Spring Practice video #7 (mgovideo)

Spring Practice video #7 (mgovideo)

Submitted by Yostbound and Down on March 17th, 2015 at 10:48 PM

Drink up MGoBloggers. Your video for St. Patrick's day is here.

Brief summary:

  • Showed pretty even snaps for the quarterbacks in the clips. Deveon with a nice truck. Malzone with a nice roll out and chuck to Norfleet.
  • Little spotlight on O and D lines.
  • Grbac and Carr highlighted. No interviews unfortunately.
  • Of note to headgear enthusiasts/WD, Harbaugh is now sporting the adidas version of the Bo hat
  • Really too short of a video. Give us some more footage Ed!

I'd follow Mama G Bush on Twitter, she had some pictures from practice today up.

Edit: Angelique posted some video of Baxter's interview. Talks about the academic gameplan. Hope we get to hear more about the Bomb Squad.

Michigan: Quarterback U

Michigan: Quarterback U

Submitted by Everyone Murders on June 18th, 2014 at 8:54 AM

An ARTICLE at nfl.com analyzes which schools have produced the most quarterback talent for the NFL over the past 25 years.  Michigan comes out tops in the B1G, finishing second only to USC.  The methodology is not fully clear, but the evaluation

took into account their history of producing NFL quarterbacks over the past 25 years, the quality of signal-callers they've produced, the offense they typically run and even took a look into future a little bit to see what kind of pipeline there is for the school.

Second place in the country (really world ... really, space!) is a testament to the pedigree of the program.  Granted, the article rightly notes that Tom Brady has skewed things a bit in Michigan's favor, but the rest of the list is pretty good too.

The paragraph on Michigan states:

Thanks mostly to Brady, the Wolverines might have one of the better hit rates on sending QBs to the NFL in recent years. All seven quarterbacks drafted in the past 25 years started at least one game in the NFL and four of them have thrown for more than 10,000 yards as a pro. While it's unclear if head coach Brady Hoke will keep his job much longer, it's doubtful Michigan moves away from a pro-style offense after the failed Rich Rodriguez experiment. With a big brand name and the ability to get signal-callers from any part of the country, this is one area where Michigan wins a head-to-head with its rival, Ohio State.

So pay attention QB recruiting prospects.  Here you can play school and play ball.  And we promise never to saddle you with the likes of Lane Kiffin.

1991 Gator Bowl - personal memories

1991 Gator Bowl - personal memories

Submitted by tybert on December 6th, 2010 at 11:35 PM

[Ed-M: This is really board material]

I've only been able to make it to ONE Michigan Bowl game in my life, but it was a fine game at that --- the January 1, 1991 Gator Bowl.

My brother lives in Daytona Beach, and I usually visited him around NY's Day. This year, it happened that UM had beaten a woefully-coached Cooper OSU team on a last second FG by JD Carlson (why ON EARTH would a coach sent slow, David-Cone-style Greg Frye on an option on 4th and 1 from his own 29????)

UM faced Mississippi, the school that (at least then) proudly strutted out the Confederate Flag (OK...didn't that War end in something like 1865????).

Anyway, I had easy access to UM tickets so my "bro" and I (my "bro" is a dual UM/MSU grad, please don't flame me for that one) decided to go to the game, sitting in the Michigan section.

Michigan got off to a good start and a TD to go up 7-0. Ole Miss got a long FG to get to 7-3. Then, all hell broke loose, at least against the ""Rebs" (gotta love a team that names itself after the LOSING faction in a cataclismic batlle --- did you ever hear off the "Goldwaters" or "Dukasis'es"). Desmond Howard, in a preview to the 1991 Heisman, toasted a slow, white Ole Miss DB for an easy TD on a bomb.

Michigan set its modern day record for most yds in a game at something like 715 yds of total offense. If not for a few turnovers, we would have won Civil War II by more than 32 points.

I remember thinking, after the game, that we had just beat a mid-level (Minnesota in those days) B10 team.

Let's hope we can repeat some history this coming January 1st!!!!!