Early Enrollees enjoying the finest steak and milk in Ann Arbor

Early Enrollees enjoying the finest steak and milk in Ann Arbor

Submitted by Brown Bear on January 3rd, 2017 at 10:13 PM
Steak and milk dinner for the early enrollees with Coach Harbaugh.
Who's got it better than them?!

This is my first attempt at a twitter embed. I am sure I will screw it up.
Edit: I kind of did it right? Internetz is hard

Got milk?... #GoBlue pic.twitter.com/eQG0kf9zGB

— JaRaymond Hall (@hall_american) January 4, 2017

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2017 Early Enrollees - who are you most excited to see?

2017 Early Enrollees - who are you most excited to see?

Submitted by Blue in Paradise on January 3rd, 2017 at 3:31 PM
Here is the list: DPJ, Ambry Thomas, Tarik Black, Dylan McCaffrey, JKP, Cesar Ruiz, Donovan Jeter, CMH, Brad Hawkins, Phil Paea, Benji St-Juste, J'Marick Woods, JaRaymond Hall and Ben Mason. Plus hopefully an RB :) That would be 15 EE, I don't remember ever having so many in the past. Who are you most excited to see in Spring Camp? Let's stick to the guys already committed... DPJ or McCaffrey are the easy answers but my vote would go to Ambry Thomas.

Do we know which commits are scheduled to enroll early? Which targets?

Do we know which commits are scheduled to enroll early? Which targets?

Submitted by LSA Superstar on December 16th, 2015 at 5:35 PM

This information appears to be scattered all over and hasn't been condensed in any particular spot, as far as I know.  Here's the info I have, but I think it's incomplete.  Help me out if you know.


QB - B. Peters

RB - K. Davis

TE - Sean McKeon

WR - A. Mitchell (seems confirmed)

WR - B. Hawkins (source:  Sam Webb, through Wolverine Devotee)

DE/OLB - C. Kemp

ILB - D. Bush, Jr.


RB - K. Walker

TE - I. Nauta

Anyone I missed?

EDITS:  Added Hawkins, changed note on Mitchell



questions about the de-recruiting process

questions about the de-recruiting process

Submitted by bluesouth on January 7th, 2013 at 10:47 AM

The early enrollees will be hitting campus sometime in the coming week or so.

Heard a term used by a coach and also heard the term used in one of the All Star games.

De-recruiting I belive.  Anybody familiar with this process. I appreciate any feedback thanks.

Character of our Early Enrollees

Character of our Early Enrollees

Submitted by BlueintheBlood on February 5th, 2010 at 10:32 PM

I'm felt it was worth a post to comment on the great character that our Early Enrollee's all seem to have. Being privy to their interviews through rivals, I have to say that I am very, very impressed with the way they carry themselves. It is nice to see spotlight (teenage) football players actually be humble for once. Just another reason why UofM football is the best!

Curious on anyone else's reactions to this topic or any other reactions towards our EEs?

Snake Oil Season - How the class will finish

Snake Oil Season - How the class will finish

Submitted by umhero on December 26th, 2009 at 9:39 PM
My five year old is in bed and my wife is planning a visit to a friends, so I thought I'd do a little web snooping to see if I could figure out how our class will finish.

We currently have verbals from the following 25 prospects:
Ricardo Miller - Early enrollee
Jeremy Jackson - Early enrollee
Jerald Robinson - Early enrollee
Devin Gardner - Early enrollee??
Antonio Kinard
D.J. Williamson
Tony Drake
Stephen Hopkins - Early enrollee
Marvin Robinson - Early enrollee
Drew Dileo
Jordan Paskorz
Christian Pace - Early enrollee
Kenny Wilkins
Conelius Jones
Courtney Avery
Austin White - Early enrollee
Terry Talbott
Terrence Talbott
Will Hagerup
Carvin Johnson
Cullen Christian
Ray Vinopal
Richard Ash
Josh Furman
Adrian Witty - Early enrollee
It is well known that the following players are still under consideration for any remaining scholarships in this class:
CB - Tony Grimes (4 star on Scout/3 star on Rivals)
DE - Clarence Murphy (3 star on Scout/3 star on Rivals)
S - Sean Parker (4 star on Scout/4 star on Rivals)
OG - Torrian Wilson (3 star on Scout/4 star on Rivals)
DT - Big Tex Beachum (4 star on Scout/3 star on Rivals)
DT - Jonathan Hankins (3 star on Scout/3 star on Rivals)
DT - Michael Thornton (4 star on Scout/4 star on Rivals)
CB - Dior Mathis (4 star on Scout/4 star on Rivals)
CB - Rashad Knight (3 star on Scout//4 star on Rivals)
However, there may be a few more. 

The front page of Scout has a picture of Tennessee commit MLB Michael Taylor (3 star on Scout/3 star on Rivals).  Rivals shows OLB Darrin Kitchens (2 star on Scout/3 star on Rivals) as a Michigan visitor the weekend of January 8th.  Sam Webb on his December 18 Recruiting Round Up on WTKA (part one&part two) indicated that Michigan is now in the hunt for Cincinnati verbal DT Jibreel Black (4 star on Scout/3 star on Rivals) and a 4 star DT currently committed to an ACC school (Darious Cummings, Fre'Shad Hunter, Kelcy Quarles, and Shawn Green are the only players in the Scout database that fit this criteria.)  Finally, the Scout premium message board has headlines suggesting that there's a mystery Olineman, currently committed somewhere, that may be considering Michigan.  Not to mention the coaching changes at both Notre Dame and Florida that may put players we on the board have never considered into consideration.

Adding the new rumors to the previous prospect list gives us at least 14 quality players that we are still recruiting. 

This all looks great to me as a fan, but then I question how many of these stars can we fit in the class?  Sam Webb states, in the December 18 podcast, with absolute certainty that the class only has room for 26?  Which means only one of the above can join us without some departures from the first 25.  The trouble with his conviction is that he was the source of the original misinformation that only 25 could join this class. 

I believe he is wrong again.  As I discovered when researching an earlier diary (NCAA Scholarship Limit Review), you can apply early enrollees to either the current class or the previous class if there is room.  We know that Michigan ended up with 21 in the last class, meaning we can apply four of our seven or eight January enrollees to last year's class.  So we can provide 25 scholarships for the coming class plus four to the previous class for a total of 29.  Technically, we could offer 28 for this coming class, plus four for the previous class, but we could only provide scholarships to 25 of the 28.  The extra three offers above the 25 are intended to deal with any non-qualifiers we may have.  The 28 number becomes a possibility when rumors that a couple prospects from the original 25 may not qualify.  Coach Rodriguez might decide to fill to 28 and assume three will end up in the next class (a la Adrian Witty) as either nonqualifiers or greyshirts.

That means we have four if we don't want to deal with any greyshirts or seven if we want to shoehorn them in.  Who would we take?  My four/seven would be as follows:
1 - Michael Thornton
2 - Sean Parker
3 - Tony Grimes
4 - Clarence Murphy

5 - Torrian Wilson
6 - Big Tex Beachum
7 - Rashad Knight
That would make for an amazing finish, that I'm sure most of us would be thrilled with.  I realize Thornton is a long shot, but we're in the game.  It is just as likely that we will end with a player or two we've not yet heard of.

It is exciting to watch the rebirth of our program!!

Edit: The comments section has really got a lot of great information about some possible snake oil prospects.

Early Enrolless/Class Size Solved!

Early Enrolless/Class Size Solved!

Submitted by JC3 on December 9th, 2009 at 9:55 AM

I know there have been numerous threads on this already, but those of you with a rivals account will notice one of the members got in contact with the Big Ten Director of Compliance.


Nothing has changed, although you’ve never been able to “backdate” and count a student-athlete (SA) in a year in which they weren’t in attendance. What I suspect you’re thinking of is the fact that mid-year enrollees (except SAs receiving aid under the “mid-year replacement” rule?described below) count against the overall limit of 85, but may count against the initial limit of 25 in either the year of initial enrollment (if there’s room) or in the year immediately following.

-all of the above describe NCAA rules; the Big Ten rule is that at no time can you be in a situation where more than 3 scholarships over the limit have been offered. So, if I have room for 25 initial counters next year, I can sign 28; if I have room for 20 initial counters next year, I can sign 23.

Early Enrollment Question

Early Enrollment Question

Submitted by Yostal on September 9th, 2009 at 7:31 PM

This topic came up at lunch today and I was struck by the fact that I genuinely did not know the answer.

When a recruit enrolls early to a university, have they generally completed summer school work to make it so that they have enough credits to earn their high school diploma at the semester break, or is their an equivalence issue, or is there some NCAA loophole on this?

Similarly, has anyone looked at how the class of 2011, at least those players from the state of Michigan, will be affected by the new requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum? With the more stringent requirements for graduation, will we see less early enrollees from the state of Michigan in the future.

Any insight that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.