Big House Traditions - Help an Old Man Out

Big House Traditions - Help an Old Man Out

Submitted by LSA91 on September 26th, 2016 at 3:01 PM

So my LSA91 wife and I went to our first Big House game in a few years, and saw many things that impressed our creaky minds.   Some were pretty self-explanatory and fun, like walking in behind the band, seeing a full student section (through the third quarter anyway), or watching the team demolish an opponent.

I'd love some more background on a few of the others - where they came from, etc.   I tried googling, but I'm old.   Can someone point me to a good page discussing or explain:


1) The third down chop/wiggle/"you suck" call.   (Yes, self explanatory, but where did it come from and when.)

2) The student dance.  (Same thing).

3) About 10% of the girls walking to the game were just about half-way to a halloween costume - typically knee socks and a night shirt or short shorts, but there were some cheer costumes, shiny skirts, etc.   Is that a thing every game, and is it in college sports generally or just AA?

Thanks!  LSA91

Meta: For the new MGoReaders

Meta: For the new MGoReaders

Submitted by JeepinBen on September 2nd, 2015 at 1:37 PM

Well, 'twas the night before the season and all through the internet MGoBlog's numbers were about to spike. I've done this in years previous too, but here's some really helpful information to anyone who's new.

First, see that bar up top? Under where Bo is yelling at Harbaugh? Click through lots of those links. You'll learn an awful lot.

For example, Brian's FAQs:

Also the MGoBoard FAQs: which includes great information such as:

What should I title my threads?

Please make your thread titles as informative as possible: "Justin Feagin" is bad. "Justin Feagin leaving the team?" is good.

Read those. It'll save everyone a headache and you some downvotes. There's a depth chart, Ann Arbor restaurant list, Mod Sticky, and lots of other useful links. Just click them. Go ahead. I'll wait...

OK, and finally, typically the impetus for this thread every year is the 30th "Where can I catch the game in ___________" thread that someone posts, where either they didn't see the first 29 or are making a joke after the horse is quite, quite dead. as such:

That's accessible up top. It's from 2009. There are 300+ replies. There is a map. In Myanmar guy's defense, the Asian area of the map doesn't have many pins.

Welcome to this corner of the internet, enjoy it.

Sincerely yours in football,