Drew Brees and the 2000 Boilermakers' victory over Michigan

Drew Brees and the 2000 Boilermakers' victory over Michigan

Submitted by the_dude on September 9th, 2010 at 9:42 PM

So looking back with the knowledge that Drew Brees is a Super Bowl MVP, does it make that 2000 loss to Purdue a little easier to accept?  No, of course not, but knowing just how good Brees is do you chalk that loss up to the Michigan offense or defense?

Michigan offense: in the first half Michigan raced to a 28-10 lead but only scored a field goal in the second half before losing 32-31.  That offense was stacked with Drew Henson, Anthony Thomas, BJ Askew, Marquise Walker, David Terrell, Steve Hutchinson, Jeff Backus, Jonathan Goodwin, Mo Williams, Ronald Bellamy and Bennie Joppru.

Michigan defense: adjustments?  We don't need to stinkin' adjustments!  History has shown the defense wasn't nearly as talented as the offense: the d-line had bupkis, while the back 7 featured Victor Hobson, Larry Foote and Jeremy LeSueur.

In retrospect I think you can say the defense acquitted itself much better than the offense.  The defense just wasn't nearly as good which was made painfully apparent in THE HORROR (The Prequel) when it gave up 54 points to Northwestern.  With that being the case giving up 32 to Purdue was a reasonable outcome for that undermanned unit.  Brees was after all the Big Ten player of the year, Maxwell Award winner, and a Heisman finalist.  And future Super Bowl winning QB and MVP of the game.

That offense on the other hand should have been able to put up much more than a mere field goal in the second half.  Doing so would have allowed the team to run away and hide by outscoring the Boilermakers.  A win in West Lafayette and the team would have eventually wrapped up an undisputed Big Ten championship.

Drew Brees weighs in on NFL Supreme Court Case

Drew Brees weighs in on NFL Supreme Court Case

Submitted by bluebyyou on January 10th, 2010 at 9:48 AM

I just read a column Drew Brees wrote for this morning's Washington Post. The column relates to the anti-trust case involving the NFL, which case is about to be heard by the Supreme Court. Brees is a bright guy, and the column reflects his intelligence. The case relates to competition, or lack thereof, in the NFL's agreement to have single suppliers of equipment and the like. The case will have a profound impact on all professional sports in the US.


PLZ Stop the "Tate is too short"

PLZ Stop the "Tate is too short"

Submitted by BleedingBlue on January 4th, 2010 at 10:22 AM

I think about 60% of people are on board with Tate, but the haters best argument is that he is short. I think we can put this argument to rest. I'm not saying Tate will be as good as Drew Brees (though that would be nice), I'm saying being 6'1" or 6' tall doesn't preclude a QB from being successful.

Drew Brees had a pretty decent college career ("left Purdue with Big Ten Conference records in passing yards (11,792), touchdown passes (90), total offensive yards (12,693), completions (1,026), and attempts (1,678). He led the Boilermakers to the 2001 Rose Bowl, Purdue's first appearance there since 1967. Brees was a finalist for the Davey O'Brien Award as the nation's best quarterback in 19c9. He won the Maxwell Award as the nation's outstanding player of 2000 and won the NCAA's Today's Top VIII Award as a member of the Class of 2001. Brees was also fourth in Heisman Trophy voting in 1999 and 3rd in 2000.") and is doing ok in the NFL if you haven't noticed. And check out his whopper stats his freshman year when he was a backup to Billy Dicken (who?):

Year Att. Comp. Int. Yds. TD Pct.
1997 43 19 1 232 0 0.442
1998 569 361 20 3983 39 0.634
1999 554 337 12 3909 25 0.608
2000 512 309 12 3668 26 0.604
Totals 1,678 1,026 45 11,792 90 1