Dymonte Thomas Interview

Dymonte Thomas Interview

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on January 11th, 2012 at 8:09 PM

Hey guys, yesterday I was able to secure an interview with 2013 commit Dymonte Thomas. Great kid with a great attitude. If there's one thing I've learned in doing these interviews, it's that the coaching staff is bringing in high character kids who know what the rivalries mean. Hope you enjoy: Dymonte Thomas

Dymonte Thomas Offered by OSU, Promptly Says, "Haha but its too late, I'm Blue Nation now!"

Dymonte Thomas Offered by OSU, Promptly Says, "Haha but its too late, I'm Blue Nation now!"

Submitted by Michael Scarn on December 13th, 2011 at 8:08 PM

To ease the pain of losing a recruit we never actually had, just know that his cousin, one of the best players in Ohio for 2013, is strong in his commitment to Michigan despite a recent OSU offer.


Dymonte Thomas
Dymonte1 Dymonte Thomas 
Ohio State just offered me. Haha but its to late now im Blue Nation now!


Hello: Dymonte Thomas

Hello: Dymonte Thomas

Submitted by wlubd on September 11th, 2011 at 12:01 AM

As if this could get any better, GBW is reporting that 2013 ATH Dymonte Thomas has committed to Michigan.

SamWebb77 Sam Webb
Michigan just picked up a top 2013 commit! Boom
4/5* safety from Marlington, Ohio. Cousin of Bri'onte Dunn.

TVH Weekly: Kyle Bosch, Yuri Wright, Dymonte Thomas, Jake Roh and More

TVH Weekly: Kyle Bosch, Yuri Wright, Dymonte Thomas, Jake Roh and More

Submitted by TomVH on August 8th, 2011 at 10:25 AM

The college and high school football seasons are almost here which means things will slow down a bit. Michigan only has around five spots left so it's a numbers game from here on out. Here's a look at what happened this week and what's happening in the future. As always you can follow me on Twitter @TomVH or email me with any tips or questions at [email protected].

Kyle BoschKyle Bosch

6'5", 275 lbs.

Offensive Lineman

Wheaton, Ilinois

The 2013 offensive lineman was on Michigan's campus Sunday [the 7th]. It was his first trip to Ann Arbor and he came away impressed.

We met with Coach Funk, talked to him for about half an hour. After that they took us around the campus, showed us the facilities, the locker room, and the stadium. I feel really good about Michigan, I really liked it. I didn't know much about them going into it, but I was really impressed.

Bosch is going to be one of the top lineman in the midwest, so this was a good opportunity for the Michigan staff to show him what they have to offer.

They told us about the program a little bit. We got to meet with Coach Borges, and Coach Hoke too. They were telling us that they'll be going back to the pro style offense. I didn't really know much about Michigan until today. I didn't know that they had the Big Ten and National titles. I had no idea that they have the biggest stadium; I thought Penn State's was bigger. The facilities were great and the locker room was great too.

While he doesn't currently have an offer the Michigan coaches made it known that they will be recruiting Kyle.

They told me they're extremely interested in me. They want me to play interior, either guard or center. A lot of schools have said both guard or tackle so that's fine. 

As for his timeline he plans on taking a strategic approach to see where he fits best.

I've been out to all the schools that have offered except for West Virginia and Stanford. I think at the end of the season I'll put all my offers on the table and try to get it to a top five. After I find a top five or top ten I'll look more in depth and talk more to coaches to try to find the best fit.

It was big for Michigan to get this visit in before the season starts. Since Kyle is going to narrow his choices down after his season this gives him a chance to see what Michigan is like on a regular basis as opposed to a game-time atmosphere.

Yuri WrightYuri Wright

6'2", 180 lbs.


Ramsey, New Jersey

As I reported earlier in the week, Michigan is back in the top three for Armani Reeves. Michigan told Reeves that they are looking to add another elite corner to this class. Yuri Wright happens to be an elite cornerback that Michigan is also pursuing. The four-star defensive back told me how he feels about Michigan.

I would say Michigan is in my top two, I've always liked Michigan. I haven't really cut my list down yet, but they're in the top somewhere. Just the tradition that's at Michigan, the winningest program, the coaches, and the whole experience of going to school there. Coach Mallory has been telling me it's just about getting a chance to come to Michigan and getting better when I get there, and hopefully make it to the league.

While Wright hasn't cut his list down he does think that Michigan will get one of his official visits.

I talked to Coach Mallory the other day. I'm definitely going to take one of my officials there, but I'm not planning on making my decision until the Army All American game. I'll take all of my officials and then decide. I don't know what other schools I want to visit yet, but I've always liked Colorado, Georgia, Cal, and Michigan State too. Those are some of them.

When it comes to New Jersey high school athletics Stephen Spiewak from MaxPreps is one of the top sources for information. I also caught up with him to get his thoughts on Yuri. He had the following to say.

Yuri didn't play football as a sophomore, he's a converted basketball kid. I think he's going to be the best kid from the Bosco [Yuri's high school] group this year. He joined the team as this 6-foot-2 athletic freak with a mean streak who just shut everyone down.

So, he's pretty good then. Spiewak also thinks there's a good chance that Wright will leave the New Jersey area for school. Since he's not making a decision for awhile there's a lot that can happen between now and then, but Michigan has a shot. The cornerback situation has been a hot topic lately. WIth Michigan getting back in the mix for Armani Reeves everyone immediately thought it had to do with Terry Richardson.

While I don't think anyone knows exactly what Terry will do I am under the impression that this coaching staff wants to add another cornerback on top of Terry and Anthony Standifer. That will be interesting to see how that scenario plays out.

Dymonte Thomas

6'1", 180 lbs.

Defensive Back

Alliance, Ohio

2013 DB Dymonte Thomas was in Ann Arbor last week or the Big House BBQ. He came up with his cousin Bri'onte Dunn, and seemed to enjoy himself.

Michigan's pretty nice. Coach Mattison is a character, he was joking and making funny remarks the whole time. I feel really comfortable with Michigan and their coaching staff. The campus was really nice, they showed us the business building and that's what I want to go into. They also showed us the 'M' that you can't walk on.

As usual the Michigan commitments were doing their best to recruit the non-committed kids, which included Dymonte and Bri'onte.

I took Bri'onte up and we met the quarterback [Shane Morris] that committed and Kyle Kalis was trying to recruit us. He was trying to get me to go to Michigan. I just want to wait for my colleges to offer and take some visits to all the schools though. I'll probably be up for the Notre Dame game and the Michigan-Ohio State game too. I really like Michigan, I think they're at the top. Michigan State isn't very far behind, I like their coaching staff too.

It's a good sign that he wants to make it up for multiple games, especially if he can bring Bri'onte along to those events too.


I recently went out to see 2013 WR Jake Roh at practice. Jake is the younger brother of Michigan defensive end Craig Roh. They're built completely different, and Jake is a good sized receiver with great hands. Here's a few clips from practice with an interview, I'll have more highlights from him after their scrimmage on Wednesday.

2013 WR Laquon Treadwell was also at the BBQ last week. He told me he had a great time and was just trying to find out more about Michigan. With each visit he's getting more and more comfortable. He said again that Michigan is on top, but even if they were to offer he wants to wait and take some other visits before making a decision.

The news that WR Darryl Stonum is redshirting this year could potentially affect the recruiting numbers for this class. But the coaches are the ones that made the decision to redshirt him so they obviously knew about it. If that hasn't changed their recruiting plans then there will have to be more attrition elsewhere, presumably.

Dymonte Thomas Close to Committing?

Dymonte Thomas Close to Committing?

Submitted by hart20 on August 5th, 2011 at 2:27 AM


A lot of us were expecting Dymonte Thomas to commit this past weekend at the BBQ, but that obviously didn't happen. It looks like that decision might be coming soon though. In addition to his comments to WTKA and on Bri'onte Dunn's Facebook status (which has further descended into hilarity, with Big Ronnie arguing with another OSU fan), he's made a few more comments that look pretty good for us.  First, Dymonte writes on Shane Morris' wall saying, 

"Ayyy. All of us need to chill again sometime soon.lol it was fun"

Shane Morris replys with,

"yeahh forsure broo, ill message you my numberr lemme know when yrr back in MI"

To which Dymonte Thomas says, 

"Okay I will. It will prb be soon"


Also, some random guy writes on Dymonte Thomas' wall saying, 

"When you gone commit to maize and blue. You knw you want to. Go blue"

And Dymonte Thomas says, 

"Idk man lol I want to ha"  (!!!!)


And, some guy wrote "Go Blue" on Dymonte Thomas' wall and he liked that too

This obviously only looks good for us. He's saying he wants to commit, he's saying he'll be back in Michigan soon, and he's already friends with Shane Morris, and we know Shane Morris actively recruits for us. With this and the other stuff he's been saying, it pretty much looks like a matter of when he'll commit, not if he'll commit..




TomVH: BBQ Update

TomVH: BBQ Update

Submitted by TomVH on July 31st, 2011 at 12:11 PM

I thought I'd create a thread for this just to do a mini update for now. The BBQ is from 11-3 today. Some recruits area already there, some are still on their way. 

Here's an updated list of visitors that I have confirmed. Caleb Stacey sent me a text saying he decided not to go because he has two a days tomorrow, and he was likely going to be Kaleb Ringer's ride so he's not going either. Not a big deal, but Ringer sent me a text that said he would have really liked to hang out with the recruits.

Monty Madaris isn't coming, so my note about Michigan having the potential to get a wide receiver soon will probably be pushed back. I'm not expecting anything out of Chesson today, but visits can sometimes change things so never say never. He told me he would still like to take some more visits. Michigan is in good shape with both Madaris and Amara Darboh right now too, so we'll see how everything plays out.

There is potential for a few things to happen today. Key word is potential. There is a chance with Pipkins, Wormley (don't be surprised if he doesn't do it today), and 2013 DB Dymonte Thomas said he's thinking about things. I wouldn't be surprised if he waited, but he did tell me that he really likes it at Michigan so we'll see. 

I'm also not expecting anything from the other 2013 kids. WR LaQuon Treadwell told me that he would probably wait if Michigan offers him today. He want to talk it over with his mom first. Wyatt Shallman said he's also likely going to wait awhile before making a decision.

Like I said visits can change things either way, so none of this is 100%. We'll se what ends up happening. 

TVH Weekly: Matt Godin, Ron Thompson, Dymonte Thomas, and More

TVH Weekly: Matt Godin, Ron Thompson, Dymonte Thomas, and More

Submitted by TomVH on May 2nd, 2011 at 12:43 PM

It's been an eventful few days, and by the time most of you read this Michigan will have gotten its newest commitment. Outside of that commitment here's a look at a few other prospects and future happenings. As always you can find more updates on my Twitter page, and please feel free to email me with tips and questions at [email protected]

Matt Godin

6'5", 260 lbs.

Defensive Tackle

Novi, Michigan

Matt Godin recently announced that he was ready to make his decision. He's yet to decide on how he will announce it, and is currently mulling over a few ideas. 

I decided on my date because my family is all going to be home, and it's just the right time to do it. I feel, other than these three schools, there is nowhere else I would like more.

That date is May 12th, and the three schools are Michigan, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. I will let you know how Matt decides to announce his decision when he tells me. 

Ron ThompsonRon Thompson

6'4", 210 lbs.

Tight End

Southfield, Michigan

Another instater that had been planning on making his announcement within the next weeks, Thompson sounds like he's now wavering on what to do.

I did [have the announcement scheduled] but I still don't think it will happen. I'm just not ready, it's too much. I think I'm far from a decision to be honest. There was a team that was looking good, but now there are others that have come aboard and I'm not sure if I'm ready.

Apparently there are some bigger name schools that are showing Thompson interest and they may have caught his attention. I, for some reason, didn't take this to mean that he really isn't going to announce on the 11th. Just don't be surprised if it doesn't. There may be a few questions that need to be answered with Michigan and their two TE commits.

Dymonte Thomas

5'11", 167 lbs.

Running Back

Alliance, Ohio

I know it's a bit early to be talking about 2013 prospects, but Thomas already holds a Michigan offer and he was just on campus in Ann Arbor. 

I went up there [Saturday] after the MSU spring game. I really, really like Michigan. I like how they do their schooling and they put school first and then sports. I was supposed to go up there awhile ago, but I couldn't because of baseball.

Besides the Michigan offer Thomas also holds verbal offers from Michigan State and West Virginia. This visit to Michigan gave him a chance to talk to the coaches and see the facilities up close.

The coaches were just really nice about everything. They walked me around different places, and they showed us the locker room and the lounge. They didn't really sell me on anything, they were just telling me about the program and what they have to offer.

Although Thomas admits to being an Ohio State fan, he says he will take a more business approach to his recruitment.

I am an Ohio State fan, but I'm going to look at what's best for me. I don't want to pick a school and then say I wish I would have gone to Ohio State. I also don't want to pick Ohio State and say man I wish I would have gone to a different school. I'm thinking about committing after my last game of my junior season, so we'll see what happens.

Thomas really likes Ohio State, but I take him at his word that he'll be unbiased in his approach. He's in contact with 2012 RB Bri'onte Dunn, FWIW. 


Ohio LB Joe Bolden decided to commit in person in Ann Arbor because it was more respectful.

Ohio RB Bri'onte Dunn has not re-opened his commitment from Ohio State, but he will be visiting Michigan soon. He just got an in school visit from Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison. I believe there is genuine interest there from the Dunns. They are interested to see the outcome of the NCAA investigation at OSU.

DT Ondre Pipkins will narrow his list in June, which will also be around when he's visiting Michigan. He told me that he will likely make his final decision later on, but there is a chance it could happen in the summer time. He said an earlier decision will depend on how his summer visits go.

Pennsylvania RB Greg Garmon is visiting Michigan in the next couple weeks. He wants to learn more about Michigan, who is in his top three with Penn State and North Carolina. The Tarheels currently lead. 

New York QB Chad Kelly, nephew of Jim Kelly, will be visiting Michigan today [Monday]. He does not have an offer yet. Like the rest of the unoffered QBs, he might have to wait to see how everything plays out before he gets considered.