Drake Harris "never got opportunity" at Michigan

Drake Harris "never got opportunity" at Michigan

Submitted by Jasper on August 13th, 2018 at 6:38 AM

A Detroit News piece on Drake Harris:


I'm accustomed to seeing articles of that type in the other Detroit paper. I found it at least somewhat informative. I doubt that his lack of playing time had to do with "getting an opportunity."

Drake Harris' "minor" Spring Hamstring Injury Persists; Countess with a Minor Groin Issue

Drake Harris' "minor" Spring Hamstring Injury Persists; Countess with a Minor Groin Issue

Submitted by alum96 on August 8th, 2014 at 9:59 PM

Starting to get a bit worried about Harris here.  We were told in Spring his hamstring was a minor thing and nothing like last year's injury but per this mlive story it's still an issue 3 months later.  In fact it sounds like a new injury as Hoke said it happened earlier this week.  So that would be 3 hamstring situations in 12 months. Not sure if hamstrings can be a perpetual issue but he seems to have some serious issues with them - looked like he was headed for a RS either way with the weight this year but am more concerned long term if this is going to be something he always has to deal with.  I think the original injury to the other hamstring happened last August or September so he has essentially been shelved for a full year due to hamstrings.

Countess also with a minor groin issue.



Early Enrollees - Who will impact in 2014?

Early Enrollees - Who will impact in 2014?

Submitted by Ron Utah on January 6th, 2014 at 12:28 PM

It's official--we've added seven players to the Michigan family:

  • Drake Harris
  • Wilton Speight
  • Bryan Mone
  • Freddy Canteen
  • Brandon Watson
  • Michael Ferns
  • Mason Cole

I believe all seven of these guys are future starters.  But who will make an impact in 2014?  The guy with the best chance on paper is Bryan Mone, since we don't have any established players at NT.  But I'm going to pick Freddy Canteen, who has freakish quickness and good speed (reported to have run a 4.43 40).  If he's half the technician he appears to be on tape and is a willing blocker, then his EE conditioning might get him into the line-up early.  Drake Harris is another possibility.  

Speight is up against two good QBs with game experience, Watson is on a depth chart with a plethora of quality DBs (that felt good to say), Ferns is one of many talented LBs, and, finally, we should be able to redshirt all of our incoming OL, so Cole should get a year of seasoning,

Welcome to the family, and GO BLUE!

Drake Harris Out 4-6 Weeks with Hamstring

Drake Harris Out 4-6 Weeks with Hamstring

Submitted by alum96 on August 24th, 2013 at 3:37 PM

Someone bubble wrap all receivers, current and future - it has been a rough week.

Grand Rapids Christian’s Drake Harris, a University of Michigan commit and one of the top rated high school receivers in the country, will miss four to six weeks with a hamstring injury, Eagles coach Don Fellows said Saturday, Aug. 24. Harris, a USA Today preseason All-American and ranked a top five receiver by most recruiting sites, re-injured his right hamstring during a team scrimmage Friday. “It’s not feeling too good right now,” Harris said after the Eagles held team photo day Saturday at the high school stadium. “I messed it up about three weeks ago but the past week it felt normal.

Drake Harris reportedly injured hamstring at scrimmage

Drake Harris reportedly injured hamstring at scrimmage

Submitted by Leaders And Best on August 23rd, 2013 at 7:24 PM

Caught a little bit of flack for my post earlier today about a bad week for Michigan WRs, but this stuff keeps happening. Hopefully nothing serious and maybe Hecklinski can sacrifice a chicken to ward off this AIRBHG-like spirit.

From Scout's Allen Trieu:

Allen Trieu @AllenTrieu 35m

Hearing Drake Harris injured his hamstring at a scrimmage tonight. Will post more details when I can get them

EDIT: From Tommy Doles' dad and GR TV sportscaster:

Jack Doles @jackdoles 1h

Drake Harris injured a hamstring tonight. Eagles coach Don Fellows says he will be out for opener vs S. Christian. #news8

Famous Receiving Duos

Famous Receiving Duos

Submitted by AC1997 on July 30th, 2013 at 10:29 AM

In the wake of the George Campbell committment I've been thinking about the prospect of having Drake Harris and Campbell on the field together.  It brought back memories of past Michigan teams with two star receivers and I thought I would put a list together of them so we could debate, discuss, and rank them.  

Before we get to the list, let's offer the obvious qualificiations.  It will be YEARS before the two of these players step on the field together so a lot can change between now and then (remember the Ricardo Miller hype).  We also have some very solid receivers between now and then that could turn into a very fine starting pair.  But let's get over-excited in advance anyway about the Harris-Campbell duo on the outside.....

Here are the famous ones I came up with:

  • Manningham - Arrington
  • Edwards - Avant
  • Terrell - Walker
  • Toomer - Hayes
  • Howard - Alexander
  • McMurtry - Calloway

Debate & discuss!   Did I miss anyone?

I think Terrell-Walker are the closest comparison to Harris-Campbell given their size and recruiting profile.  I was a huge fan of McMurty-Calloway since that was the era of players I saw play when I was a kid and Calloway went on to such a long NFL career, though their stats don't stack up against the rest of the list.  

Sam Webb Talks Speight, Jackson, Smith With Some National Recruiting Analysts

Sam Webb Talks Speight, Jackson, Smith With Some National Recruiting Analysts

Submitted by alum96 on June 9th, 2013 at 5:45 AM

Q&A at DetNews with Sam Webb and two national recruiting analyst types talking progression of Speight, chances with Adoree Jackson + JuJu Smith (to create the best set of names in a defensive backfield in history), some Drake Harris talk, and Michigan's recruiting as a whole.