OT: Draymond Green Morticias the Adams Family

OT: Draymond Green Morticias the Adams Family

Submitted by Muttley on May 23rd, 2016 at 8:23 AM

According to Mike & Mike on ESPN, the story of the morning is Draymond Green's kick to Steven Adams' nuts last night.  (How can that not be the story of pontificators looking to fill air time?)


Apparently, Green had already kicked Adams' ding-a-ling once before in this series. (Oops, I did it again?) That kicking motion last night sure looks unnatural to me. Obviously, I'm not in Draymond's head and can't tell if he was going for the nuts, but it looks to me like he was intentionally trying to kick Adams.

With OKC starting to play like a team with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook on it and the Warriors down 2-1, a suspension could really put Golden State back up against the wall. It would be a shame for Stephen Curry to lose out like this, but IMO Draymond Green pulled a really boneheaded move.  (The Ricochet Dong Punch?  Figurative for Literal?)

Should Draymond be suspended for a game? (And feel free to caption the incident.)

Draymond Green on Who Owns the State of Michigan

Draymond Green on Who Owns the State of Michigan

Submitted by MGoShoe on April 4th, 2011 at 11:40 AM

UMHoops.com has this interesting tidbit in this morning's round up:

Draymond Green took part in Sam Hosey’s Spartan Fastbreak Show and provided this quotes (transcribed by Joe Rexrode) in regards to what was worse: a first round NCAA loss or being swept by Michigan:

“I have to go with the loss to Michigan because that’s gonna stick with me forever right here (pointing to heart). Like, it hurts so bad, I didn’t know the feeling because I’d never lost to them prior to this year. And then to lose twice, it still bothers me. Because it’s Michigan and I hate, just, it makes them feel like they’re better than us. After them not winning at the Breslin for like 13 years, however long it was. And now they feel like this is their state. And this is Michigan State’s state. We own this state, it’s our state. And it gives them the hope and a crazy reason to think this is their state. And I completely disagree with that 100 percent.”

On the one hand, Green and MSU certainly have recent history on their side. On the other hand, U-M clearly won the battle of Michigan this season. The situations are, of course, reversed for football and so any arguments pro and con will have a nice mirror image quality to them (that is, if you're being intellectually honest -- and when it comes to rivalries, we all know that being intellectually honest is always the first consideration).

In the end, U-M's success will need to be duplicated for several more years before it can clearly be said that Green's assertion is unsupportable. That said, it's not crazy to think that it won't be the case soon enough.