Edit: enlightenbum had the good idea to show up at the Regents meeting on Wednesday (10/8) at the School of Public Policy.
    This seems like an excellent place to show anti-Brandon sentiment to people with decision making power, Schlissel's ear, and who are willing to listen since they're elected officials
  4. Edit: kakusei pointed out that Brandon obviously has a special place for UTL games.  If stduents showed up 20-30 minutes late en masse, that would send a message that the commentators couldn't help but talk about (especially if it's followed by a Fire Brandon chant).
    But, the logistics of making that happen would be... difficult at best.

MGoBlog is the effective epicenter of student and fan disapproval towards Brandon.  If we want him gone in time for a new AD to make the coaching hire, then I think it's our responsibility to come up with practical ways to ensure Schlissel can't ignore the will of the fans.


So... what's your idea?


Edit: Removed typo and made title clearer.

J. U. Bacon Doubles Down on Brandon's Poor Prospects

J. U. Bacon Doubles Down on Brandon's Poor Prospects

Submitted by mgoBrad on October 3rd, 2014 at 5:13 PM

Sorry if this has already been posted but I didn't see it. Those of you who listened to WTKA this morning will have already heard this, and I'm sure everyone's already seen Bacon's tweets from earlier in the week regarding Brandon's future being uncertain. This morning, though, he doubled down. Asked point blank by Sam Webb if he thought Brandon survives beyond the end of football season, here's what he said:

No. How's that for an answer?

Sam asked him to explain:

It's going to be Schlissel's vote and nobody elses... he [Schlissel] will have to rely... he's on pretty firm footing with the Law school, Medical school, etc. but he is new to Big Ten, big time football, and so he'll be heavily relying on the regents for his decision making process on this. That leaves you with a group that seems to be about 6-2 against the AD.


Listen to the whole thing here, it's part 08 from today: http://www.wtka.com/page.php?page_id=87

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I want to believe....

Fear and Loathing in Ann Arbor II

Fear and Loathing in Ann Arbor II

Submitted by jhackney on September 30th, 2014 at 11:18 PM

Fear. Fear intimidates. Fear paralyzes. Fear leads to loathing. If a poll was taken at this current moment, the results would show that the largest per capita loathing resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since the departure of Lloyd Carr (not when we left in utter disgust last Saturday) fear has reverberated throughout the marrow of every maize and blue faithful. From the mind boggling ineptitude of Rich Rod's defense to the ineptitude of Hoke and Brandon's handling of just about everything post Sugar Bowl, Michigan fans and alum have feared for the future thinking the next year, week, or day would be the bottom of the abyss. The bottom of the abyss has yet to present itself and one thing reigns true that I've learned throughout life; it can always get worse. So far it has.



After the humiliation of the Utah game, many maize and blue faithful had underlying joy that the LOLophers were next on the schedule. Not since a decade ago could the Gophers sniff the scent of relevancy from the Brown Jug. I must admit I was one of the many that expected Shane Morris to ride in on a Stallion next to Vladimir Putin and begin the trek towards a B1G championship starting with the eradication of varmints from the land of funny accents.

Oh how blind we were. The glaring problem was hidden by my fandom, or maybe intoxicants. As the game began I noticed no change in tempo, Hoke still coaching Amish style, and a QB that thought he was playing for San Diego State against the hated Trojans of San Jose State. So did Hoke. By halftime the fear was creeping into our veins with no Thorazine to combat it. Fans were booing, announcers on ABC were condoning it, and sense of a rift within the team became apparent.


As much as we praise the players for the work and effort they put in sacrificing their bodies, the sight of Gardner refusing to collaborate with Nuss and young Morris made me angry enough to kill baby seals and feed them to Kim Jung Un with a jewel encrusted spoon haunted by the souls of unborn princes in 18th century France. Although angry at Gardner, leadership comes from the top and my anger again found its way to targeting Hoke and Brandon. As the game went on and all hope was lost, I was enraged with Hoke and Brandon for letting such an athletically talented group of young men fall into a gaggle of squawking pile of hog shit. Development of the line has not improved. Development of a 5th year grad student QB has not come to fruition. Development of clock management and special teams remained stagnant. Then came the incident personally known as Morrisgate.

Shane Morris received a punishing series of hits and twists which left him vividly hurt and concussed. Any sane man with at least an amedulla oblongata would have yanked Morris' ass in a flash. Not Hoke. Hoke believes that MANBAW requires pain and humiliation to build character. Hoke claims he did not see the hit nor the wobbly after effects even though Nuss, 90,000 fans, ABC announcer Ed Cunningham, and Morris' parents were there to all witness it. To be fair, perhaps Hoke did not see it. I did not see him pointing. Perhaps he was shot with shock as he has been lately when down to inferior opponents. To make matters worse, ABC gave a game update where an Arkansas punter outperformed the whole Michigan offense. It was clear that Morris should have been pulled at the half due to performance and inexperience. If one thing is clear, it is Hoke at least has no fucking clue what is going on inside the rectangle of stadiums and at most disregards the social norms of intelligent football play. By admitting he did not see the hit, hear the shouts of get Morris off the field, and see him cradled by offensive linemen, one wonders what the fuck he was watching. Was it Dave Brandon waving at him from his luxury box? Was it Mary Sue Coleman doing a keg stand in row 68? Or was he daydreaming about chugging gravy from the Brown Jug before handing it over to Jerry Kill? 


At least the game ended and the suffering was over. The Brown Jug was gone, Morris was off the field, and the rest of us began testing the limits of our livers and consciousness. This is when the fear in Ann Arbor turned to loathing. I've received at least three concussions in my life playing football in high school and lacrosse in college. It took all of 10-15 minutes to diagnose it. At Michigan, it apparently takes more than 48 hours. As Michigan was dragged through squid shit on the national media and gaining attention in the halls of Congress, all was quiet on the western front. Brandon who is no stranger to a microphone and Hoke who is just a complete imbecile, said nothing of Morris' obvious concussion and the decision to leave him in and send him back in. It was as if Hoke began pointing to the nation of Wolverine fans with his middle finger instead of his index finger. Morris was locked in a dark room of silence and Hoke continued on with his arrogant but maybe ignorant ranting of execution, hard practices, and fucking fairy dust ideas of a B1G championship. Finally Dave Brandon broke the silence, albeit at the most offensive hour he could have possibly chosen. He admitted what we already knew, gave a blanket apology, and retired to his room of selfies and pizza box forts.


I awoke on the Sunday post Minnesota after testing my liver's limit on Sobieski. I thought once the fog was gone and my body was revived by herbal medicines that I'd feel better. Then I remembered I'm a Michigan fan. We lost the Jug. Brandon still reigns supreme, and Hoke has his index fingers intact. I fear the future and loathe the present.

I wanted to write earlier but I did not know how to handle such loathing without punching a one way ticket to Bolivia. I also wanted to add constructive ideas to what to do next in order to force the bottom of the abyss. My plebian ideas come down to two different ponderings.

1. I disagree with Brian and do not wish to boycott any games. We are there for the players. Not for the hack jobs in the AD office and Schembechler Hall. If the stadium is filled, this will also give ample opportunity to raise the volume of Fire Brandon chants. Hoke may not notice it because that asshole doesn't know anything going on inside a football game, but the message will be sent. The longer and louder the chant, the better.

2. Allow Hoke to stay head coach. Changing coaches this year will not change anything and will only hurt recruiting more. You cannot strengthen an offensive line nor teach the mechanics necessary within that short amount of time. If Hoke discovers how to be a head coach in 11 weeks, good, if not, he has no legs to stand on and we can send that swine fucker to the depths of ohio where he came from. I highly doubt another player would be put in danger with such an outcry and verbal beating he took on Morris.


Rage on. Loathing is always better than fearing.





Touch the Banner re: Concussions

Touch the Banner re: Concussions

Submitted by IncrediblySTIFF on September 30th, 2014 at 9:43 AM

Just wanted to share another opinion on the Shane Morris/Brady Hoke/Dave Brandon thing.  This, from Magnus, someone who is at least moderately respected around here.  To shorten his view:

Brandon handled this in the most idiotic way possible

Hoke and the medical staff (along with all other teams) need to have a way to be sure to prevent this

There is no good argument for keeping Hoke, based off his record and the struggles of the team over the past 18 games

The criticism Hoke is taking for how much he is concerned with player safety is unwarranted.

These are not the same as my opinions, but they are the opinions of someone who is --at the very least-- somewhat respected.



Dollars or Dissent - Who Wins?

Dollars or Dissent - Who Wins?

Submitted by nyc_wolverines on September 30th, 2014 at 2:51 AM

I would caution everyone's enthusiasm with the fact that David Brandon has 1 card left to play to smooth things over with Schlissel in light of building momentum:

Donors. Specifically Stephen L Ross, Ira Harris and that ilk.

DB can wrap his arm around President Schlissel and say in his best CEO weasel voice (apologies to weasels and the good CEOs): "President, listen, this is solved  by tossing Brady aside and getting a new Coach. I've talked with Ross about it, Harris is on-board, we'll talk to usual suspects and get Brady out of here. Clean, no fuss. No donors walk, we may even pull in another "named coach" position out of this. Net-net, this could actually make Michigan a few million dollars."

Don't underestimate the machiavelli dwelling inside Brandon. Becoming CEO of multiple corporations doesn't occur unless you are a premier manipulator. Premier... and a very adroit liar.

The remedy for the donor move in continued public pressure. By both media and fans.


Just preparing folks in the (unfortunate) event of a long siege.