OT: ESPN Article on Duke Handling of Eligibility Concerns

OT: ESPN Article on Duke Handling of Eligibility Concerns

Submitted by Steeveebr on February 25th, 2018 at 8:42 AM

It sickens me to see how many coaches are this dishonest and straight up liars and how devious our higher education governing bodies are.  I can't believe that as fans our allegiance to a particular school even matters when it comes demanding honorable behavior.

On a more sarcastic note, I'm amazed at how thorough these investigations are and how seriously each and every coach is taking these allegations.

ESPN Article


"Krzyzewski laid out in considerable detail how Duke University handled Carter's clearance to play on Saturday, even while other schools chose to hold out other players named in the FBI documents. He said he was out walking his dog, Blue, when he received an anxious phone call from the player's mother, Kylia Carter. She recalled a dinner with an agent, as listed in the report, whom she described as "a friend of a friend" but told Krzyzewski that her husband immediately didn't like the dinner company and left, while she stayed behind to be polite. But she also left before any food was ordered.

With that information in hand, Krzyzewski and Carter's parents met with Duke's NCAA compliance officials and then held a conference call to share the same details with NCAA compliance officers. Both the university and the governing body agreed that there was no reason for Wendell Jr. to miss Saturday's game."

"Back On the Map" by Darius Morris

"Back On the Map" by Darius Morris

Submitted by Blue and Joe on March 18th, 2015 at 10:32 AM

Great story by Darius Morris on The Players Tribune today. He writes about the 2011 NCAA Tournament and how it put Michigan basketball back on the map.

I'm not sure if I would say 2011 was the year they got back on the map, because they did win a game in the tourney 2 years prior. It did start a good consistent run though. It's a good read if you have some time.

Duke's Rasheed Sulaimon accused of sexual assault; Coach K and Duke AD knew 10 months ago

Duke's Rasheed Sulaimon accused of sexual assault; Coach K and Duke AD knew 10 months ago

Submitted by Leaders And Best on March 2nd, 2015 at 2:26 PM

Pretty ugly story. Rasheed Sulaimon is accused of sexually assualting 2 women during the 2013-14 academic year. The information eventually got back to the Duke AD and Coach K around March 2014. Coach K dismissed him from the team for "repeatedly struggling to meet the necessary obligations" on January 29th 2015.


OT: 2013 Duke's "Grim Reaper" defensive helmet awards

OT: 2013 Duke's "Grim Reaper" defensive helmet awards

Submitted by markusr2007 on February 8th, 2014 at 4:52 PM

I never noticed this earlier, but I thought it that's pretty damn cool for defensive players.

And it shows us a side of the mild-mannered David Cutcliffe that we never knew existed before.

Ahh! Grim Reaper helmet awards.

Just look at him. He's too wholesome and too damn nice to display such unrepetant evil.

More on Duke's helmet stickers from 2013 here: http://blogs.newsobserver.com/dukenow/more-on-dukes-defense-stickers

MBB Draws Duke in B1G/ACC Challenge @ Duke 12/3/13

MBB Draws Duke in B1G/ACC Challenge @ Duke 12/3/13

Submitted by MGomaha on May 8th, 2013 at 2:34 PM


Big time marquee game. Creates great out of conference SOS.

OFFICIAL: Michigan will face Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Dec. 3 in the Big Ten / ACC Challenge. #B1GACC

Duke vs. MSU - Who Do You Pull For?

Duke vs. MSU - Who Do You Pull For?

Submitted by Everyone Murders on March 27th, 2013 at 9:26 AM

In addition to Friday's tilt with Michigan playing Kansas, we'll all be keeping an eye on the MSU vs. Duke game.  For many of us it's a classic meteor game, with the upside being that one of them has to lose, but I thought the board might like to sound off on who to pull for.

I've pretty quickly concluded that I'll pinch my nose and pull for MSU.  Partially for Big Ten pride, partially because I have a modicum of respect for the job Izzo's done (even if much of it was done via low-hanging fruit from the Ed Martin bushwa), and part of it because I know some pretty decent MSU fans.  But mostly because I have an almost pathological dislike for Duke and the bulk of their fans.

I first came to dislike Duke because of Christian Laettner.  I read a story in SI way back when where Cherokee Parks came to Laettner's dorm room on a visit, and Laettner cold-cocked him - and followed it up with screaming at Parks about how tough you need to be to play for Duke.  At the time I thought "this guy Laettner sounds like a total jackass" and nothing I've seen since changes that view.  A talented jackass to be sure, but a jackass.

And then there's Krzyzewski.  When I was a kid, I bought into the "he's a class act and does things the 'right way'" image that's hard to get away from even these days.  As I got older, I learned to dislike the cult built around him - it's an almost pre-Sandusky Paterno cult of personality.  He's been successful, but seems like a weasel most times I see him.  From his whinging about fans rushing the court after losing to VA, to his talking about recruiting kids with "character" but somehow overlooking recruiting areas like Detroit (Shane Battier doesn't count - Detroit Country Day sure isn't Detroit!), to defending thuggish moves from the likes of Gerald Henderson, to the American Express ad, and on and on.

And the Duke fans are generally wretched.  Anyone who jaws about "Michigan Arrogance" or "Domer Arrogance" likely has not seen the pinnacle of douchebaggery.  Whether they chanted about NC State's player's grandmother's death or not - the fact that it was believable to many spoke volumes. 

(I have some respect for a few Duke alumns - Grant Hill, Tommy Amaker, and several on the academic side of the equation.  But if Coach K. and Laettner are going to be your poster children, well - that's your poster.) 

So yeah - MSU fans may have a large juggalo contingent, wear a bunch of Axe, burn upholstered furniture at bad times, and paint numbers on their chest representing days since U-M won in basketball right before they lose on national TV.  But I'll be grudgingly pulling for them on Friday.

Who are you pulling for, and why?

OT- Bracket picking quirks, anyone?

OT- Bracket picking quirks, anyone?

Submitted by Chuck Norris on March 18th, 2013 at 3:56 PM

Most people who fill out their brackets from year to year have little quirks (teams they go for/against, seedings they like, etc.). Here are mine:

  1. I always pick against Michigan. That way I can cheer for my bracket, and the pain of losing is lessened. They lose to VCU this year. Coincidentally, when Michigan is in the tourney I usually have a team from their region win it all. This year it’s Kansas.
  2. F#ck Georgetown. In 2010, they were a 3 seed that I had going to the final four. They lost in the 1stround to Ohio (Bobcats). I have never picked them to go past the 2ndround since. This year, they lose to SDSU in the 2ndround.
  3. I always pick exactly one 12 seed to upset a 5 seed. Don’t ask me why. This year it’s Oregon over Oklahoma State.
  4. I always put Duke in my final four. They won me 250 dollars back in 2010, so I consider them a bit of a good luck charm.

What are your bracket quirks?