Your MBB Wine Cellar Team

Your MBB Wine Cellar Team

Submitted by JeepinBen on May 5th, 2014 at 12:22 PM

I thought this would be fun for a Monday morning... In Bill Simmons's "The Book of Basketball" he spends what was probably my favorite chapter on "The Wine Cellar" team. The premise is "If aliens come to earth with a time machine and demand to play basketball for the sake of the world, who do you pick?" The time machine is because you don't just pick Michael Jordan - you have to decide which vintage (like wine) of Mike you pick (Simmons took 1992 MJ over 96 MJ). The game is taking place today - meaning 2014 NCAA rules like the 3 point line length are in play.

With that theory in place, who makes your Wine Cellar Team? Does 2013 Trey Burke start over 1992 Jalen Rose? Does Tournament McGary get one of your 12 roster spots? Does Cazzie's game translate with a shot clock, 3 pointer, and 7 footers? 91 or 92 CWebb? Simmons's team was quite versitile, able to go big or small, run a press, have a lockdown 5 for defense, and able to score lots of ways.

Build your starting 5 (or full roster of 12) and defend your picks/years.

UK's Fab Five??

UK's Fab Five??

Submitted by The Wonderful 135 on April 7th, 2014 at 1:50 PM

Parrish calls Kentucky "UK's Fab Five," and then follows up with this:


"On the other hand, if UK wins, Michigan's Fab Five will be permanently displaced as the sport's most accomplished first-year starting lineup, and wouldn't that be something?

No team has ever won a title starting even four freshmen.

Kentucky has a chance to do it starting five."…


I guess I'll be rooting for UConn.  What about you?

Jalen Rose Appreciation Thread !

Jalen Rose Appreciation Thread !

Submitted by RealJabrill on March 5th, 2014 at 11:31 PM

The stock on Michigan Basketball couldn't be hotter right now and alot of credit goes to where it should - like Beilein and his coaching staff, and the players.  The last few years have brought acclaim and fun basketball back to Ann Arbor.  Michigan recruits good kids who represent the school well.  And, we're competitive with the elite programs and improving year by year.

But, I've noticed that members of the community have been dogging Jalen for being so vociferous about inclusion of the Fab 5's inclusion back to the fold.  I, for one, think it  could have a good effect on the school.  Alot of ppl now a days dont even know the history of the team and its iconic brand of basketball.  But alot of ppl do and I'm glad that Beilein and Co. have been so receptive of their input and support.  

Jalen Rose wasnt implicated in the Martin Scandal and by all measures has been a model for the school.   He had an illustrious NBA career and has become a solid broadcaster and personality.  His Grantland segments are gold.  He loves Michigan almost as much as he loves himself.  So, why begrudge him to use his platform to try to get what he wants.  It might be what is best for the school.

Fab 5 reunion tomorrow? "Slight chance"

Fab 5 reunion tomorrow? "Slight chance"

Submitted by bluebrains98 on April 7th, 2013 at 4:58 PM

So, my interest was piqued, so I figured I'd share. During the halftime show for the Lakers-Clippers game, Magic congratulated Jalen on his alma mater's success. Some banter broke out, with the following dialog:

Question: Is there even a slight chance we'll see the Fab  in the stands tomorrow?

Jalen: There is a slight chance. I'm working the phones right now.

Nice Column by Albom on Michigan poised to surpass Fab 5

Nice Column by Albom on Michigan poised to surpass Fab 5

Submitted by StephenRKass on April 2nd, 2013 at 12:23 PM

There is a nice column by Mitch Albom on how the current Michigan team can be more remarkable than the Fab 5. (LINK:

I know many of you don't like Albom at all. Many of you also love the Fab 5. But without being disrespectful to the past, I think Albom has written a nice piece comparing the new team to the old, and also giving honor to John Beilein and his success. Albom writes,

You can make a case that this 2013 group is poised to weave an even more remarkable story. That's not hyperbole. It's fact. Remember, the 1993 Fab Five team was five sophomore starters who had been together for two seasons, three of whom had been starters from their very first game. Today's U-M group starts three freshmen -- one of whom only got his starting role a few weeks ago -- plus one sophomore superstar and one junior. Collectively, that's a lot less experience than the Chris Webber-Jalen Rose ensemble.

Albom goes on to say,

This group is more impressive (than the Fab Five.) The Fab Five, a No. 1 seed, beat a 16 seed, a 9 seed, a 12 seed and a 7 seed to make the Final Four. Their real test came in the national semifinals against top-seeded Kentucky, which they edged by a few points in overtime. Beilein's group, seeded fourth, already has beaten a No. 1, No. 3, No. 5 and No. 13 seed -- all but one by fat margins. If Michigan gets past Syracuse, another fourth seed, on Saturday night, it will have gone as far as the Fab Five ever did. And will be poised to do something that legendary group could never do. Win it all.

On Beilein, he writes

The fact that Beilein has done it with intelligence, humility, discipline, hard work, good recruiting and a sense of history makes it all the better. Remember, this is a guy who, like the kids, had never been to a Final Four, despite nearly four decades in coaching. . . the fact that he rebuilt this program smartly and patiently, with year-by-year improvement and steady, heady leadership, is even more impressive.

While you may not care for Mitch Albom, today's column doesn't descend into treacly nonsense. But it does a nice job of praising Beilein and the current team, and also does well in comparing the team to our last high point.

OT: Jalen was advocating for the Fab 5 reunion last night at Mock Rock

OT: Jalen was advocating for the Fab 5 reunion last night at Mock Rock

Submitted by 1201SouthMain on February 5th, 2013 at 12:43 PM

Jalen MC'd the Michigan Mock Rock last night at Hill.  He made a few comments regarding the Fab 5 returning to Michigan.  He said that all of the Fab 5 love Michigan and love the Michigan fans.  He said that this team could be good enough to cut down nets and if they do he wants to watch from the seats with the other 4 of the Fab 5. 

He was a pretty good MC.  He brought out Jimmy King at one point and Hardaway and GRIII for a few seconds.  Hoke was there and Jalen thanked him for bringing Michigan football back.

I realize that the Fab 5 are a touchy subject for some Michigan fans but I'm 44 and remember bumping into the Fab 5 at the Spaghetti Bender back in the day!  You are old school if you remember the Bender.  I'm a fan of all the Fab 5.  Even CWebb.  I don't get a vote but I say bring em all back.  It was over 20 years ago.


Jalen Rose to join NBA Countdown

Jalen Rose to join NBA Countdown

Submitted by Leaders And Best on October 19th, 2012 at 7:22 AM

Jalen Rose is going to join ABC/ESPN's pregame NBA Countdown show this year in addition to analyst on ESPN2's Numbers Never Lie, current podcast on Grantland Network, and new role on ESPN College Basketball Gameday.  He may be spreading himself thin, but he is now a rising media star and going to be one of the most visible analysts on ESPN.

He taped a new podcast with Bill Simmons yesterday as they are both joining NBA Countdown this fall, and Jalen offers some insight on his recruitment, relationship with Chris Webber, Ed Martin, and rooming together in college. Sounds like Webber took the money right before he left school and turned pro.


Fab 5 Reunion in the works?

Fab 5 Reunion in the works?

Submitted by JeepinBen on June 26th, 2012 at 11:34 AM

Our favorite really motivational and sometimes secret leaking (see the "YESSSSSSSSSSSS" tweet that was removed just before Mitch McGary's committment went public) assistant basketball coach Bacari Alexander is at it again, tweeting "Stay Tuned. We will reunite soon...... Juwan Howard and Jalen Rose share a Fab Five moment" with a link to the Youtube Video embedded in the first comment.

There's been a lot of speculation already with the rededication of Crisler Arena and the "10 Year Ban" coming off the books in 2013 that the Fab 5 would be recognized in some way. 4 of the 5 (Not CWebb) have already been welcomed back in some form, most notably Jalen's "Rose Garden" section of seats that he buys for children.

I don't want this to turn into another "They cheated, I hate them!" "I love them!" thread, so what would your perfect "Reunion" be? I'd take having all 5 of them back at Crisler, maybe Jalen speaking to the crowd, and a new display case on the Crisler concourse showing the whole history - The baggy shorts, the final 4 banners, the downfall, the scandal, the cultural impact, etc. Lay it all out there. It's history, to be celebrated and scorned and most importantly remembered.

Oh, also, Juwan should do the Cabbage Patch again.

Dave Brandon on Fab Five Banners

Dave Brandon on Fab Five Banners

Submitted by Lionsfan on April 25th, 2012 at 10:10 AM

So we all know how Mary-Sue feels about the Fab Five banners, and we know how Jalen feels, but today Dave Brandon gave his take on the situation. About rehanging the banners:

We're not even sure that we could put those banners up, If you vacated wins and forfeited wins and basically cleared the record books of any activity, it's hard to believe we could put back up the banners. We've never even gauged with the NCAA to see if that were possible. And, truthfully, if we had to forfeit the wins, it doesn't seem appropriate

He also said that no thought is being put into it right now, saying, "It's a moot point now. There's a lot of time that'll pass between now and 2013." But Brandon wasn't opposed to honoring the Fab Five somehow:

Are there (different) banners we could put up, though? Yeah, there are," he says. "I'd love to celebrate the Fab Five. Are there conditions on which that has to happen? For sure. But we've been very open and vocal about that, and there's just nothing new on this subject.

So it seems to me that what the Athletic Department still wants is for Chris to issue some sort of apology before any action is taken. Link:…

The 25 Greatest Sneakers in Michigan Basketball History

The 25 Greatest Sneakers in Michigan Basketball History

Submitted by FabFiver5 on February 24th, 2012 at 10:00 AM

The website Complex has published an article (with great pictures!) of the best shoes Michigan players have worn through history. It's an awesome look back on the days of Ricky Green all the way to today. I remember most of these shoes, but forgot how many different styles the Fab 5 wore...many wearing different styles at the same time.

Your #1 shoe:

1. Nike Air Flight Huarache 

When: 1992

Who: Chris Webber 

After 1992, college basketball was never the same. Five kids from Michigan got together and decided they were going to rock baggy shorts, play with some major swag, and take the game by storm. It was also the year Nike released one of its most unconventional sneakers of all time, the Air Flight Huarache. Tinker Hatfield designed a shoe unlike anything before, inspired by a Mayan sandal. The shoe was one of the first to be stripped of unnecessary materials for a lightweight masterpiece. The baddest shoes on the baddest squad.…