USA-Canada-Mexico to host 2026 FIFA World Cup

USA-Canada-Mexico to host 2026 FIFA World Cup

Submitted by Gentleman Squirrels on June 13th, 2018 at 11:18 AM

The joint bid of USA, Canada, and Mexico was accepted today and they will be officially hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup. This will also be the first time that there will be 48 teams in the tournament. There are scheduled to be 80 games played, with 60 happening in the US (especially all games quarter final onwards). The final will also take place in the US at Metlife Stadium (Giants and Jets home stadium) in New Jersey.

Other US venues:

OT: Final US World Cup Qualifier and a Primer

OT: Final US World Cup Qualifier and a Primer

Submitted by LLG on October 8th, 2017 at 9:51 AM

For those of you who don't want to think anymore about yesterday, Tuesday is the final World Cup qualifier for the United States Men's National Team (USMNT).  A primer is below (including little comments you can make tonight if you want to go to a bar and try to forget about yesterday).  The game is against Trinidad and Tobago at 8 p.m. (EST) on Tuesday.

(EDIT:  Ouch -- first comment below was that this is on "fucking Tuesday."  My bad.  I just blanked -- perhaps post-tramatic stress disorder from yesterday.  Seriously, first commentator:  I burst outloud laughing from that.  Thanks.)

Believe me, next summer during OT season you'll be grateful if the US qualifies tonight.  It's not guaranteed, however, although we are favored heavily to qualify.

Also, the games are in Russia so you'll have tons of day drinking next summer (as Moscow is 7 hours ahead of the East Coast).  Otherwise, you'll be streaming videos at work (and some of you will be doing both).  Drinker or not, you will be happy for that month of soccer.

Here is a primer for tonight's game for those who know nothing.  FIFA is the world's football governing body, wtih 211 teams that are members in one of six continental confederation plus 12 additional teams (very small counties with no association).  The massive tourament played over the years involves every team.  If you want to be snooty, all of these teams play in qualifiers that are part of the World Cup.  What we will all watch next summer is the World Cup Final Tournament (32 teams, which will expand to 48 in 2026).

The United States is in CONCACAF (North America, Central America and the Caribbean). There are a total of 41 teams in CONCACAF.  The United States, Mexico and Costa Rica are considered historically the top teams in CONCACAF.  

After a series of qualifying rounds, six final teams play each other in a Hexagonal (known as The Hex). This is actually technically the "CONCACAF fifth round," which gives you a sense of how many soccer games were played before.  This fifth round started in November 2016.  What happens is all the soccer clubs in the world take "international breaks" so the players go play in these games (2 at a time), so the games are spread out.

The six-teams play a round robin format.  One home and one away game against each of the other five teams.  So, in addition to the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica, this Hex had Panama, Honduras, and Trinidad & Tobago.

You get three points for a win and one point for a tie.  The top three teams go to the World Cup Final Tournament.  The fourth team plays in home-and-home series against the third place team of Asian Football Confederation (which will be either Australia or Syria).  If there is a tie in points, it is decided by goals scored minus goals given up (or, in soccer parlance, "conceded").

Last Friday, the US played an incredibly important game against Panama in Orlando and, thankfully, won 4-0.  This means that if we win tonight, we go to the World Cup in Russia.

We have a history with Trinidad and Tobago (T&T).  In 1950 we qualified for the World Cup but didn't qualify again for four decades. 

To clinch the U.S.’s first World Cup berth since 1950, the Americans had to win on the road against T&T -- a team that had not lost at home during the qualifying campaign. If the U.S. tied or lost,  T&T be in their the first World Cup spot in the nation’s history.  Also important was that the US was going to host the World Cup in 1994, but we might lose the hosting rights for World Cup 1994 for a number of reasons if we didn't qualify for the 1990 tournament.  (As a side note, the host country is always in World Cup so losing the hosting rights meant we lost the automatic bid too.)

Few Americans saw the only goal scored in the Port of Spain on Nov. 19, 1989.  Here it is:  LINK

The US won 1-0.  Here is a video by FIFA on how that goal changed US Soccer:  LINK For the US it is called "The Shot Heard Around the World."

Today, we are much better.  All of our players play professionally.  But every team in the world is better and getting through the Hex has been a slog.  We fired our coach, Jürgen Klinsmann, a former player who won the 1990 World Cup with Germany, and rehired Bruce Arena (the coach from 1998 to 2006).

I'm hoping some people can add some one-liners for neophytes to say at the bar if they watch the game.  Here are a few:  "They've just played with a bit more spark since Arena came back." or "I hope Christian Pulisic meets all of his potential.  He could be really good if he keeps developing."

As a final note:  Christian Pulisic moved to Detroit when he was eight years old so that his father, Mark, could coach the Detroit Ignition of the Major Indoor Soccer League  Although born in Hersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan can take some credit for him.





OT - FIFA Corruption Update: Fox Got A Cheap No-bid Rights Deal to Avert Lawsuit

OT - FIFA Corruption Update: Fox Got A Cheap No-bid Rights Deal to Avert Lawsuit

Submitted by stephenrjking on June 27th, 2017 at 1:22 PM

FIFA gave Fox Sports the rights to the 2026 World Cup without soliciting bids. Apparently, FIFA did this knowing it was lighting money on fire to avoid getting sued by Fox for moving the Qatar World Cup to late fall.

It is, of course, perfectly reasonable for Fox, which is heavily invested in American football, to be unhappy with a World Cup in November and December. So FIFA basically bought them off to avoid more serious questions.

The Qatar World Cup continues to be an all-time ethics meltdown.

OT: Still Time to Drop Qatar & Bring the 2022 World Cup to America

OT: Still Time to Drop Qatar & Bring the 2022 World Cup to America

Submitted by stephenrjking on June 5th, 2017 at 12:56 AM

We must beware catching a whiff of politics here, but a number of Middle Eastern nations have suddenly severed ties with 2022 World Cup host Qatar, allegedly over ties with Iran. Were there to be serious international political issues, FIFA would have an excuse to do something they should have done anyway, stripping Qatar of the World Cup and returning the event to its proper summer position.

And the logical place to hold that World Cup is the US. Yeah, there's a joint US-Canada-Mexico bid out there for 2026, but why wait? And, no offense to my family in Canada or our passionate friends in Mexico, why bother crossing borders? The US doesn't need to build or modify a single stadium or update a single piece of infrastructure to host the event. We have, by far, the biggest collection of appropriate stadiums in the world. It's not even close. FIFA need only ask which cities it wants to be in.

Because of our infrastructure situation, they really can pull the trigger any time up to the year before. However, doing it now will allow Qatar to avoid investing in pointless stadiums they don't deserve anyway. Move the World Cup.

OT: U.S. Men’s National Team vs. Mexico – 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying

OT: U.S. Men’s National Team vs. Mexico – 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying

Submitted by The Barwis Effect on March 26th, 2013 at 7:46 PM
The U.S. Men's National Team heads to Estadio Azteca on Tuesday, March 26, to face Mexico in the Final Round of 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying in Mexico City. The game kicks off at 10:30 p.m. ET and will be broadcast live on ESPN, WatchESPN and Univision. Fans can follow the match on's MatchTracker and via Twitter @ussoccer.

Click HERE for's match preview.

The real reason for the World Cup upsets is...

The real reason for the World Cup upsets is...

Submitted by Search4Meaning on June 30th, 2010 at 3:59 PM


Wow! of all the problems to have... yes, now scientists have now proven that the Jabulani soccer ball being used at the World Cup is "too perfect".

Yup, you read correctly, "too perfect".

Link below:…-?urn=sow,252365

OT: UM athletes as Brazilian soccer stars

OT: UM athletes as Brazilian soccer stars

Submitted by FabFiver5 on June 29th, 2010 at 1:32 PM


So I came across this website that allows you to input your own first name, last name and number and it generates what your Brazilian soccer jersey would look like.

So of course I decided to have some fun and see what some of Michigan's best athletes would look like in the World Cup. Some of them are pretty hilarious. Enjoy!

  • Zack Novak - ZSON
  • Darius Morris - MORRALDO
  • Stu Douglass - STAO
  • Evan Smotrycz - EVUNDO
  • Denard Robinson - DENSON
  • Tate Forcier - TATINHO DA COSTA
  • Mike Martin - MIKILDO
  • Steve Schilling - SHILLACA PERES
  • Martavious Odoms - CLAUDIO ODEIRO
  • Craig Roh - RAO
  • Roy Roundtree - ROUNDTREUNDO
  • Vincent Smith - SMEZO
  • Fitzgerald Toussaint - FITZGERINHO PAU


And just for fun:

  • Rich Rodriguez - RODRIGUISCO
  • John Beilein - BEILEITO
  • Charles Woodson - WOODSSON
  • Desmond Howard - DESMISCO
  • Jalen Rose - ROSITO
  • Chris Webber - WENBBINHOSA
  • Cazzie Russell - CAZZIISCO
  • Glen Rice - GLAO
  • Zia Combs - CINHO

Add any others you can come up with!

World Cup - Day 15

World Cup - Day 15

Submitted by BlueCE on June 25th, 2010 at 9:53 AM

So last day before the Round of 16.


First game is the much anticipated Brazil vs. Portugal.  Both teams are top 5 in FIFA rankings and both have looked good.  Both teams are essentially in the next round so the outcome is more about seeding. 


The 2nd morning game is North Korea Ivory Coast.  Sadly Ivory Coast would need a Portugal loss and to make up like 9 points in goal diff to pass to the next round.

In the afternoon we start with Chile and Spain, both very good teams (Chile was #2 in the CONMEBOL conference). Spain needs a win as they currently sit tied with Switzerland with 3 points (and up 1 on goal difference).  Chile needs at least a tie to pass first.  If they lose then it all depends on the other game. If the Swiss beat Honduras and Spain wins you would have a 3 way tie with 6 points and it'll come down to goal difference.