Tailgate Power Inverter Questions

Tailgate Power Inverter Questions

Submitted by LSA91 on October 20th, 2017 at 12:24 PM

Q: My wife wants me to get a TV running at a tailgate, and I am too cheap to buy a generator, and worried about the noise from a rented generator. Can anyone give me advice on what to expect from a power inverter? Specifically:

- Is it a stupid idea to pull the batteries from cars we're not using and bring them for extra power? I see people talking about buying marine or deep cycle batteries to run an inverter, but nobody even discussing my idea, so I assume it's too dumb an idea to even come up.

- A bunch of people talk about running their truck for a few minutes an hour to top off their battery when running an inverter. Is the charger really that efficicent that a few minutes an hour in an idling truck (well, Honda Pilot) can power a TV and dish indefinitely?

Thanks - I know the answer probably is that I should rent a generator, but I really like the idea of a cheap, quiet solution.