Fat Charlie is not saying it's his player's fault for Navy, he is just saying

Fat Charlie is not saying it's his player's fault for Navy, he is just saying

Submitted by iawolve on November 12th, 2009 at 11:08 AM

Sorry I didn't get this up sooner, been on the road this week.

From the Chicago Tribune, so Irish, pls don't make the obligatory remark about Michigan fans overreacting. I will let the Tribune pontificate for me. Just another example of the Weissian Syndrome where I'm not saying, but I am just saying it's someone else's fault. Players need to be thrown under the bus to teach them a lesson because accountability stops there, I have no idea how anybody actually wants to be around this man.

Weis putting blame on Irish players?

Not surprisingly, after watching its highest hopes get obliterated by a loss to Navy on Saturday, Notre Dame was in search of why it happened and who was responsible. And apparently Irish coach Charlie Weis has no shortage of candidates. It is a week of "accountability and dependability," Weis proclaimed Sunday. Disgruntled Irish fans might agree with the premise if not the target of the accountability crusade, but Weis apparently already looked in the mirror and then moved on to his players. "There's going to be plenty of evidence today of guys understanding who was at fault for what situations," Weis said. "As you know, after a loss, I'm not big on giving up players, ever. That's not my way. But I think when they watch the tape, there's going to be plenty of evidence. Don't sit there and point the finger at anyone other than yourself because here's what happened on the play."

Chicago Tribune