TomVH: Sparq Scores from The Opening

TomVH: Sparq Scores from The Opening

Submitted by TomVH on July 7th, 2011 at 6:40 PM

As everyone knows by now there are several Michigan commitments and targets at the Nike event, The Opening, in Oregon. You can watch some of the events tonight on ESPNU at 9pm. The first part of the week was spent with the prospects running combine drills to figure out their Sparq training score.

The Sparq score is determined by using an equation that combines the prospect's forty yard dash, shuttle, powerball* (measured in feet), and vertical leap. Here are a look at the scores for the Michigan commitments and targets, and you can also see the rest of the scores here. The finals video is here.


Name 40 Time Shuttle Powerball Vertical Total
DB Anthony Standifer 4.61 4.38 38 30.7 91.77
DB Terry Richardson 4.55 4.22 31 33.2 87.93
DE/LB Mario Ojemudia 5.02 4.44 35 30.1 79.29
OL Erik Magnuson 5.38 4.78 41 22 77.85


Name 40 Time Shuttle Powerball Vertical Total
WR Dwayne Stanford 4.73 4.35 40 34.9 101.64
OL Kyle Murphy 5.31 4.52 42 28.3 96.21
DE Adolphus Washington 4.97 4.57 42.5 24.6 91.89
OL Josh Garnett 5.38 4.68 38 28 90.81
OL Adam Bisnowaty 5.31 5.34 44.5 25.6 79.89
OL Zach Banner 5.54 5.34 44.5 19.6 79.89
TE Ron Thompson 5.27 4.51 38 25.4 75.51

Top Three Scores:

Name 40 Time Shuttle Powerball Vertical Total
DB Daje Johnson (TCU) 4.34 4.01 45 40.8 146.52*
RB Derrick Henry (2013) 4.54 4.29 42.5 39.2 134.19
RB Altee Tenpenny (2013) 4.49 3.92 41 35.1 133.77

As you can see this testing isn't necessarily set up for the bigger prospects to score high. The forty times were, I believe, laser timed also. That's at least what people were tweeting that were at the event. Take from this what you will, just interesting to see how they all stack up if nothing else.

Derrick Henry is also a 6'4", 222 lb running back. He's in the 2013 class and took second in the preliminary ratings.

Ohio RB Bri'onte Dunn only had a 40 time recorded, it was a 4.77. 

*The powerball is throwing a weighted ball from their knees as far as they can.

**I believe Daje' Johnson's score is a record

TomVH: Weekend Visitor List

TomVH: Weekend Visitor List

Submitted by TomVH on June 17th, 2011 at 11:27 AM

This is the weekend of offensive linemen for visits. Here's who I've confirmed:

  • Illinois OL Jordan Diamond: I already reported that he took a quick visit before the Sound Mind Sound Body camp to Ann Arbor. He'll be making his way up to MSU and then probably back to Michigan one more time before they head home.
  • Texas OL Trey Keenan: Had always planned on making it up to Michigan over the summer. I spoke with him awhile back, you can read it here.
  • Tennessee OL Blake Bars: Originally from Michigan.
  • Arizona OL Andrus Peat: He'll be in on Sunday, also heading to Notre Dame.
  • Pennsylvania OL Chris Muller: Has Penn State as his leader, and Penn State fans were surprised he didn't publicly commit to them on his recent visit.
  • Ohio WR Dwayne Stanford: The non offensive lineman that's visiting. I spoke with Dwayne a few days ago about the upcoming trip. His teammate Adolphus Washington will not be on the visit with him.

Camp starts on June 19th and runs to the 23rd. I've confirmed some campers already, but I'll hold off on those until it gets closer to Sunday.

TomVH: An Interview With Dwayne Stanford

TomVH: An Interview With Dwayne Stanford

Submitted by TomVH on June 15th, 2011 at 3:32 PM

Taft WR Dwayne Stanford has been at the top of the conversation when it comes to wide receiver prospects. It doesn't hurt that his teammate, DE Adolphus Washington, is a top recruit also being courted by Michigan. Stanford and Washington had previously been unable to make their visit to Michigan and Stanford finally rescheduled his trip for this weekend. Here's what he had to say about the upcoming visit and where he's at.

TOM: You and Adolphus are making your way up to Michigan this weekend?

DWAYNE: No, Adolphus can't make it this weekend but I am going. He's going to Kentucky on Friday and I'm going to Michigan on Saturday. 

TOM: Don't you guys usually travel together? Is this the first visit you'll take without him?

DWAYNE: I visited Tennessee during a football game and he didn't go, but other than that yeah we've been together. This will really be one of the first unofficial visits not to a game that I've taken besides camps or anything.

TOM: With this visit what are you looking to learn from Michigan? Do you have any questions you want answered, or coaches you want to meet?

DWAYNE: I just want to go up there and talk to some of the players and the coaches. I want to find out exactly how they want to use me. I'm really just going up there with open eyes. I'd like to get to know the wide receivers coach better. I had misplaced his number so I have some questions for him about how they'll use me. I basically want to put a name to the face and develop that relationship.

TOM: I know I spoke with you briefly when the Ohio State allegations came out. What were you and  your family thinking when it happened?

DWAYNE: We were all in shock. I didn't think that Coach Tressel would resign or get fired, I thought he would stick it out. Fickell is the head coach now and he'll do what he can to win them a Big Ten Championship and if the NCAA lets them, go to a bowl game. Ohio State is bigger than one coach, the tradition they have. At first it did hurt their chances with me, but I talked to the wide receivers coach and he's brought everything up for me. I don't want to say they're at the top but they're up there.

TOM: What about Michigan, where do they stand right now?

DWAYNE: Michigan, they're not at the very top either but they're up there on my list because of how persistent they've been to get me up there. They have a great tradition, won championships, won Big Ten titles. They're in a rebuilding stage which is even better because I could help Michigan get back on top. They've been at the top parts of my list for awhile now.

TOM: I know you go to some of the same camps as Michigan commits, and they have some Ohio kids. Do you ever talk to any of them?

DWAYNE: Yeah, I was at a 7 on 7 with Joe Bolden and he was trying to recruit me. I've been talking to the quarterback Shane Morris, too, I've been talking to him a lot. He's going to be up there this weekend I think, and he was saying we need to show the coaches the future and all that. I'm also good friends with AJ Williams, too. He's always in my ear.

TOM: What's next? I know you've said you want to wait to make your decision, is the timeline still the same?

DWAYNE: I'll have my official top five out in September. My top eight right now is Michigan, Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, Miami, Florida State, North Carolina, and Tennessee. I'm going to go out to Tennessee, North Carolina, and obviously Michigan this summer. As far as a timeline it'll probably be towards the end of the season. It's really whenever I feel comfortable with the school and with my parents. I'm just projecting that it will be at the end of the school year.

TomVH: Weekly Update: Offensive Linemen Galore and More

TomVH: Weekly Update: Offensive Linemen Galore and More

Submitted by TomVH on May 30th, 2011 at 1:19 AM

As odd as it may seem the 2012 class is already starting to get to the point where fans speculate on who fits where and how many spots are left. The offensive line is a big priority in this class and with two commitments on board the coaching staff is likely looking for 2-4 more. Here's a look at some of the prospects Michigan has a chance with and a few other notes.

As always you can follow me on Twitter for more updates, and feel free to email me with any tips or questions at [email protected].

Jake MeadorJake Meador

6'6", 280 lbs.

Offensive Line

Whiteland, Indiana

Meador is a four star offensive lineman, ranked 241st overall in the country by Rivals. He holds offers from Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, Ole Miss, and Northern Illinois. He has also started to hear more from the Michigan coaches.

Coach Borges came down to my school a few weeks ago. He said they really like me and when they get back from spring recruiting they will discuss offering me. If they invite me up to take a visit then that's when they'll offer.

Jake lives relatively close by, but says he isn't too familiar with the Michigan program or Ann Arbor.

I don't know too much about them, but if they were to offer I would be interested. I would like to make a decision mid to late June. If they offer then I'll try to get up whenever I can.

We'll see what the coaches say about an offer, or if they ask him to camp. He says he wants to make his decision by June, but that could change if other programs start to show interest as well.

Paul ThurstonPaul Thurston

6'5", 275 lbs.

Offensive Lineman

Arvada, Colorado

Thurston took a trip to Ann Arbor just a few weeks ago and came away very impressed. It seems like his recruitment is starting to wind down now.

I'm probably going to make my decision in July or August. I'll probably see what happens in the next few weeks then maybe take one or two more visits. After that I'll narrow my list down in June and make my decision from there.

Paul has a great offer list including Arizona, Cal, Arkansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oregon, Stanford, and UCLA among others. I think Michigan has a good chance here, but he keeps everything very close to the vest. I would be surprised if Michigan didn't make his top list, but anything can happen.

Erik MagnusonErik Magnuson

6'6", 275 lbs.

Offensive Lineman

Carlsbad, California

Magnuson is a four star offensive tackle who is ranked 34th overall in the country by Rivals. He holds an impressive offer list that includes Michigan, Cal, Miami, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, Stanford and others.

He told me back in March how great of a relationship he has with the Michigan coaches from their days at SDSU. He went so far as to call offensive line coach Darrell Funk, "The man." The original plan was to come out to Ann Arbor for an official visit, but that plan has changed.

I'm coming out [to Michigan] on June 10th. I'm really strongly considering them so I want to get out there and see it. They have a couple good 2012 commits, and I know the coaches really well, so I really like them.

Erik also recently told me that Michigan was in his top three with two other schools to be named later. Michigan has a very good chance with Magnuson, and the fact that he moved his visit up to June is a really big deal for them. Just something to keep an eye on.

Adam BrenemanAdam Breneman

6'5", 220 lbs.

Tight End

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Michigan already has a commitment for the 2013 class, so it's not too early to talk about it. Breneman is a 2013 prospect that already has offers from Alabama, Boston College, Maryland, Notre Dame, Rutgers, and now Michigan.

I hadn't heard anything from Michigan until last weekend when my coach informed me that they were coming to my school to offer me. I went to a game at the Big House with my family a couple years ago and was impressed. I'll decide soon if if's a place that I want to visit this summer. They'll definitely be a school that will get consideration.

It seems so early, but since he is already wracking up the offers he's already started in with his recruiting process and will evaluate schools this summer.

I don't want to say I'm going to narrow my list this summer, because I don't plan on doing that for some time. I am more going to decide which five to eight schools I want to visit. I want to learn more about some programs.

Plenty of time for Adam to figure everything out and it seems like Michigan is a place that intrigues him. We'll see if they get a visit or not.


In case you missed it last week, New York DB Wayne Morgan has moved his decision date to June 2nd instead of June 1st. There's no set time yet, but he plans on telling all the coaches of his decision first. I will hopefully have some film of Wayne from a camp this past weekend posted soon.

California DT Aziz Shittu is still committed to Stanford but told me there's a good chance he will still end up taking an official visit to Michigan.

Illinois OL Jordan Diamond tweeted that he will be moving his decision date up. He wants to take a few more visits, but has been canceling the most recent [Wisconsin & Auburn]. He told me it will likely come before his first game of the season. Michigan is in good shape.

A new name to potentially keep an eye on, and to go along with the offensive linemen theme is Oregon OL Isaac Seumalo (6'3", 280 lbs). Seumalo is good friends with Cali OL Erik Magnuson, and while he doesn't currently have an offer the Michigan coaches are aware of him. He is a four star and ranked 175th overall in the country by Rivals.

Upcoming visits include: New York DT Jarron Jones [I will have more on him next week] is planning a trip for June 10th, Ohio DB Allen Gant should be visiting in the next few weeks and that is something to keep an eye on, Illinois DB Anthony Standifer is trying to plan a visit in the next few weeks so his dad can make the trip. Ohio tandem Adolphus Washington and Dwayne Stanford had to reschedule their visit from this past weekend. They haven't set the date yet.

Washington OL Joshua Garnett says he wants to take an official visit to Michigan.

If you missed last week's Weekly Update, you can find it here.

TomVH: An Interview with WR Dwayne Stanford

TomVH: An Interview with WR Dwayne Stanford

Submitted by TomVH on May 23rd, 2011 at 12:42 PM

Taft High is the home to DE Adolphus Washington and WR Dwayne Stanford. Teammates, good friends, and a so called package deal recruiting wise. Michigan has made up ground for both, and the pair plan on taking in Ann Arbor this coming weekend. Washington recently announced that Michigan was in his top five. Here's a look at Stanford's film and where he's at in his process.

TOM: Adolphus came out with a top five, so does that mean you have a top group too?

DWAYNE: No, I don't have a top five right now. I'm still considering a lot of schools.

TOM: When do you think you'll narrow your list down, and do you know if Michigan will be in your top group as well?

DWAYNE: I don't know when, probably mid to the end of June I'll narrow it to a top five. Michigan will definitely be in the top five though, especially with how hard Coach Smith is recruiting me.

TOM: Is Coach Smith your main recruiter? If so do you feel like you've built a good relationship with him?

DWAYNE: Yes, he is. I'm pretty comfortable with Coach Smith, I'm really comfortable with him. We talk a little about everything sometimes it's football, sometimes we talk about life. It's not always football, which is what I like about him.

TOM: If you've never been to Michigan before tell me what got you interested in Michigan?

DWAYNE: Michigan is a big time program and for them to be recruiting me I feel great about it. For them to be recruiting me as hard as they are that's what's doing it for me. At first I wasn't too interested in Michigan, but now I'm starting to grow on Michigan.

TOM: Both you and Adolphus were planning on going up to Michigan this weekend, is that still the plan?

DWAYNE: Yeah, we'll be up there. I'm calling Coach Smith to get everything set up and see what Michigan has to offer. It's my first time up there so I want to see if I feel comfortable, how they want to use me, and if it's something I like.

TOM: Do you have any other visits planned yet?

DWAYNE: We don't have any other visits planned, but we want to go to LSU, Alabama, Ohio State, FSU, and Kentucky. None of them are dates set in stone, but we want to get out there.

TOM: I've actually talked to your dad before, and I thought he said he was an Ohio State fan. Are you also an Ohio State fan?

DWAYNE: My family are all Ohio State fans, but I grew up liking Miami and Michigan. I just recently became an Ohio State fan. My family just tells me to stay humble in the process though. They just try to help me figure out if the coaches are being honest with me. They're giving me advice here and there.

TOM: Tell me what kind of receiver is someone going to get with you?

DWAYNE: I'm a big physical receiver that can get separation because of my size. The average big receiver is slow and not fluid out of breaks. I can get out of my breaks, I can play slot, tight end, or play on the outside. I'm not a possession receiver, I'm a little elusive where I can catch the ball and make some people miss too.

TOM: With your recruiting process, what are you really looking for in a school. How will you evaluate a program?

DWAYNE: I just want the school to be honest and up front with me. What's their plan with me. If they tell me I'll sit behind a veteran then I'll appreciate that more than if they tell me I'll play right away and I probably won't.

TOM: I know a lot of times when teammates say they want to be a package deal it doesn't end up working out. Is it 100% that you and Adolphus will go to the same school, or is there a chance you end up at different places?

DWAYNE: We're going to try to fit the best schools for both of us. If he likes a school and I like a different one then I don't want him to feel like he has to go to school with me just because. We want to go to the same school, though. A lot of the same schools are recruiting both of us. If it doesn't happen it's ok, but it is the main goal and we'd like it to happen.

TOM: If you guys are going to pick the same school you'll probably have to announce at the same time. Adolphus said you'll probably do it at an All American game. Is that still the plan for you too?

DWAYNE: We're committed to playing in the Under Armour All American game. I'll probably actually announce it at the end of my senior season. I know Adolphus wants to wait, but ya know, it's kind of on him. We don't necessarily have to do it at the same time, but it might be best to do it together.