A Faint Silver Lining

A Faint Silver Lining

Submitted by Tacopants on September 1st, 2009 at 2:08 AM
I know there's a lot of collective rage out there about the situation, so before you read this, take a deep breath.

From a media relations standpoint this story sucks.  Michigan is getting dragged through the dirt and most people won't read far beyond the headline.

From a team standpoint, this is probably a huge unifying moment, the line in the sand, us against the world.  Think about how angry the Mgoblog community is, and consider the fact that it wasn't your teammates that were mislead and ambushed, it wasn't your coach, the guy you work with every day, who was dragged through the mud.  Your anger probably doesn't even approach the team's collective anger about the situation.

With the Athletic Dept and coaches probably instructing players not to talk to any media, there's no outlet, no way to defend their coach.  Each passing day is only going to make the anger more intense, as more BS is piled on.  The only way to improve the situation is going to be on the field.  Come Saturday, every WMU player might as well be wearing a Snyder or Rosenberg Freep jersey.  I have no doubt that Michigan will be hitting hard right out of the gate.

(Note: I'm not saying we're going to be head hunting/doing stupid things like a Crable or Butler.  I think it will be a tight, focused anger.  Execute, execute, execute, without pity.  Also I'm told there's an ESPN article that corroborates some of this.  Go Obi.)

There's been some talk about this being a distraction.  While I agree that this is impacting our greater community and possibly Rich Rod himself, I doubt the players that have bought into his system (aka, the starters and key contributors) give a flying f*** about Rosenberg's allegations.  Do you think they're going to take Rosenberg's side over Rodriguez's, that this story has instilled doubt into their minds?  They know the results of their summer work.  They know they have to avenge a 3-9 season.  They know only winning will shut the critics up and will be more motivated than ever.

And on the flip side, Rosenberg, and the Freep by extension, will probably lose lots of access with regard to Michigan athletics.  Good luck talking the athletes and coaches now; they probably wouldn't even admit that the sun is shining or that snow is wet to a Freep staffer (Rich Rod forces students, players, to fight, with snow!)(Follow up: anonymous players state: "I've never seen anything like this" "He just stood there and laughed")

So, to summarize:  Team is Angry.  Will try and use anger on the field to win the games.  This strategy may workPad levels will be good.  However, if Pad Levels are bad, this strategy also may not work.  Watch the game to find out.