Yost Ranked 4th Best Hockey Arena in Michigan

Yost Ranked 4th Best Hockey Arena in Michigan

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on December 12th, 2012 at 6:34 PM

Not sure the science behind this study, but Yost is ranked 4th best hockey arena in Michigan. I will say it is nice to see MacInnes get the respect is deserves. 

Personal Top 5

MacInnes, Yost, Lawson, Joe Louis (during playoffs), and Van Andel

Feel free to discuss.


Edit: Also for further explination of how teams were ranked, you have to click on the links of each arena.  

OT: Texas A&M Missing WR Found safe and unharmed

OT: Texas A&M Missing WR Found safe and unharmed

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on November 15th, 2012 at 7:17 PM

Thomas Johnson had not been seen since leaving his place of residence on Monday evening, but has been in contact with his parents/authorities.  Very little information is available but Texas A&M Head Coach Kevin Sumlin has said he is concerned for Johnson's health and well being.


OT: Great "Leather" Helmet look from Redskins

OT: Great "Leather" Helmet look from Redskins

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on November 4th, 2012 at 1:29 PM

Slow Sunday after an impressive win yesterday.  I saw these helmets this morning and thought they were pretty awesome.  

Would anyone else not mind seeing some wings thrown on these as part of a true throwback style uni? I only post the idea since there was rumor of a "shinny helmet" being talked about for next season.


OT: MHSAA Playoffs Preview (Good Luck Thread)

OT: MHSAA Playoffs Preview (Good Luck Thread)

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on October 25th, 2012 at 5:03 PM

Well it's that time of year again.  MHSAA playoffs start this weekend, by no means will I be able to give a complete run down but here is my attempt at key games this weekend.  Some games are good matchups, others simply involve Michigan recruits/targets.   If I blatently miss one please let me know.

Division 1

Traverse City West (6-3) at Rockford (7-2) 

Perennial state championship contenders both very solid programs historically. Should be a very sound football game.

Catholic Central (5-4) at Hartland (8-1) 

Tough season for CC, but their record could be misleading due to a very tough regular season schedule. *key player* Wyatt Shallman Catholic Central RB/DE

Cass Tech (7-2) at Grosse Pointe South (8-1) 

Cass Tech has so much talent it is hard to believe they finished 7-4. *Key players* Jourdan Lewis Cass Tech CB, Jayru Campbell Cass Tech QB, David Dawson Cass Tech OG.

Division 2

Farmington Hills Harrison (6-3) at Fenton (8-1)

Fenton enters the game ranked #10 in the state (current Michigan Punter Kenny Allen's alma mater) Harrison is always loaded with talent, and should be the favorite even on the road.  *Key player* Lorenzo Collins Harrison RB (Class 2014) 

Brother Rice (7-2) at Port Huron (7-2) 

Once again Brother Rice should factor into the State Championship.  Although I think Midland and Muskegon are the top teams in the division.

Division 3

Marysville (6-3) at Detroit East English Acadamy (7-2) 

Michigan recruit Khalid Hill (TE) leads the PSL runner-ups into the playoffs.

Division 4

Chandler Park (6-2) at Gross Ill (8-1) 

Michigan recruit Csont'e York plays for Chandler Park... Sorry I don't have more info.


Also, for a found this website that has complete brackets for all 8 Divisions.


OT: (DVR Reminder) ESPN2 to air KHL Game 10/9

OT: (DVR Reminder) ESPN2 to air KHL Game 10/9

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on October 8th, 2012 at 11:29 PM

ESPN2 is airing the KHL game featuring Alexander Ovechkin's Dynamo team vs Lev.  The game will air live at 1pm EST and be shown on tape delay at 8pm.  

For those needing their hockey fix, this may be one way to get it.  Also, IMO ESPN is using this to see if there is interest for more televised games, so a good viewer rating could lead to more games.


Denard Post Game Comments

Denard Post Game Comments

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on September 23rd, 2012 at 2:39 AM

After tonights game it is good to see that Denard has become a leader on this team.  I always hated the Tebow post game "no team will try harder" speach, but I like what Denard had to say following tonights loss.

"I want to say sorry to everybody who watched football, watched Michigan football and whoever follows Michigan football, I want to say sorry and it won't happen no more. I am going to be accountable for the rest of the season. I'll tell you that much."

Most disappointed I've been in I don't know how long, the 22 years I've been living, this is the most disappointed I've been in myself.


I hope we can put this behind us and move into B1G play and get a big win two weeks from now at Purdue.